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Integrating Social Media: Linking your blog to your social media accounts and adding social sharing buttons to your posts

The Social Media Connection

In the digital age, social media is a powerful tool for amplifying your blog’s reach. Integrating your blog with social media not only boosts your visibility but also fosters community engagement. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to effectively link your blog to your social media accounts and add social sharing buttons to your posts.

The Benefits of Social Media Integration

  • Increased Traffic: Social media can drive significant traffic to your blog.
  • Enhanced Engagement: It enables your audience to share your content, fostering discussions and engagements.
  • Wider Reach: Your content reaches not just your followers but also the networks of those who share your content.
  • Branding: Consistent presence across platforms strengthens your brand.

Linking Your Blog to Social Media Accounts

  1. Adding Social Icons Widget: Use a social icons widget to link to your social media profiles. You can add this widget in your blog’s sidebar or footer.
  2. Social Links in Author Bio: Include social media links in the author bio section of your blog posts.
  3. Integrating with Jetpack: If you are using WordPress, the Jetpack plugin allows you to easily link your blog to your social media accounts.

Adding Social Sharing Buttons to Your Posts

  1. Choose a Plugin: Choose a social sharing plugin that suits your needs and aesthetics. Some popular options include Social Warfare, AddToAny, and Monarch.
  2. Configure Settings: Once you’ve chosen a plugin, go to its settings and configure which social networks you want to include, button placement, and any additional features.
  3. Customize Appearance: Customize the buttons to align with your blog’s branding and design.
  4. Test the Buttons: Before going live, test the buttons to ensure they are working properly and are user-friendly.

Best Practices for Social Media Integration

  • Consistency in Branding: Ensure that your branding is consistent across your blog and social media profiles.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Be active on your social media accounts. Respond to comments, participate in discussions, and engage with your audience.
  • Share Quality Content: Share not just your blog posts, but also relevant and engaging content from other sources.
  • Use Hashtags and Mentions: Make use of hashtags and mentions to increase the visibility of your posts.
  • Analyze and Optimize: Monitor the traffic and engagement from social media and optimize your strategy accordingly.

You’ve integrated social media, now take it a step further by building an email list. Discover how to grow and manage your email list in our next article: Building an Email List.


Integrating social media into your blog is a step that can significantly enhance your blog’s reach and engagement. By effectively linking your blog to your social media accounts and incorporating social sharing buttons, you empower your audience to connect and share your content easily. Remember, social media is not just a channel for distribution, but also a platform for conversation and community building. Engage actively, share consistently, and always be attuned to your audience’s needs and interests.

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