Important: Understanding the Principles of Information Technology before Join the School or University

Important: Understanding the Principles of Information Technology before Join the School or University

Principles of information technology is a lesson to prepare the students to get success in workplaces. They will begin by establishing awareness of the IT roles essential to an organization’s success. Also, develops leadership skills and an understanding of professional communications. On the other hand, students gain presentation management software, email, and proficiency in word processing. Students are also able to demonstrate digital literacy from a basic study of computer hardware, database software, networking, operating systems, the Internet, spreadsheets, and web publishing.

principles of information technology

Principles in Information technology contain Many Things

Knowing the principles of information technology is essential very much for someone who wants to pursue their career in this field. Certainly, they need to learn it from the basic knowledge. Here, the article helps you to understand it in more detail. Generally, IT comes from two divisions including computer technology and communication technology. Computer technology relates to equipment such as printers, CD-ROMs, and fingerprint readers. Meanwhile, communication technology relates to long-distance communication, for example, telephone, radio, television.

In essence, information technology is a combination of those two factors. Then, the classification of information technology are:

1. According to the function:

· Embaded IT: Information Systems that exist in other products.

· Dedicated IT systems: Information Systems for performing special tasks such as ATMs.

· General Purpose IT System: Information System for carrying out general activities.

2. According to the size:

· Super Computer

· Mainframe

· Mini Computer

· Workstation

· Computer Micro

· Micro Controller

The components of Information Technology Systems:

1) The hardware consists of computers, networks, and peripherals.

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2) The software is a collection of functions/instructions to instruct the computer to carry out certain tasks.

3) Data is the basic component of the information that is processed to produce information.

4) Humans, parties involved in information such as information system leaders and operators.

5) The procedure is a procedure system documentation

The Functions of Information Technology:

  • Capture: Retrieval of data for information.
  • Processing: Processing organizing data to be used as information
  • Generating: The results of data that has been processed for display as information.
  • Storage: where to store information
  • Retrieval: information retrieval that has gone through the storage process.
  • Transmission: The process of transmitting information.

Indeed, there are lots of knowledge when you learn about the principles of information technology. One of them is the benefit of using IT. This system makes it easy for many government and private companies to make the management process more effective and efficient. Additionally, the utilization of IT in everyday life include:

1) At home

Someone can do his hobby like playing games through a personal computer at home (Home PC). This tool also helps in doing office work or even working from home. In addition, they can also use it to help with their children’s homework from school.

2) Education and World or work

The education world cannot escape the role of IT. Even the existence of computers and the internet is the result of research from academics. Education requires fast access to information and knowledge. The world of work also requires quick access to information. Fortunately, there are many supporting tools to work such as laptops, cell phones, and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), and so on.

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3) Society service

Information technology facilitates community affairs in a shorter time. They can feel the service clearly in various public places. For example, supermarkets, tax services, water, telephones, ID cards, driving license, and other.

Hopefully, knowledge of the principles of information technology can become your education and career later.

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