How To Change Recycle Bin Icon in Windows 10

Feel bored with your current Recycle Bin Icon? You can change easily, but before you can change, you need prepare 2 new icon for empty and full recycle bin icon.

There is a file called imageres.dll located under folder windowssystem32 contains many icons but if you want another picture you can search on the internet for free.
I am using the icon from following 
recycle bin icons for windows 10
The sample of modified recycle bin icon.
recycle bin icon not changing windows 10
Step to change the icon:
1. Click Setting icon 
windows 10 recycle bin icon download
2. Click Personalization
recycle bin icons deviantart
3.  Click Themes and scroll down until you find Desktop icon settings
windows 10 recycle bin icon not refreshing
4. Click change icon
small recycle bin icon
5. Select the icon you want
change recycle bin icon xp
Click OK and finish.

Windows 10 recycle bin icon not refreshing

When you are using customs and the icon not refreshing from empty to full and vice versa, check out this post.
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