The Google Nest Cam Indoor Receives a Brutally Honest Review 1

The Google Nest Cam Indoor Receives a Brutally Honest Review

Since its founding in 2010, Nest, Google’s subsidiary firm specializing in smart home goods, has introduced a number of new items to the market. Smart speakers, smart displays, thermostats, and a variety of other goods are available from them. Some of them garnered enormously good reviews, but others did not get such a response. We opted to examine a Nest interior camera from Google’s Amazon store in order to stay up to date with the newest Nest technologies.

What we enjoy about this product is that it is simple.

Nest’s interior camera designs seem to be highly contemporary at first sight. We immediately attempted to set up this interior camera, which took us no more than 5 minutes to do. The Nest app, on the other hand, is quite well-designed. The user interface (UI) is simple, but it is packed with useful functions including as zoom, control settings, and a two-way audio stream.

In the technical side, the camera has all of the features that you would expect to see on an indoor camera these days. It is capable of live streaming video feeds in full 1080p HD 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a Wi-Fi connection. Because this is an interior camera, we are not concerned about the possibility of losing the Wi-Fi connection. In addition to 1080p, you may configure the camera to broadcast in 360p or 720p resolutions.
Despite the absence of motion tracking, the camera is capable of capturing images from a 130-degree wide angle. In this case, you only need one camera to record a large portion of your house. The night vision mode is remarkable in its performance. Because of the eight high-power infrared LEDs that have been integrated inside the camera.

There are many things about this product that we dislike.

You will get an email notification every time the Nest cam detects movement or hears a sound, thanks to the high-tech sensor on the camera. That sounds delicious, doesn’t it? The catch is that the Nest inside camera will record and report any motion or sound it detects, including bugs flying, shadows, and other such things. This will cause the email alert to send false alerts, which is undesirable. The only method to resolve this issue is to subscribe to the Nest Aware service on a monthly basis, which is currently unavailable.

The second drawback of the Nest interior camera is that it must be connected into a power outlet at all times in order to function. As a consequence, the camera will be rendered inoperable under certain circumstances, such as a power loss. Apart from that, the Nest interior camera is also prohibitively expensive, retailing at $129.99.


The Google Nest Inside Cam is not the greatest indoor camera for home security available on the market. There are a variety of less expensive indoor camera solutions available for purchase. As a result, unless you are willing to commit to a monthly subscription, we do not suggest the Nest Interior Cam for your indoor monitoring requirements.

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