computer input devices

A computer input device is basically a tool that you use to interact with a computer system. It is used to input information into a computer system. This can include keyboards, mice, touch screens, and other input devices.

Example of input device that you are using:

1. keyboard is a device used to input text or characters into a computer system. You always use a keyboard when operating a computer.

2. Mouse/Mice is a pointing device that is typically held in one hand and used for selecting or controlling the movements of a cursor on a display screen.

3. Touchscreen is a device that allows you to interact with a computer by touching the screen. Touchscreen replacing a computer mouse.

4. Microphone is a device used to capture sound from human, a speaker, or any sound in the environment.

5. Web Cam is a digital camera that captures still or video images in a live video stream. Webcams are used in a variety of applications, including online video chatting, online education, video blogging, and video recording.

6. Stylus pen is a small, handheld device that provides a precision writing experience. It is typically used to write on a touchscreen display or to annotate or highlight text.

7. Joystick is a control device that allows the user to move a character or vehicle in a game. It is a pointing device that is used to control the direction and speed of movement.

8. Digitizer is a digital pen that can write without touching the screen.

9. VR Virtual Reality is a simulated environment that allows users to experience a three-dimensional environment that is separate from the real world. Users can use virtual reality devices to interact with the environment, which can be used for gaming, education, or communication.

10. Scanner is a device that can read text or images from a physical medium, such as a document or photograph.

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