Entry Level Information Technology Jobs with High Salary Prove That You Take The Right Major

Entry Level Information Technology Jobs with High Salary Prove That You Take The Right Major

Be happy and thankful because you choose the right major in your study. There are a lot of company waiting for your graduation and fill their office soon. Entry-level information technology jobs have an easy job desk but it requires you to face the computer screen longer. Nonetheless, many people dream of this job so that you have many rivals later. To avoid a bad event, you better search many companies from now. So, you will be more ready to send the application or they perhaps will hire you before graduation. Below are the levels of the entry jobs as your reference.

entry-level information technology jobs

8 Entry Level Information technology Jobs with the Salary

Here are 8 entry-level information technology jobs include the payment:

1. Software Engineer I

You have a team usually to design computer software applications and develop it. You along with your team will be key stakeholders for each company/organization. Then, you became the channeling your inner coding power to analyze to the user. By the way, the average software engineer I salary is $ 54,876 in 2010. It means you have a bigger salary payment now.

2. Network Specialist

As a network specialist, you must understand how to implement computer networks and record problems. Some companies may ask you to get network certification, such as Cisco and Microsoft. The average salary for the network specialist starts from $ 52.616.

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3. IT Specialist

The entry level for the IT specialist, in fact, has large meaning. It consists of the technology, security or system analysis, operation system, data management, and the customer support. You will responsible to make sure that all systems run properly. You will get the average salary about S 51,754 in 2010.

4. Junior Administrator System

Your duty as the entry-level information technology job is a lot enough. It covers helping the current organization or company in maintaining and improving their computer systems. The payment for the junior administrator system is about $46.246.

5. Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Your job is helping a Ph.D. with their research where it will be the first step to be a doctor. Therefore, the job is suitable for people who want to continue their tertiary education. The salary of the job is about $ 43.613.

6. Computer Support Specialist

It has the salary in 2015 between $28.980 and $47.660 per year. You quite evaluate the network, maintain and solve the problem. You also must control and repair the computer device. Besides that, you will train them to use the hardware, software, and the new computer device.

7. Cellular application development

The average salary is $ 57,340 up to $98.260 per year in 2015. The responsible is designing and adjusts the computer application software to the user’s necessary. You must responsible for the coding, testing, and debugging. Even, you must monitor existing software applications and ensure they are running correctly.

8. Web Development

The average payment in 2015 is $ 34.770- $ 64.970 per year. Your job desk helps to design and build the website. You also test application for websites and write codes. Together with other team members, you must determine the layout, audio, graphics, and monitor web site traffics.

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Those are the specification of the entry-level information technology jobs for you. Such as you know, IT system has large coverage and it is easy to get the job.

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