Health Information Technology Salary in the US complete with additional information

Health Information Technology Salary in the US complete with additional information

Working at the hospital or the health department must not from the related graduate. You are with your information technology still has a big change to join to those places. Even though, the job desk differs from the doctors and nurse. You more handle about the organization, accuracy of patient records, quality, safety, and accessibility. The technician also manages the medical records such as the diagnosis, patient insurance, treatment, and health certificate. It turns out that the work of a health technician is quite a lot. How much is the health information technology salary?

Health Information Technology Salary

Information Technology Salary, Jobs, and the Background

In this article, you not only get the range of the health information technology salary but also the others. It includes the job description, outlook, education requirement and licensing. The following are the salary guide in the United States. It depends on the location, education background, experience, certification, company type, and employment status. Here are the data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

1. The average payment in 2014: $17, 26 per hour or $35,900 per year

2. Top 10% earn the of workers: S59,170 while the bottom 10% worker is about $23,350

3. New Jersey: $51,850 per years

4. District of Columbia: $44.620 per year

5. Hawaii: $42.290 per year

6. Massachusetts: $41.700 per year

7. Alaska: $ 40.900

8. Three Industries with the Highest Payment:

a. Scientific Research and Development Services: $ 45,720 per year where it employees 710 people

b. Insurance Operators: $ 44,110 per year and it has 920 employees

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c. Management of Scientific and Technical Consulting Services: $ 42,950 per year and its employees 3010 people.

9. Industries which employ most RHIT are the General Hospital and Medical Surgery. It pays each employee of $ 37,960 per year where it has 67,340 employees. Secondly, the Office of the Doctor is at $ 31,100/ year which has 40,970 employees. Then, there are Nursing Care Facilities that has 13, 050 employees. It pays each person at $ 35,250 per year.

10. Health Information Technology Salary according to the year experience in the US. Base on the, the average salary is between $24,354 and $46,679. Apparently, it includes overtime and bonuses. The overall average salary with 1-4 years base on the data is $ 35,000.

After talking about the salary, it is the time to move on the job description and the outlook. The patient medical record from the health technician becomes the foundation for all treatment. The information must be accurate from patient admission, home care, and follow-up care. The technician also provides the data for the third part, administrator, observatory, and the insurance agency.

There are some ways to be a health technician. The candidates can get a 6-month certificate from Medical technology or a two-year associate’s degree from the Health management/Medical technology. You can join some courses in physiology, anatomy, coding system, computer system, health statistics, and the medical terms. Do not forget to choose a university which has good accreditation. The Education Accreditation Commission and Health Information Management release it. Well, that is a bit of information about the health information technology salary, job desk, and so on. Choose this major and work with high salary.

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