Here is a Global Information Technology with 4 SAP Features

Here is a Global Information Technology with 4 SAP Features

Welcome to Global Information Technology Inc. which is ready to serve you with quality facilities. It is a consultant company for the SAP business optional solution with integrating and implementing the existing technology. It has been also becoming the strategic initiative for the knowledge-based industries for a Contract Research Services Division. The research company provides Clinical Data Management Services, SAS Programming, Bio-IT, and Chemistry Services. Definitely, it expedites the Drug Discovery and Development initiatives of Biotech Industries and the Global Pharma.

Global Information Technology

Top 4 Global Information Technology Features

There are many interesting things from Global Information Technology which should be unpacked. At least, this article has summarized 4 points from the company:

1. SAP Analytics

The company established as the leader of the technology and market Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics. The offering of BI and analytic applications give marvelous opportunities for SAP customers to transform strategic vision. It has experience in helping public sector organizations and all size businesses. They leverage the full spectrum of SAP BusinessObjects BIand SAP business analytics solutions. It will make informed decisions that drive efficiency gains and sustainable productivity. In order to increase flexibility, agility, and generate competitive advantages. By the way, below are the example of the SAP business warehouse offerings:

a) Content enablement services (SAP BusinessObjects – Xcelsius, Web, Explorer,

b) Voyager/Pioneer, Bex, Web/Visual Composer)BI reporting strategy and roadmaps (SAP BusinessObjects, BW)

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c) Integration services (SAP BusinessObjects, BW)

d) BI functional and process services (requirements gathering, KPIs)

e) Business planning and consolidations (BPS-IP, ECCS-BCS, BPC)

f) Implementation and architecture services (BW, Universe Design)

g) Upgrades and support (BW)

h) Data performance services (BW accelerator, BW performance tuning)

2. SAP Business All-in-One Business Objects dashboard/reporting (KPI One)

Meanwhile, the services of GIT’s SAP BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation (SAP BPC) are:

a) Data sourcing and loading

b) Co-project management

c) Report development

d) Input schedule development

e) Business rules development and basic script logic

f) Foreign currency translation

g) Blueprinting and Application analysis

h) Dimension build and application structure

i) Business process flow development

j) The standard journal entry template

k) Security design and implementation

3. SAP Industry

Global Information Technology Inc. has done projects from different segment along with their team. The complete end-to-end projects from government, public Sector, oil and gas, utilities, and retail.

SAP Technology

It has many SAP teams for financials, logistics, CRM, SRM, Basis, JAM, Integration XI/PI, Human Capital Management, and ABAP Development.

4. SAP Contract Research Services

It consists of Bio-IT, SAS Programming, Clinical Data Management, Synthetic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, and Process Chemistry & Scale-Up and cGMP

In summary, the main company is in Florida with operations in USA, Canada, and India. It was established in 1995 and has over 450 consultants which serve multiple 100 companies in the US. The consultants must own a broad range of skill sets such as the SAP (HANA, SAP BusinessObjects, SuccessFactors, ABAP, etc.), Teradata, Oracle DotNET, Java, Database Administration services, C++, C#, etc. Formerly, a woman minority who owned the company with a group of extensive experience professionals. It spanned lots of decades in the government, Public Sector, Finance, and Retail.

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Global Information Technology Inc. has also got a Contract Research division providing innovative solutions for the global biopharmaceutical companies. Professional with more than 25 years of work experience has been leading this effort. So, it experts in Marketing, Project Management, also Operations and Business Development. Most of the experience provides Contract Research Services to the global Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry thru strategic partners in India and the US. The company is also looking to acquire companies with SAP specialization from South America, Asian, and Europe.

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