How to Achieve the Success of Information Technology Project Management?

How to Achieve the Success of Information Technology Project Management?

In this great opportunity, we are going to discuss an interesting review which is about information technology project management. Actually, what do you know about that? Well, IT project management is a process of planning, organizing, and also defining or describing the response. It is used for the achievement of the goals of the organizations’ specific information technology.

information technology project management

Then, we classify some projects in the project management of information technology. They are the software development, the installation of hardware, the upgrades of a network, the business analytics, and projects of data management.

Some factors in achieving the success of the information technology project management

In relation to the information technology project management, you need to know that there are some factors in achieving it. Do you want to know about it, guys? It should be like that because technology is applied before the organization process. Thus, here are the following factors that affect success in the project management of information technology.

1. Controlling the project

In this case, it is better for you to know that the life cycle of the project management in general to all the projects. So, we offer five processes that can cover and symbolize the project management life cycle. Here are the specific processes in the information technology project management:

• Initiation

It is like a goal or purpose of the project. Besides, the problem in this process will be categorized. Then, the manager of the project will be allocated and after that, the charter of the project will be made.

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• Planning

In this process, the manager of the project and the team of the project will have a cooperation. They will work together to prepare all the steps which are needed. Actually, it is done in order to achieve a result of the profitable project.

• Execution

After a plan of the project is made, what will be done by the team of a project? In fact, they will perform the project plan in order to make a project which is understandable.

• Monitoring and controlling

The next process is monitoring and controlling which will be done by the project manager. They will monitor and control the work for some specifications, such as time, cost, scope, risk, quality, and other project factors.

• Closing

In this last process, the project manager will make sure that all the work has been finished and approved. And don’t forget to transfer it from the team of a project to the operations.

2. Managing the areas of project knowledge

You should recognize that in the information technology project management, there are also ten project management knowledge areas. Are you curious about them? Let’s check them out!

• Project scope management

It is protected from unofficial changes.

• Project schedule management

It is identified by the project working hours.

• Project cost management

It is included the materials, facilities, services, and others.

• Project quality management

It is classified in the specific metrics.

• Project human resources management

The project manager will cooperate with the project team to confirm the team member.

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• Project communications management

It will offer information to the project manager.

• Project risk management

It must be classified and evaluated.

• Project procurement management

It requires to buy some things or services.

• Project stakeholder management

It includes identification, inclusion, and also communication.

• Project integration management

It is the coordination of the events which happened.

Well, those are two factors which affect success in the information technology project management. Have an enjoyable reading!

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