Huawei P30 Pro, Photography Redefined

Huawei P30 Pro has a lot of superpowers features that left other smartphone manufacturers behind. Using 40MP Leica Quad Camera System Huawei P30 Pro has a superzoom lens and able to capture great moments perfectly anytime at night or day.

I remember the day when we blame a camera for the bad result of a photo, today we still blame them for creating a too good photo.


This phone can make a stunning picture in the backlight or at night with poor light. Zooming up to 50x

zooming a tower
impressive zoom
Amazing details

Example 2

zooming corn field
getting closer
and even closer

User Review

I know all the rubbish about Huawei being blocked from using Google apps on future phones, but this phone still has full access to Google Apps and updates as designed and licenced before the issues with certain countries trade wars! Phone is extremely quick and easy to use, EMUI gets a lot of flack but I find easy to use and coming from IOS a lot of similaritys make it feel familiar and easy to use. For those who do not like it’s IOS look you can enable the app drawers which a lot of people dont mention in thier hate of EMUI.

The Battery gets me through 3-4 days of light use with no issues and putting on the ultr low power mode to enable phone/textand email only really extends the battry if needed.

The camera is AMAZING, no complaints. the pictures a clear and detailed and the zoom is amazing, getting some good photos zoomed in. The 50x zoom allows you to identify far away details but does loose quality, but the 5x, 10x are stunning and even up to around 20x hybrid zoom is acceptable. Night photos are simply amazing, a dark night photo outside in a dimly lit street gives amazing detail, light and can identify colours of cars, grass, etc in street compared to iphone i had before where same photo gave little light, virtually no colour, detail and lots of noise at same light level.

The transfer from phone software made the transfer of photos, contacts and settings from the iphone seamless.

Games run really well and the screen is colourful and bright and resolution is more than good enough though lower than rivals. Can turn down resolution to a lower one to give extra battery life if needed although never really needed to do this. Sadly a lack of stereo speakers and Headphone socket let it down a little but the mono speaker is loud enough if not the best.

Huawei P30 Pro specs
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