Samsung Incorporate New ISOCELL Plus to Enhance Color Accuracy and Sharpness For their Mobile Photos Technology

Samsung Incorporate New ISOCELL Plus to Enhance Color Accuracy and Sharpness For their Mobile Photos Technology

Smartphone users can now expect much more precise and clearer pictures from hard light surroundings.
To shoot high-quality photos, CMOS image detectors will need to maintain just as much light, or photons, as possible and transmit the ideal color info into the photodiode.

samsung isocell plus technology

Such requirements were solved by the introduction of Samsung’s ISOCELL engineering in 2013.  ISOCELL creates a physical barrier between the neighboring pixels, decreasing colour crosstalk and enlarging the full-well capacity.  This empowers each pixel to absorb and hold much more mild compared to the standard backside-illuminated (BSI) image detector design for superior picture quality.

With the debut of ISOCELL Plus, Samsung pushes pixel isolation technologies to another level via an optimized pixel design.  In the present pixel arrangement, metal grids are shaped within the photodiodes to decrease interference between the pixels, which could also result in some optical reduction as metals have a tendency to signify and/or absorb the incoming light.

For ISOCELL Plus, Samsung altered the metallic barrier using a new new material created by Fujifilm, minimizing optical reduction and mild reflection.

The brand new ISOCELL Plus provides higher colour fidelity and up to some 15-percent improvement in light sensitivity.  The technology also empowers image detectors to equip 0.8-micrometer (µm) along with smaller-sized pixels with no reduction in functionality, which makes it an ideal solution for developing super-resolution cameras using more than 20 megapixels.

“Through close cooperation with Fujifilm, a business leader in imaging and information technologies, we’ve pushed the bounds of CMOS image sensor technologies even farther,” explained Ben K. Hur, vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics.  “The ISOCELL Plus won’t just permit the progression of ultra-high-resolution detectors with incredibly compact pixel dimensions but also bring functionality advancements for detectors with pixel layouts.”


5 Cameras and Face Unlock to the next LG Flagship Phone?

5 Cameras and Face Unlock to the next LG Flagship Phone?

According to Android Police source’s, LG at the moment developing a successor for V30 handset, probably V40 and it will incorporate 5 cameras. 2 Cameras might in front for 3D facial recognition feature, and the other 3 will served as rear camera, but this is not confirmed yet.

LG flagship phones
Picture from

Currently 3 rear camera we found only on Huawei P20 Pro. The 3 cameras in LG will include standard wide lens an dultra wide lens, the 3rd camera maybe for zooming only, or for depth effect in the picture taken by the phone.

If this is happen then this will be the first smartphone with 5 cameras.
Source said that the phone will have notched display (like Redmi 6 Pro and LG G7), notch can be turn off.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 will be the processor of V40 and the fingerprint sensor will be in the back.


Airtel turns competitive with prepaid programs!

Airtel turns competitive with prepaid programs!

After starting a new long term strategy offering 3GB information every day for 82 days, Bharti Airtel has again established a brand new strategy with 168-day validity. Lately Reliance Jio has revamped its own series of programs with tumultuous offerings. Airtel has also revamped its Rs 99 program to provide double the information in its updated plan.

airtel prepaid data plans

The new plan includes a validity of 168 days, also is a voice-centric program offering unlimited voice calls with no FUP. The brand new Rs 99 program will double click the information, which includes 28-day validity and unlimited voice calls.

The Rs 99 program was upgraded and it is going to now provide 2GB high-speed statistics rather than 1GB. The program also provides free unlimited voice calls on Local, STD and National Roaming free of charge 100 SMS every day.

Cost Rs 99 Old Data Cap 1GB New Data Cap 2GB Calls Unlimited Calls (Local + STD + National Roaming) SMS 100 daily Validity 28 times The Best Budget Plan — Reliance Jio Rs 98 Plan vs Airtel Rs 99 Plan

In comparison to Jio’s Rs 98 plan, the Airtel program offers 2,500 SMSes longer with infinite data at greater rates of 128kbps.

Airtel has launched a new Rs 597 program using a long-term validity supplying unlimited voice calls with no FUP limitation. The program also provides complimentary 100 SMS every day and completely free access to premium Airtel programs to get a validity period of 168 days.

