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Resize Multiple Images – I Stumble into this situation when trying to resize 70 PNG images that have 5 to 8MB per picture into a smaller size. The goal is to make the size smaller not the resolution, so I tried to use a free plugin to compress the sizes automatically however in the free version the maximum file size to compress is 2 MB so this not fixing my problem.

I also try the fast image resizer program which works great for JPG files but unable to resize PNG transparent files properly, it will turn the transparent part into black, it seems to resize it into a JPEG format although the extension is PNG.

So I tried to use batch resize images on photoshop, below I outline the steps to follow it’s quite simple but there are some parameters you need to pay attention to.

Before doing the resize batch process make sure you put the same all the pictures with the resolution into a folder to make sure the result will perfect. Basically, Photoshop will record what we did to a file and copy those steps into the rest of the file on the same folder.

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To record action

1. I put all pictures with the same resolution in a folder.

2. Make the second folder called resize (could be any name)

3. Open Photoshop and open the file you want to resize.

4. Click Window and click Actions

Resize Multiple Images

5. Click the folder icon to Create new set and give a name

batch resize images photoshop

6. Click the icon next to folder icon to create new action and give a name ( I name it 600px) and click the Record button.

create new action

7. Now you do the resize process as normal and save it to the resize folder.

8. Make sure to close the file (Click FileClose) at the end of the resize process to prevent Photoshop open many windows during the batch process and drain your computer’s memory.

To Batch the process

9. Open File – Automate – Batch

batch process

10. Choose the source folder that contains pictures you want to resize.

11. Make sure to tick the Suppress File Open Options Dialogs and Suppress Color profile Warnings, choose the destination folder and tick Override Action “Save As” Commands, and click OK button.

automate batch

12. You should see the resizing process running and give the new files with the resolution you want.

I hope this “How To Resize Multiple Images On Photoshop Easily!” useful as it is to me.

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