Do you often confuse about the Information Communication Technology? Here is the Explanation!

Do you often confuse about the Information Communication Technology? Here is the Explanation!

All this time, people do not know in detail what information communication technology (ICT) is. Most people regard ICT, IT, and IS are similar. Those indeed have bit relationship and similarity so that they never pay attention to the term. It turns out emerges bit problems to the student who wants to take technology major. They made the wrong choice of study and did not get the right job. Let’s change that bad habit and start to open mind through the following information.

Information Communication Technology
Learn about Information Communication Technology to know your Future

Knowing closer about the information communication technology (ICT) better begins from the definition. ICT is term or science focusing on communication and technology. The students usually learn about certain topics during their education period. It is such as software, internet, telecommunication, networking, and IST (Information System technology. In fact, ICT comes with different contexts and often emerges ambiguity. The examples are the ICT sector, ICT companies, ICT industries, ICT laws, and the rest. Through this article, you get a clear explanation soon.

By the way, there are two choices from the ICT cloud acronym; information and communication technology also information, communication technology. Okay, let’s open it from the first option that means both cannot stand alone in technology. Meanwhile, the second option has a wider interpretation where the experts see it from these acronyms:

1. Communication – in person or electronically (electronic communications), in writing or voice, telecommunications, and broadcasting

2. Information – (or data) in paper or electronic format

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3. Communications technology – including protocols, software, and hardware

4. Information technology (IT) – including software, hardware, and electronics

The analogy is ICT same with plumbing system which consists of pipes and storage tanks. Information technology (IT) is as the storage tank and communication technology (CT) as the pipe. In the performance, IT saves the information and it flows or delivers to the receivers through the CT.

Okay, go on the further information which relates to the education or the level degrees. The knowledge from the course of university teach them to solve the problems relates to communication and technology effectively. It includes managing and implementing technology in an organization. The students also wish to work as the connector between the people and organization communication using technology. Information communication technology will pursue one of two concentrations; ICT Commercialization and Technology Management.

1. Commercialization: it has 12 hours for the focus area with four-course options:

2. CT 307—Copyright

3. IS 402—Competitive Intelligence

4. ICT 410—Privacy

5. Requisite ISC 161)

6. MAS 322—Multimedia I

7. MAS 422—Multimedia II

8. ISC 361—Direct Response Targeting: Media and Database Management (pre

Then, the electives take 6 hours with 300+ level IS or ICT courses. Besides that, there is cognate with 15 Hours for the 300+ level outside the Major.

Technology Management has 12 hours for the focus area with:

1. ICT 303—Systems Analysis

2. ICT 550—Security Informatics

3. ICT 351—Technology Security

4. ICT 552—Cybercrime and Digital Law Enforcement

5. CT 302—Content Management Systems (new course effective fall 2015)

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6. JOU 330—Web Publishing and Design

7. MAS 355—Information Communication Systems in Organizations

8. MAS 535—Telecommunications Network Management

9. MAS 404—Media Organizations

The, 6 hours for the electives–6 Hours for two ICT courses or 300+ level IS. Meanwhile, the cognate takes15 Hours (300+ level) outside the Major. Yeah, that is about the information communication technology. Hopefully, it gives you inspiration for you.

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