How To Rotate A Video On Windows And Android

How To Rotate A Video On Windows And Android

How to rotate a video – Have you ever making a video for important event but when you try to play it on a computer you found that result upside down on or skewed. When this happen on a smartphone you just need to rotate the phone to make it upright.

how to rotate a video

How To Rotate A Video On Android Device

Without software,
just rotate your Android phone to adjust the video so it looks like normal. But this is only temporary solution. The movie file itself did not changed.

Using Software

How To Rotate A Video On Windows 

Without software
The most easiest without using any software is to press and hold CTRL+ALT keys and press right arrow key to rotate it 90 degree clockwise, left arrow key to rotate 90 degree counter clockwise, down arrow key to turn display upside down.

With Software
I recommend using VLC player.

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