Migrate Blogger To WordPress, This Is The Problem You Will Find After Migration

Migrate Blogger To WordPress, This Is The Problem You Will Find After Migration

Blogger to WordPress – This posting is about how I migrate my Blog from Blogger Platform to WordPress self-hosting. In the Blogger platform, I use a custom domain (www.yunarwinardi.com). The blog contains 267 posts and 5 pages. I need to maintain Google ranking so that the traffic will not affect much. Let’s begin…

Reasons To Move to WordPress From Blogger

I actually really really love Blogger for many good reasons:

  1. I don’t need to pay the hosting fee
  2. World-class hosting provider, Blogger is own by Google.
  3. I can use a custom domain, instead of domainname.blogspot.com I use domain.com but still using blogger as its hosting.
  4. Lots of free themes to choose from.
  5. No performance problem although thousand of people visits the website.
  6. Never experience a problem accessing my website anytime and anywhere.

Small disadvantages of using blogger are:

  1. Cannot customize the blog as good as WordPress
  2. Creating AMP pages must be done one by one. This is the main reason why I want to move to WordPress.

AMP pages perform better on Search Engine results, a healthy website must have most traffic comes from mobile devices than from desktop computers. While on my website the traffic still mostly coming from Desktop computers and I want to change this situation.

Anyway, Blogger is a perfect platform when you are starting to build a blog.

When moving a blog from Blogger to WordPress you want to make sure that the new website structure, like the menu, widget and permalink (URL format), is the same with Blogger. This way Google will see it as minor changes and will not affect much to the traffic. If Google sees many changes in the blog structure it will think that she needs to re-assess the website again, and this will make your traffic dropped.

Migrate Blogger to WordPress In The Local Computer First

I want the process to run as smooth as possible. Thus I migrate the Blogger to my local computer first. After everything is perfect, then I will move it to my new hosting company.

  1. Install XAMPP https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html on your computer.
  2. Install WordPress https://bitnami.com/stack/wordpress/installer on your computer.
  3. Export posts from Blogger, log in to blogger.com, click Settings, Other, click Back up Content. It will save an XML file (blog-12-27-2019.xml).
export posts

Import Posts from WordPress Dashboard ( on your local computer).

Now I have the XML file, it’s time to import it from the WordPress that I just installed it on my computer. On WordPress Dashboard, click Tools, Import, under Blogger, click Run Importer.

import posts
Import XML file on WordPress

Click the Choose file button and the XML file. My XML file size is 3MB while the maximum size is 2MB. To overcome this I edit file php.ini on your local computer C:\xampp\php\php.ini change upload_max_filesize=2M to 8M and re-start the import process. The import process is less than 1 minute (depend on the file size).

edit file php.ini
edit file php.ini
import blogger
upload and import XML file

Change Permalinks on WordPress

Permalink or URL structure on blogger is yyyy/mm/post_title.html as below example https://www.yunarwinardi.com/2019/04/telegram-web.html
We have to make Permalink on WordPress the same as the above format. Click Settings, click Permalinks, click Custom Structure type /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html click Save button.

change permalinks
Change permalinks format on WordPress

On this step, your posts and image should already in WordPress, just check and make sure everything is OK.
You also need to make Menu, Widget position and scripts (if any) are the same with Blogger.
If you satisfy with the result now its time to move it to your hosting.

Move WordPress From Local Computer to the Hosting

I use Duplicator plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicator/ to create an image and restore it on the hosting. Login on WordPress on the local computer. Install and activate the Duplicator plugin.
On the dashboard, click Duplicator, Packages, click Create New button.

create website image using duplicator
Create a website image on local WordPress

When Duplicator finish created the package files, it will produce installer file and archive file, download both files and save on your local computer. This file will be needed in the next step.

Restore The Website’s Image files to the Empty Domain.

If you are using a new domain, just add the new domain to your hosting.
If you are using your current custom domain on the blogger, then you have to change the DNS server to your Hosting’s DNS server.

You have to create an empty database from the control panel, create a user database with a password and assign that user to the new empty database with full privilege. Take note of the database name, database username, dan the password.

Upload the files you just download from local WordPress to the empty root folder on your domain.

installer and zip files
2 file to restore

To restore the content is easy, on your Chrome type https:\\domain-name.com\installer.php
It will ask your database name, database user dan password you just created before. Just follow the instructions and your website will be restored successfully on the Internet.

