Introduction to Information Technology in This Era

Introduction to Information Technology in This Era

Information Technology is the science that includes communication technology to process, store data and transmit information through fast communication channels. The example of information technology tools is a computer.

The computer-related equipment includes a versatile machine that can be controlled by the program; it is useful to process data into information. Then a line of instructions used to control a computer. The next is raw materials for computers. And the last is the form of data processed.

Introduction to Information Technology

Telecommunication technology related to long-distance communication, namely telephone, radio, and television. Information Technology (IT) is the term for various things and abilities used in the formation, storage, and dissemination of information. Information Technology objectives are to solve problems, open creativity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

The Function of Information Technology

There are many functions of Information Technology Functions such as Capture, Processing, Generating, Storage, Retrieving, and Transmission. The need for Information Technology is because of the complexity of management tasks, the effect of globalization, the need for fast response time, and business competition pressure.

Then, Information technology has a large effect and significant impact. First is as organizational management, structure, and process of an activity. It affects many aspects of work or organization.

Information technology is needed because of: the complexity of management tasks, the influence of globalization, the need for fast response times and competitive pressures. The goals to be achieved are solving problems, opening creativity, effectiveness, and efficiency. The function of information technology is to capture, process, produce, store, and search and transmit.

The history of the development of Information Technology is based on the evolutionary age of information. Before 1980 farmers used human power and hand power. Industrial age from 1800 to 1987 worked in factories using human power and machinery. Information age 1957, now educated workers use energy and information technology.

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The information society is a society where more people work in the field of information handling than industrial agriculture. The history of information technology from ancient times to this time is manuals, mechanics, electronic mechanics, and electronics.

The Grouping of Information Technology

1. Input technology is related to equipment for entering data into a computer system (keyboard and mouse)

2. Output technology is related to all devices that serve to provide information on the results of system processing (monitors and printers)

3. The process of engine technology is to become a data processing center by running a program that regulates the processing.

4. Soft technology is used to control the computer so that it can take action in accordance with what is desired (Microsoft office).

5. Store technology consists of internal memory serves as a temporary reminder when processing is carried out by the CPU (read-only memory and random access memory) and external memory serves to store data permanently meaning that it is maintained when the computer turns off (hard disk and diskette).

On of information technology popular nowadays is the internet. The internet is a relationship between various types of computers and networks in different worlds of operating systems and their applications where the relationship utilizes the progress of communication media (telephone and satellite) that uses standard protocols in communicating namely TCP / IP protocol.

Well, all of us need information technology in this era. We should thanks that we are living in an amazing era with high information technology.

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