The 597 Airtel program is a voice-centric prepaid package offering 10GB of information benefits.

Cost Rs 597 Data 10GB Calls Unlimited Calls (Local + STD + National Roaming) SMS 100 daily Validity 168 days

Airtel has no additional offer with these kinds of advantages and validity. It’s a Rs 995 plan that provides unlimited voice calls using free 100 SMS every day and 1GB information per month. The program includes a seven-year validity that provides 6GB of complete data for the whole validity period.

Jio and Airtel provides a long-term validity strategy of Rs 999 supplying unlimited voice calls, free 100 SMS every day and 60GB of all 4G data. The program includes a validity interval of 90 days.

New Agreement Could See Smartphones Replace Car Keys

New Agreement Could See Smartphones Replace Car Keys

A group of automobile manufacturers and tech giants have formed a consortium that aims to make a normal system enabling cars to be controlled by means of a smartphone as opposed to a secret.

The mix of automobiles and smartphones is restricted right now. Many firms, such as Volvo, supply companion smartphone programs that may be utilized to monitor and track automobiles, but so far just Tesla enables owners to ditch the essential completely and get their own Model S, 3 or even X using their cellphone.

unlock car with smartphone

The CCC’s new protocol intends to standardize smartphone performance with automobiles, promising’the greatest state-of-the-art security amount for automobile access.

The protocol relies around Near-Field Communication (NFC) exactly the exact same technology that powers payment programs like Apple Pay and Android Wallet. It is more secure compared to radio frequency processors in present keyless entry methods or contactless payment cards, even since it functions within a shorter range and cannot readily be’promoted’ by rogue car burglars.

An announcement from Volkswagen stated:”VW has supported and donated to the Digital Key standardization action of CCC in the very first moment. We are eager to observe that the speedy specification growth and the launch of version 1″

It’ll expand variant 1 into a larger collection of smart vehicles and devices.

Will IG TV (Instagram TV) beat Youtube in the Near Future?

Will IG TV (Instagram TV) beat Youtube in the Near Future?

Have you tried? Or even just heard it? How do you think about the latest services from Instagram? Recently Instagram released its latest feature of IG TV or Instagram TV to celebrate its 1 billion users.

With this feature, the duration of the video that was only 1 minute can be longer that is 10 minutes. Even for public figures or influencers, the duration can be longer up to 1 hour.

Before IG TV you have heard Insta Story that allowing you to send a video with only 15 seconds duration.
No Special apps to install to enjoy IG TV, you only need Instagram. Just like regular TV there are channels you can choose from. Youtube also has their own channels, but still, there are some differences between IG TV and Youtube as below:


Instagram TV1. Video Format

IG TV has a vertical-format video with 16:9 ratio while YouTube in horizontal whether you took the video in vertical, YouTube will present it in horizontal. This vertical-format feature helps you to increase your customer’s attention on your video as we are all love something different.

2. IG Platform Integration With Facebook

As Instagram owned by Facebook, every video uploaded to IG TV will appear on user’s profile highlight on Facebook and Instagram. IG user also has an option to show their video on Facebook or not. Youtube does not have this feature, although YouTube has a sharing and embed option so people can share and distribute their video easily.

3. Video Timeline

IG TV and YouTube have similar video timeline. When you play a video, they will recommend you with related videos that might interest you.
If you just watched a video regarding football then the video timeline will present you with related video, thus it will make you stay longer with them.

4. IG TV video duration

For most of the people, they can upload a video up to 10 minutes and with a special program can be up to 1 hour but at the moment this only available to influencer ( person with many followers). 
In YouTube everybody has a 15 minutes duration and much loner when you a verified user.

5. Live broadcast

At the moment IG TV cannot broadcast live programme as with Insta Story, on the other hand Youtube has a live broadcast features for a long time. Many people already using this feature including TV station to broadcast their live programme.

Through this feature, Instagram proves its commitment to increasingly serious in facilitating the creator’s content, influencers, and brand owners to be closer to his followers.

You may have heard some time ago crowded heard the Youtuber and influencer aggressively voiced “Youtube more than TV”.