What To Check After Website Restored Successfully?

After the step above your website now alive with all the posts from the blogger.

check every link from Google
Check all link from the search result

Because we already set up permalinks format the same as blogger format, then it should work without error.

Please check every link from Google results from your PC and from smartphones.

Webpages Are Not Accessible From Smartphones After Migration

I found this problem: when checking the link from PC it works fine no 404 error page show up, but when accessing from smartphones error 404 shows up it means cannot find the page.

When I check closer if we click from smartphones it will be going to URL like https://domain.com/webpage.html/?m=1

It should be OK but if you got an error like mine, then you have to add the following script to file .htaccess on your new website. Credit: https://www.thewebflash.com/fix-the-m1-url-issue-after-migrating-from-blogger-to-wordpress/

# Fix the ?m=1 URL Issue
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %QUERY_STRING} ^m=1$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /$1? [R=301,L]

After adding the above code to .htaccess file the problem error accessing webpages from smartphones will disappear, and the job to migrate Blogger to WordPress is finish.

In My Case, I Completely Change The Permalinks

Instead of using permalinks /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html I use /%postname%/
I am doing this because I want to make the URL shorter, another reason is I don’t want people to think that my post is out of date although I update the post from time to time.

The consequence is I have to create redirection for all of my posts to the new URL format. I have 276 posts so I will able to do this.
What about if I have thousands of posts or I don’t want to create redirection after change the permalink format?

The easiest way is to create a sitemap file and send it from Webmaster console to make Google re-crawl our website.
I did both redirection and resend the sitemap file (sitemap.xml) hopefully the traffic will not drop significantly.

I am using Rank Math plugin to monitor 404 errors and then create redirection based on that information.

Let me know if you have any question about migrating process from Blogger to WordPress, I hope this posting will help you.

What I have learned from this migration after 7 days ( 4 January 2020)

After the migration, I closely monitor the posts position in the search results, and the conclusion is the less you make changes to the blog format (URL and content). The less impact on search the result. Below is my observation:

  1. Changes from www to non www make the search result of the domain name from page 1 to page 2. Learn1: Try not to change the www to non www make it close as possible with the condition before.
  2. One post that on page 1 when using WordPress, then not in 100 first result when move to Blogger, now back to page 2 after moving back to WordPress. Learn2: I think there is a powerful backlink to the exact URL on my 1st WordPress URL, when move to Blogger that backlink is not powerful anymore, and back powerful after I change back to WordPress.
  3. After migration all posts are in the classical editor, some of the post I change to Gutenberg format will disappear is the search result. Learn3: Don’t move form Classic editor to Gutenberg, it will change position in search engine.
WordPress Publishing Failed Error or Updating Failed

WordPress Publishing Failed Error or Updating Failed

I just set up another WordPress website that running on version 5.2.4 after choosing my favorite theme, setup my plugins it’s time to test posting.

I am using VPS hosting, mythemeshop theme, latest WordPress version, and SSL activated (htttps)

To be surprised I cannot create a post at all. There was an error “Publishing Failed” this is the first time I found this error. Usually, when something strange with WordPress I will deactivate all plugins, but this is new WP installation means not many plugins, it’s only standard plugins that newer gives a problem.

After Googling, some say it’s because Gutenberg editor and I have to revert it to the classic editor. To resolve this I tried one by one “Classic Editor” and “Disable Gutenberg” plugins.
Yes I can save posting, but I cannot write on visual mode, I should switch to HTML mode to be able to write words.

This is absolutely not right, there still something wrong with the system but still don’t know what. I found a Youtube video that fix this error by changing the value of WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address URL to “/” but this must be done on database level using PHP My admin which is not too easy.

Wordpress Publishing Failed Error or Updating Failed 1

Knowing that the problem is with SSL installation, then I tried to install Really Simple SSL plugin, and surprisingly it works.

really simple ssl

So if you found similar problem like I did, just to install this plugin first, hope it helps!

Speed Up WordPress Using Cloudflare and WP Fastest Cache Plugin

Speed Up WordPress Using Cloudflare and WP Fastest Cache Plugin

Speed Up WordPress using Cloudflare and WP Fastest Cache – This is my experience working with the client’s website. While other sites might give you general ways to speed up your WordPress site. In this post, I gave you a very specific requirement to speed up WordPress.

