Enter UCF Information Technology Easily with Service Catalog

Enter UCF Information Technology Easily with Service Catalog

Do you want to hone your skill in IT field? Just come to UCF information technology. The University of Central Florida or UCF is a university in 4000 Central Florida Blvd. Orlando, Florida 32816. The focus of the school is, of course, about the technical skill but it also adds about the resource. Support the students, staff, and faculty to achieve their learning, research, teaching, and service are the mission of UCF. Well, UCF includes one of the quality IT school in the world. Roughly, what are the features of the school for you?

UCF Information technology has three points to realize their mission includes:

Online Service of UCF Information Technology

· Providing the best services and innovative technology solution.

· Giving reliable and responsive support and IT infrastructure

· Improving and accessing the service offering continually

Many partners call UCF as the main information technology providers. It certainly has a few responsibilities such as enterprise administration system and providing voice and data (telecommunication services). Additionally, the university also supports the UCF community:

1. Campus telephone system

2. Campus local area network

3. Campus-wide area network

4. Campus wireless network

5. Cable TV

6. Computer labs

7. Computer store

8. System administration and Data center operations

9. Email

10. Document imaging services

11. The services of enterprise administrative data processing

12. Online instruction support

13. PeopleSoft ERP (SA/HR, Portal, CRM) development

14. Identity management/ domain services

15. Research computing

16. Web hosting services

UCF information technology now releases some services to ease the students getting their necessary relation to the university. It consists of several types but the article will focus on one type. Service Catalog comes to define and categorize service offering and improve the understanding of what UCF give. The purpose of the catalog is to appear more accurate information than before. It is also able to describe and the services clearly and consistently so that the student easy to identify UCF. Generally, it relates to the description, functionality, price, and technical specification.

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Besides that, the service eases the customers using services by facilitating the communication between the community and UCF IT. Within the catalog can find more information. It is such as

Enterprise Application Development

Operations and Enterprise System

Information Security

Planning and Program Management

Technology Sales, Service, and Support


The other services of UCF besides the catalog are:

Business Relationship Management

Technology Commons

Computer Store


Test Scoring

Service Level Targets

Request a Service

Actually, there are still numerous things you can catch from this university. Therefore, you must move to collect more information. After you study here you will work in benefit companies where many alumni have proven it.

Lots of companies look for the candidate from this university because the students are very skillful. It implies you have a golden chance to improve your life after graduation. Even, they open the opportunity for the students to work there. How if you live in another part or country? This online catalog eases you to get all information without must move from your chair. UCF Information Technology deserves as the best IT University and you do not need to doubt it again.

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