Easy Steps to be the Association of Information Technology professionals Membership with 4 Classes

Easy Steps to be the Association of Information Technology professionals Membership with 4 Classes

Join an Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) for your business! What is this and where you can register? Okay, AITP is an organization focuses on IT education to business professionals. The company in Illinois, U.S. trains people to develop their business which involves IT inside. To become a member, you are able to do many things. For examples, you can empower resources, have opportunities and achieve your professional goals. Let’s submit your application online and get your membership. If you apply thru the paper applications, you must take a $10 processing fee.

association of information technology professionals

The Various of Association of Information Technology professionals Members

By the way, the association of Informational Technology professionals offers some options to be the member:

1. Professional Membership

This program refers to the employed individual in the management of information resources. However, staff, managers, educators, sales, and service providers allow joining. A local professional chapter generally affiliate to the Professional members. Even though, it does not need to affiliate the local professional chapters because it stands alone. The membership of AITP consists of national dues with local due sometimes. Student members who have graduated from AITP and are ready to work may be eligible for a one-time discount. Membership in AITP has comprised of national dues plus local chapter due, where applicable.

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2. Student Membership

This type saves the students who want to work in IT companies but they are unable to study in university.

3. Enterprise Membership

For this type, the association offers group dues discount with the number of the member as the requirement. The discount is for the group with at least 3 members Enterprise – Tier 1 discount. Besides that, there is Enterprise – Tier 2 discount with a minimum of 10 members in one group. This membership class may for education organizations, governments, commercial, etc. Furthermore, the candidate can call 800-224-9371 or contact aitp_hq@aitp.org to apply.


EDSIG is the acronym of Education Special Interest Group. It is an organization specifically to IS (Information Systems) education. The mission is providing IS educators with the latest research in educational processes, techniques, and technology. Obvious, AITP offers an AITP and EDSIG membership combination and the stand-alone EDSIG membership. For further information, please view our EDSIG page.

How to join the Association of Information Technology professionals:

1) Choose the Member Type

After register with one type, the applicant must pay the due where it cannot return to them. It does not provide dues reduction because of the tax for charity. Even though, the organization is willing to reduce dues as the necessary business expense. Nonetheless, it must follow the Internal Revenue Service Code. Alongside that, all applicants have to support the mission and vision of AITP. They must also uphold the Association’s bylaws and code of ethics.

2) Create an account

Create your username by entering the first name and last name. Then, paid dues, to enjoy all of the member-only areas of the site. Use letters and/or numbers without special characters or spaces as your username and enter a valid email address. Do not forget to note your username on a book or anything.

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Okay, that is all about the association of Information Technology Professionals membership. There are 4 types and two steps to apply. Do not hesitate to register if you want to succeed.

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