About the website: My client website is a comic publisher for children in Indonesia, the main market is Indonesian, but sometimes we got traffic from Malaysia and Singapore as our language is in Bahasa Indonesia.

The website has quite a lot of pictures, the posting content is about the comics we just published and general knowledge about children’s world and parenting.


Speed up WordPress By Choose The Best Hosting Provider

My hosting company is Hostinger. Actually, I accidentally using this hosting provider. My first objective is to choose Jakarta based server as majority traffic will come from Indonesia and we have a national backbone across the country.

The Hostinger address is www.hostinger.co.id and the website is in Bahasa Indonesia so I thought they must have Jakarta based web server.

Later I found that they don’t have Jakarta based web server yet ( July 2018) and until now they still don’t have servers in Jakarta. The closest location is in Singapore. Singapore is actually quite close to Indonesia but my worry is when the undersea fiber optic cut off by vessel.

Hostinger is actually a good hosting provider but I have a little bit serious problem. Many times ( 1-2 times a week). Our website cannot be accessed from several ISP, I noticed from 2 different ISP the website cannot be accessed at a certain time (random).

I already asked this problem to Hostinger but they argue that the website is accessible from their end and they suggest us to contact ISP for this problem. If I asked ISP they will also argue that other websites are accessible ( although I have traceroute record to trace the problem).

Website (WordPress) Settings

I am using WordPress version 5.2.2. and PHP version 7. I also using 17 plugins, yes this is too many, the least you install plugins the better. I hope you can use as minimal plugins as possible.

Speed up WordPress By Choose The Best CDN

As the problem with our website that cannot be accessed from certain ISP at certain times continues I have an idea to change the ISP company to others. However proposing a plan to Finance dept is another problem, they will not approve without good justification.

As I know that the problem with DNS I have another idea to use Cloudflare as they have distributed DNS across the World. Cloudflare also gives protection to DDOS attack as well as CDN.

I know about Cloudflare a long time ago but what held me back from using it because I worry that the traffic will decrease after changed. Fortunately, my traffic getting better after I implemented this.

Cloudflare setting

cloudflare speed tab

On the Speed section, choose the Optimization tab and scroll to Auto Minify. Make sure you check Java Script, CSS, and HTML minify, because this is better than WP Fastest Cache.

Speed Up Wordpress Using Cloudflare and WP Fastest Cache Plugin 2
my profile
View and copy API key from Cloudflare as you will need this to be filled on WP fastest cache settings.
Cloudflare API

Make sure you save your Cloudflare API to be entered to WP Fastest Cache plugin.

Speed Up WordPress By Choose The Best Cache Plugin

I am usually using W3Cache plugin but I also seek another caching plugin to use. Finally, I found Wp Fastest Cache plugin, the interface is much simpler than other cache plugin and the best part is it work great with our website.

WP Fastest Cache Plugin Settings

On WP fastest cache settings make sure you uncheck minify HTML and minify CSS because we already activate this on Cloudflare.
Speed Up Wordpress Using Cloudflare and WP Fastest Cache Plugin 3
On the CDN tab make sure you fill your email address and API from Cloudflare. This step will integrate WP fastest cache with Cloudflare.
Speed Up Wordpress Using Cloudflare and WP Fastest Cache Plugin 4

Speed test result

Below I show you Test speed result using Google Pagespeed Insight and GTMetrix. The result below is pretty good considering I have 17 plugins installed, many pictures on the website, Facebook Pixel code, Histats code, Mailchimp code, Google fonts, slide show.
Every component above contributes to the slower speed of our website.

Google pagespeed insight

pagespeed insight desktop
The score of 97 out of 100 for Desktop version is quite impressive, I am satisfied with the score.
pagespeed insight mobile
The score of 78 out of 100 is pretty good for me as I am only using free version of WP Fastest Cache plugin. The premium version will cache mobile version and other cool versions that will speed up the score. Most of the visitors are coming from mobile devices, so I recommend maximizing score of the mobile version. Sometimes I got a better score up to 89.


GTMetrix is one of the most used to test website speed, using GTMetrix I am glad that fully load time is 2.2 seconds. This score varies sometimes I get 2.8 secs.
gtmetrix test result

Traffic after Cloudflare Implementation

I am glad that I was wrong, the website traffic is getting better after Cloudflare implementation.
histats traffic after cloudflare implementation

Sorry that I canot give you Score before using Cloudflare, Cache plugin but trust me it was bad.
I hope you will learn something from my case to speed up WordPress using Cloudflare and Wp fastest cache plugin. Let me know when you have questions on the comment below.

