How To Remove Google Account From Android 2022

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how we can remove Google account from an Android device. Why we want to remove Google account from a smartphone? In my case, I got an android phone from my sister as my previous phone is broken. This phone used by my sister as a second phone to play games so there is a Google account attached in the phone.

how to remove google account from android

Some problems when having two Google account on a phone

Actually, I don’t mind to have 2 Google accounts on the same phone although sometimes the phone gets confused when I visit a place, it always thinks that the other account who visits that place and asking for a review.

Caution: Don’t mix up with delete Google Account, you don’t want to do this as this will delete your Google account from your Android and your computer.

The other problem was when saving a contact it saved to my sister account but I managed to make it default to save to my Google account.

Recently I often received a full memory warning, usually I just removed duplicate files, large files, Whatsapp images and videos, unused apps, and other small things. But several days later the warning pops up again. I found this was mainly caused by updated apps and some active WhatsApp group that send videos and pictures.

Steps to Removed Google Account from a Phone

1. Open Gmail from your phone

remove google account samsung

2. Tap your Account icon in the top right

delete history google account

3. Tap manage accounts on this device

how to remove google account on samsung

4. Select Gmail account you want to remove

how to remove google account on android

5. Make sure you have selected the correct Gmail account to be removed. Click REMOVE ACCOUNT button.

google account removal

6. Click REMOVE ACCOUNT on confirmation

delete google account android

7. Here it is, now we have only 1 Gmail account on the phone.

delete google account from android

Storage Space Before and After Google Account Removal

Wondering how much data you can get after removing unused Google account on the phone? Well, that will depend on how much data kept on the unused account.
In my case before account removal, I have 0.9 GB and after removal, I have 1.02GB, not much but still give me some space and removing other problem I mentioned above.

delete google account and data
Internal storage before unused account removal
delete google account history
Internal storage after account removal

I hope this tutorial will help you delete or remove Google account from your Android device. By the way I am using Samsung J7 phone on this procedure.

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