Choosing Information Technology Major as your Final Education with these Top 5

Choosing Information Technology Major as your Final Education with these Top 5

Information technology major comes with lots of specifications to complete the human need. Human indeed cannot be separated from IT today because it has been controlling most of their life. At this time, the demand for the major and the university keeps increasing from year to year. It is because many companies both government and private need professional IT. Yeah, that is another reason besides the above. So, do you are looking for the rightest major for your IT skill?

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Top 5 Information Technology Major to save your life

You may plan to take one of the information technology majors as the last education. Well, you certainly come the right time and you will get many options here. Below are 5 choices about the IT program:

1. Certificate Programs

This program commonly takes 6 months and 1 year because the lesson consists of two methods. You are going to spend your first two years to learn about the basic of the particular area of IT. Then, the last two years will do many practices outside of the class. The students who have experience will get IT Certificate. By the way, the certificate is also for them who seek for particular skill and or topic. As your information that you can join to course online where they keep giving you the same topic. The topics of Certificate Programs are:

a. Fundamentals of Personal Computers

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b. Concepts of Programming

c. Foundations of Database Design

d. Intro to Data Communications

2. Associate Degrees

The program needs two years to complete the learning with some lessons. You will learn about some general education courses such as communication networks and a broad overview of computer science. You later can transfer your associate degree program into the bachelor degree but it is for the related field. You learn for Programming Principles, Problem Solving and Troubleshooting for Computers, Fundamentals of Computer Networks, and Strategies in Virtual Communications.

3. Bachelor’s Degrees

Many people catch the information technology major in Bachelor’s Degrees because the numerous companies ask for this level. You need 4 years for the academic study later with two learning methods and several topics. In the first two years, you get IT introductory and the general education requirements. Afterward, you will focus on the more specific and advanced lesson. The topics are Fundamentals of Computer-based Systems, Foundations of Database Management, Intermediate Computer Networks, and Project Management in IT.

4. Master’s Degrees

Taking this level means you really ready to get deeper IT knowledge. You will dive specialized higher-level areas as the continuity of your Bachelor’s degrees. Apparently, the Master’s degrees have various curriculum according to the specification and the intuition. The topics of the levels include Management of IT Resources, Fundamentals of Computer Forensics, Organizational Impact of Information Technology, Advanced Computer Networking, and Advanced Project Management.

5. Doctoral Degrees

Some people with their Doctoral Degrees often get the job at university so that may students seek them. They are usually the students who want to work in IT research and or IT-based postsecondary education. Nevertheless, not a few of them get the job in governments, management, and consultation. Operating Systems Security, Cybersecurity Threats and Countermeasures, Enterprise Architecture, Quantitative Methods and Experimental Design in Computer Science are the programs inside.

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Okay, those are 5 majors from the IT course with different topic and time. Which information technology major do you want?

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