Tweaking Website Sep,4 2019

To fix broken link
I use Broken Link Checker plugin by ManageWP. This is very good plugin to check and fix broken link that bad for SEO. For blogger I use Brokenlinkcheck.
I also remove website column on the comment by adding the script below on function.php

add_filter(‘comment_form_default_fields’, ‘website_remove’);
function website_remove($fields)

return $fields;

This will reduce broken link when someone add non exist website on the website comment section.
This also will decrease spam bot which try to add link via comment.

Try to decrease bounce rate
Our current bounce rate is 83% this is not good. I add script <base target=’_blank’ /> on footer.php this script will open new tab everytime visitor click any link on the website. Update Feb 2020: This trick no longer works.

Update PHP version
I update PHP version to 7.3 from 7.0 for security reason.

traffic increase after tweaking
Traffic Increase after weaking

Speed up WordPress Without Cloudflare

Several days ago I tried to speed up my other client’s website that did not use Cloudflare. The website industry is a print shop. They print wedding cards, calendar, banner, memory book and many more.
Initial speed test according to GTmetrix was very slow, fullyloaded time 12.7 s, total page size 6.25MB.

speed up wordpress
Website speed before optimized

Below is current speed after being optimized:
Fully loaded time is 5.3s, total page size is 2.14MB. I cannot make the size smaller because it using elementor, also the are many images on the website.

optimized website
Website speed after optimized
wordpress optimization without cloudflare
Inner page speed that did not have many pictures

On google speed insight the score is 90 for mobile and 99 for desktop.

Below are steps and plugin I used.

1. Autoptimize version 2.5.1
This plugin will speed up your site by optimizing CSS, JS, Images, Google fonts and more

Autoptimize settings
Autoptimize settings CSS options
Autoptimize settings HTML options
Autoptimize settings Misc options
Autoptimize settings extra tab

2. Lazy load by WP rocket version 2.3.2
This plugin will defered images on your website, it will only show the image when user scroll the display.

lazy loads settings

3. WP fastest cache version
WP fastest cache in term of setting is the most simple yet the performance is good.

wp fastest cache settings
Part of this post section is inspired from https://www.hermanyudiono.com/cara-mempercepat-loading-blog/ Thanks Kang Herman.

Update 26 April 2020

I have another website that has ads installed, histats code, DMCA banner, and Feedburner banner on every webpage. Remember that the more code you have, the speed become slower. I hosted the website with Hawkhost on shared plan package.
It’s already cloudflare activated. I already tweak the speed to make it as fastest as possible but it always stuck at C(70%) and D(60%).
before really simple SSL
However, after I add really simple SSL and moved 301 redirections into .htaccess file I had a better speed B(81%) and D(64%).
Actually the plugin did not directly speed up the process but it detects that I have 301 redirections enable and it recommends moving into file .htaccess When I follow the recommendation boom the speed much better and I satisfied with the result.
301 redirects
I don’t expect to get score A and A because of ads and many codes that I have on the website.
after really simple SSL


How to Increase Website Traffic For WordPress and Blogger

How to Increase Website Traffic For WordPress and Blogger

This posting is my experience in optimizing website traffic on WordPress and Blogger (Blogspot). The guide below may not correct but at least this is what I believed works to increase organic traffic to a website.

how to increase website traffic

I believe there are 3 major steps to optimize and increase website traffic

1. Keyword Research

Before optimizing a website we have to do keyword research. We would target a keyword that has a search volume. Whether it 100, 500, 1000 or more search volume. Remember that search volume is per month, so if the search volume is 1000 divided by 30 will be about 33 searches per day. The click that you will receive is about 33%, 12%, and 9% respectively for position 1,2, and 3 on the first page.
If you are not sure what keywords you want to target don’t worry just write any article about your niche that has enough volume, you can check https://incomeschool.com/niche-site-ideas/ for niche ideas.

2. Onpage Optimization 

Will include content writing, meta tag, and internal linking. 

3. Offpage Optimization 

Will include getting links from relevant websites.

