Expert speakers wanted to share insight on the future of internet of things in real estate

Expert speakers wanted to share insight on the future of internet of things in real estate

Expert speakers wanted to share insight on the future of internet of things in real estate
22/08/2020 – 13:27

Opportunities in 30 cities for over 300 keynote speakers are the foundation of a FREE AND GLOBAL festival exploring innovation and the future of real estate

smarthome iot is a global marketplace which educates and connects the buyers and sellers of technology for the built environment, around the world. In March 2020, they launched Connect, successfully recording 120 keynote speeches in 14 global cities, addressing the role of technology and innovation in real estate. Now, Unissu are bringing Connect back with a new festival style format.,

Analysis of Unissu’s data has shown that IoT is playing a crucial role in these changes. As a result, experts in the field are being sought to attend a green screen studio to place their views on film. The speeches will then be distributed to Unissu’s global audience of real estate and technology thought leaders.

All selected speakers will be given full speaker training, a professional studio to record in and the speeches will be edited to production quality by our multi-Netflix-credited crew.

The 300+ speeches will be released on the Unissu platform and distributed through local partners around the world. Viewers and speakers will have the chance to arrange meetings with each other to explore the topics discussed in the Connect videos, at an on-platform festival in early December. Speakers also receive full data insight into who viewed their video.

If you have unique insights that you would like to share with a global audience of smart city bodies, local governments and key changemakers at the heart of the sector please register your interest to speak.

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Connect is recording in early October in 30 global cities and is sponsored by leading firms covering the full built environment lifecycle including JLL, Lendlease and Nuveen.

.Applications close on the 30th August

Jordan JLL

Jordan Kostelac, Director of PropTech at JLL Asia, said: “Innovation is all about applying unconventional means to solve challenges. Unissu is exploring new ways to reach those of us who are collaborating on the future of the built environment all around the world and we are pleased to support the initiative. At the same time, we cannot wait to share some of our own innovative approaches through Connect and give the world a peek at what the next decade holds for the property industry.”

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