Information technology Interview Questions differ with Common Interview Questions

Information technology Interview Questions differ with Common Interview Questions

In the world of work, you must be familiar with the name interview. All job applicants or prospective employees will definitely pass this process. But apparently, undergoing an interview test was not easy. In fact, many candidates who have high brain abilities must fail at this level. So, smart in value does not guarantee you are accepted into your dream company. In essence, relying on the ability of the brain alone is not enough and must be equipped with the ability to speak. By the way, is it the same for the information technology interview questions and the other fields?

information technology interview questions

The Examples of General and Information Technology Interview Questions

Before discussing the information technology interview questions, it is better the discussion begins from the common questions. Certainly, you have been familiar with these questions:

1. Ask about yourself

2. Ask about your weakness

3. Ask about the strength

4. Ask about the company

5. Ask about the specific program

6. Ask about the salary

7. Ask about why you leave the previous company and want to join

8. Ask about your planning in the future

9. Ask about do you like work alone or team

10. Ask about your hobby

Absolutely, there are some questions which are very familiar for the candidates. Even though, they keep failing to pass the test though they have ever do it. The most important thing do not underestimate about the interview test. Mastering the field that you want and also the company. Then, do not be panic during the interview. It can reduce your score if you panic or nervous. You better prepare it with search information and train it at home. Afterward, do not come late to the office because it will influence your mind too and give the negative stigma to the interviewers.

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Meanwhile, there are different general questions for IT interview:

1. Do you know the biggest trends that impact the IT industry? How do you estimate these trends will affect your job?

2. If you get a project with a new technology, how would you get started?

3. Explain how you improve upon the design that was originally suggested.

4. What are the logical and physical parts of ADS?

5. Tell me about your steps to update your domain DNS records.

Perhaps, you need more specific information as your reference. The article has prepared one example information technology interview questions according to the specialization. The questions are for help desk administrator and general maintenance:

A. Explain a situation where you were involved with one of the following: system backup, troubleshooting procedure, and failure recovery.

B. What IT tracking software have you used to maintain/monitor remote systems?

C. Have you interacted with internal clients or customers every day?

Remember that information technology is all about innovation and technology. Do not be lazy to gather the information from your electronic devices. You can find anything including what you need in the interview. The following features reflect IT interview: general knowledge and up-to-date general knowledge. Well, those are all about the information technology interview question with the sample. Whatever type of interview you will live, stay calm and prepare everything well.

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