WordPress Based Website (case study1)

I work part time for a local company every Wednesday and Friday, my job is to increase organic traffic to their website. When I first join the website has no traffic at all and only contain 8 articles including posts and pages. The website age is one year.
Optimization steps I did for the website:

On page:

1. Change the website themes as per their request, I add a custom slider contain 3 images.
2. Looking for a competition website and their traffic value using Ahrefs
3. Check their keyword by looking at their URL or title and them with Keywords Everywhere, at this point I didn’t care about the competition. I just looking for keywords with good search volume.
4. Order articles based on the keywords, if I found the first position has 2000 articles, then we order more than 2000 words.
5. Add relevant pictures on the article and give proper alt text and description

Off page:

I looking for a personal blog that good in metrics according to Ahrefs and also have enough visitor
Contact the owner to see the chance to make a guest posting. I will make sure the link went to related article on our website.
I repeat this to 15 blogs.

I create posts on forum

Create posting on web 2.0 website

All backlink point to posts that related to our website.

I started the work in July 2019 and below is the result according to Histats.
Total published post for this website is 204 but only 37 articles that well researched, the rest is product post that I consider thin content.
How to Increase Website Traffic

Blogger Based Website (case study2)

I have an abandoned website that already 5years old, the domain is empty but I use subdomain and installed WordPress. Later I decided to move to blogger using the same domain name.

Order or create article minimum 500 words
Add relevant photos/pictures
Fill all alt dan description on each pictures.

guest post on relevant website
forum post

Theme/template changes (WordPress and Blogger)

If you already have stable traffic be careful with changing the theme, there is potential traffic decrease or increase as the search engine will see the different structure of the new theme.

To minimize traffic decrease you have to make sure that the search engine will see no changes on your meta title tag, meta description, and meta keywords.

To check your meta tags use https://smallseotools.com/meta-tags-analyzer/ make sure the values are same between before and after theme changes.

How to Increase Website Traffic For Wordpress and Blogger 5

Write down or take a screenshot of meta title value, meta keyword value (if exist), and meta description value (if exist). Make sure when you have moved to the new theme, those values remain the same with your old theme.

This is how we can mitigate the drop traffic effect after changing the website’s theme. For the theme structure, we cannot do much about this. Just make sure your new theme is better from the old one by gathering information or reading testimonials from people who have used it before.

Best WordPress Themes for Business

Best WordPress Themes for Business

I have a wordpress site that seems alright, hundreds of visitor coming in daily and I once a while updating the content. I am using a free theme and it so far OK however since I moved to a premium theme, besides it looks better, the traffic also increase significantly.

best wordpress themes free

See what Jeremy Schoemaker has increased his website traffic after using this premium theme in his blog www.shoemoney.com

Go Get The WordPress Theme Here 

Why using a premium theme can increase the visitor traffic?

Load faster, when your website loads faster than your competitor visitor will love it and stay longer with the website.

Responsive theme, means your website will show correctly in a mobile device and has good speed too, remember now people mostly visit from mobile devices.

What this means for your business… great user experience. People will love your website when it loads faster, they will happier when the appearance is simple and professional with the font that easy to read, not too small or too big.

When user loves a website they will start reading another post of the blog. It means bounce rate will become low. Bounce rate is a percentage of people leaving your website, the lower the better, means they stay long enough.

Google will now that your site is good therefor will put your website higher than other websites that’s why your visitor increase as your position in the search result is in the top position.

Go Get The WordPress Theme Here 

Website Rank Recovery Procedure Step by Step

Website Rank Recovery Procedure Step by Step

Below is a real case of how I try to recover my website rank and this process is still going on. I am not promising anything here I just create this for my personal notes, however you can ask anything and I will try to answer in the comment section below.

I will try to recover my website rank in search engine by submitting disavow file. Disavow file contain URL or domain that I want Google to ignore. The links I want to ignore in this case are those that created automatically from spammy sites which gave bad effect.

In 2016 my website ( I will not tell you the domain name) traffic starts to decrease gradually since September 2016. From 400 per day page view dropped to below 100.

google ranking dropped dramatically

I did not receive manual action notification in my webmasters tool console but the traffic keeps dropping. I believed that the website got bad links from the spammy website.

Several indicators which I noticed other than traffic dropped are:
1. Search ranking dropped significantly, my postings that usually on page 1 or 2 now are gone
2. When I type my domain name, partial or exact match, usually showing in 1 position, but now in page 3,4, even more.

My actions:
During years 2016-2018 I let this condition happened hoping there will be better changes, but nothing happen 🙂

On June 2018 I try to identify the bad links using Google Webmasters tool. Under Search Traffic, click Links to Your Site, click more under Who links the most and Your most linked content to expand the list.

sudden drop in keyword ranking

As you can see my total links identified by Google Webmasters Tool are only 186, not many, so manual identification and removal still possible to me. You may need professional help if you have thousands of link point to your website.

why did my website drop in google
Click the external link icon to find out how many URL from that particular domain pointing to our website.
google flux seo
Click the external link icon to go to URL that give us bad link.

How to identify the bad links?
After I have the exact URL source that give us bad link, many times we will not found our domain in their page but if we check their source code we will find it.

1. I check whether the URL I got from GWT still indexed by Google by copying the URL into Google Search if appeared means indexed, move to step 2.

google seo tools

2. I will check it’s domain name in search engine box, if it does not appear in the top position I will put this domain name into disavow file. Below picture is an example of a domain that I will put in disavow file.

google search result

Putting URL or domain list into disavow file is like 2 sides of knives, if you wrongly identify it, the result may become worst. Follow my steps at your own risk. If you are not sure give this job to the professional team.

website down google ranking
I have collated 10 domain that I want to include in the disavow file as above picture
why does my google ranking keep changing
Make sure to save in the UTF-8 encoding format so the Google Webmasters Tools will properly acknowledge the content of disavow file.
Upload your file
sudden drop in website traffic
about 30-60 minutes after uploading disavow file I checked the result. I quite happy that when I typed the domain name in the Google search now in the 1 result and also now Google showing site links in the result. I am using USA VPN to check this result as I am in Asia will need several days to be reflected on the Google local.
I presume this is a good sign and happy about this. The traffic not recovered yet but I am pretty confidence if I keep updating my site the traffic will recover soon.
why suddenly ranking down in search engine

Again I am trial this method, the result maybe not the same, at least this is what I believed and I still need to update content and try to get the good backlink to the website.
By for now.

Moving A WordPress Site to A New Domain Using All-in-One WP Migration

Moving A WordPress Site to A New Domain Using All-in-One WP Migration

Hi there, today I am going to move a WordPress site that installed on a subdomain to a domain. Usually, I am using the Duplicator plugin, but today I decided to use All-in-One WP Migration as it installed on my site as part of standard installation.

At the moment the site installed at https://komik.muffingraphics.com/ and I want to move it to https://komiknextgonline.com/

Below is a picture from domain komiknextgonline.com as you can see it still empty, only a standard page telling the webmaster to delete the file default.php

komik next g online empty

I will use All-in-One WP migration version 7.23 by ServMask

All-in-One WP migration

Steps to Moving A WordPress Site to A New Domain Using All-in-One WP Migration

Below are step by step required to successfully moved a website. It doesn’t matter from local host to a hosting service or from a hosting company to another, the steps are the same.

1. Click the All-in-One WP migration from the left bar. It will show the menu as below.

All-in-One WP migration steps to export

2. Export to file

Click button export to it will show several methods of moving the site to, there are a lot of Cloud services listed there but it will need you to pay $99 for the plugin. I choose the free option to move so I clicked File.

export to files

It will start archiving file.

archiving files
finish backup

I click the Download komik.muffingraphics.com. The file size is 229 MB, it’s a comic website that just started so although it full of images but the size still small.

It generating 1 file called komik.muffingraphics.com-20200612-232609-b254j2.wpress as no installation file, it will need fresh installation of WordPress on the target site.

On the target site I installed a fresh WordPress from the Hosting Dashboard. If your hosting dashboard not able to install WordPress then you have to install it mnually.

new wordpress installation

Login to WordPress dashboard I found that it already automatically installed with All-in-One WP migration plugin. If you install WordPress manually you have to install this plugin too.

3. Import file from the WP dashboard of new website

Go to the sidebar of the dashboard and click All-in-one WP Migration and click Import

click import from the plugin
click import from
click file
choo the file to import
progress bar of import process

On the import process the screen stuck at 17.99%, I restart the import process. On the second attempt, it stops at 17.89%. I tried to move to use Microsoft Edge to import the file but the result I the same stopped at 18.05%.

I restarted my computer and still the import process stopped at 17%.

I have to switch to Duplicator plugin to make this work. If you want to use Duplicator this is my steps https://yunarwinardi.com/how-to-move-a-website-easily-using-a-wordpress-plugin/ This is my old post but the steps about the same.


I cannot use All-in-one WP Migration to move website with 229 MB size(max is 256MB), import process always stop at about 17%. Maybe with smaller size it will work, who knows 🙂

I finally use Dupliactor to finish the job.

Restore Website (image) Backup From Duplicate Plugin

Restore Website (image) Backup From Duplicate Plugin

After you backup/create image file using Duplicate plugin you will have 2 files:
1. installer.php file
2. zip file (the actual image file)

Before you can restore make sure you already have:
An empty database and username for the database.

If you don’t have you can create blank database from VPSSIM:
1.Run VPSSIM, choose option 1(create database), it will ask for DBname

Restore Website (image) Backup From Duplicate Plugin 6
2. it also will create username and password for the database.
Write down all the information: DBname, Username, dan Password all of this will required when restoring website image.
Restore Website (image) Backup From Duplicate Plugin 7

3. Done, yes only 2 steps above, pretty easy right 🙂

Restoring image:

Restore Website (image) Backup From Duplicate Plugin 8
Restore Website (image) Backup From Duplicate Plugin 9

Review the information below, make sure everything is correct

Restore Website (image) Backup From Duplicate Plugin 10
Click Test Database, you should succeed in this steps, if fail cannot continue.
Restore Website (image) Backup From Duplicate Plugin 11
When you see below screen on wordpress admin console, you are done, don’t forget to click final step below, remove installation files now, as security precaution measure.
Restore Website (image) Backup From Duplicate Plugin 12
How To Change WordPress Login Logo Without Plugin

How To Change WordPress Login Logo Without Plugin

By having our own logo in the login page is something exclusive. This is my steps to change WordPress login logo

  1. Create a Child Theme (this step is optional but recommended)
  2. If you don’t know how to create Child Theme use plugin Child Theme Wizard from Jay Versluis
child theme wizard
  1. Make a logo 100×100 in PNG transparent file (make experiment with the best logo size for your blog.
  2. Upload the logo to your WP website, write down the exact URL
  3. Change the URL after background-image: url with your logo URL
  4. Add code below on file function.php (add in the bottom of the file).
function custom_login_logo() 
<style type="text/css">
body.login div#login h1 a 
background-image: url('https://yunarwinardi.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/logo-login.png'); //Add the URL of your custom logo between the single quotes
padding-bottom: 30px;
} add_action( 'login_enqueue_scripts', 'custom_login_logo' );

The script above is originally from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhG5oCW6xM8

Final result:

custom login page logo

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How To Change WordPress Post’s Category in Bulk Without Plugin

How To Change WordPress Post’s Category in Bulk Without Plugin

In this post, I am going to show you how I successfully changed 9,128 post’s category without any plugin. You can also do this using a plugin.

I just realized that I have 2 similar category Article and Baby Articles . I want to change/move all posts in Article category into Baby Articles category.

1. Using WordPress bulk-edit function

My first attempt was using WordPress bulk edit. This is without any plugin but I found that I can only add the category without removing, so my post now have 2 categories.

2. Using Plugin BulkMove

My second try was using plugin BulkMove, this bulk is pretty good and easy to use. However for my case it’s not good enough, it will generate Cloudflare not responding error after a while but it did my post at about 1500 posts. For 9,128 post I need to repeat it 6 times.

bulkmove plugin
bulk move category plugin

3. Change Category Using Delete Category

My third try is using the delete category function from WordPress. When we delete a category with posts in it, the post will not be deleted but will be moved to the default category.

The default category of WordPress is Uncategorized. I have to change the default category to Baby Articles, I did this by click, settings-writing

change default category

On Default Post Category change from Uncategorized to the category you want the posts to be moved to. In my case, I changed it to Baby Articles.

The next step I clicked Posts-Categories


Click Delete on category you want to move from, in my case it will move the posts to the Default Category (Baby Articles) and then delete the Article category.

You will see a warning window like this ” You are about to permanently delete these items from your site ‘ Cancel’ to stop, ‘OK’ to delete.”

Just click OK button and the posts from the category you want to delete will be moved to default category. The process will delete about 2000 posts, so you have to do several times depend on how many you want to delete.

By using this method no Cloudflare error page showed and you don’t have to install a plugin.

delete category
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