IG Account

The emergence of new features IG TV staying predicted can be “disturbing” and a threat to the content creator who takes part in the realm of Youtube. If some time ago you may heard “Youtube over TV” is not impossible in the future the tagline will change to “IG TV over Youtube” boom!

With a total of 1 billion users and will continue to grow Instagram is still a wet field to work for online business to reach customers. Currently, Instagram is still a potential platform for developing your business. You will never run out of prospects or buffs.

4 Ways Digital Tech Has Changed How We Do Business

4 Ways Digital Tech Has Changed How We Do Business

We are living in a world that is driven by technology. The digital world has been influential in terms of how people interact, how they work, and how they make purchases. As digital tech is playing such an important part in the lives of customers, businesses have to make use of it if they want to succeed. In this article, I am going to present four ways digital technology has changed how we do business. If you want to succeed in the market, you have to make use of technology; otherwise, you will fall down in the pits of failures. So, without further ado, let’s carry on with the article.

digital technology

Instant Communication

A core part of every business is the communication within the company and their clients. In the past, businesses had to rely on their employees to go from one place to another so that they could attend meetings. However, this practice has drastically changed as apps like Zoom and Skype have gained momentum. You can virtually connect with anyone in the world without having to leave your office, which improves the productivity within a company. Moreover, it helps managers to assign tasks in a better way and make sure that everything goes smoothly.



Digital tech has not only made tasks easier for the employees, but it has also helped managers in so many ways. Where in the past, managers had to keep an eye on each employee’s performance, things are a lot different now. You can have a look at the employee profile online and compile data like how much work they do, what time do they come in, and what time do they leave the office. It assists in better transparency so that everyone is awarded benefits depending on his performance.


Encourages Innovation

Running a business means that you have to offer something unique to your customers. Digital tech has enabled companies to make use of innovative ways to reach out and connect with their customers. With the help of tools like, they can easily manage all of their files so that they don’t have to do it locally. They can optimize their finances with the help of apps like PayPal and Google Wallet to assist their customers by providing them a new method of payments.


A New Breed of Marketing

Last but not least, it doesn’t matter if you have the best product in the market or if you are offering the best service; if you can’t market your business the right way, you will never be able to make a name for yourself. Digital tech has influenced businesses to market themselves on social media platforms, which helps them create brand awareness. They can conduct live events of their product reveal and hire influencers for their products. All of this helps them to connect with their online audience. Any brand that adapts to these things surges ahead of its competitors and climbs higher on the ladder of success.

GTR Asia 2020, the world’s largest trade finance gathering, is taking place virtually on September 8-11.

GTR Asia 2020, the world's largest trade finance gathering, is taking place virtually on September 8-11.
27/08/2020 – 09:08

Global Trade Review’s virtual event will encompass all the key aspects of a live conference experience in a digital format, with key focus on networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. With an unrivalled delegate mix including #corporates, #traders, #banks, #insurers, #lawyers, #technology companies, non-bank #financiers, #government agencies and #investors, do not t miss your chance to share key insights and connect the wider trade finance community.
Those #corporates who are #exporters, #importers, #manufacturers, #distributors, #traders and producers of physical goods can book free for a limited time. All others can receive 15% discount with code: PARTNER15.

Head over to or contact sales at to start your booking.

GTR Asia 2020 is taking place virtually on September 8-11! Don’t miss your chance to share key insights and connect the wider #trade, #commodity, #fintech & #treasury community. #Corporates can register free or use code: PARTNER15 for a 15% discount. 

LinkedIn: @Global Trade Review (GTR)
Twitter: @gtreview
Facebook: @Global Trade Review
Instagram: @Global Trade Review
Official LinkedIn event group:

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Fifth International Data for Policy Conference will take place virtually on September 15-17, 2020.

Fifth International Data for Policy Conference will take place virtually on September 15-17, 2020.
26/08/2020 – 08:44

The Data for Policy conference series is the premier global forum for multiple disciplinary and cross-sector discussions around the theories, applications and implications of data science innovation in governance and the public sector. In partnership with Cambridge University Press, the conference series has also entered into a new open-access peer-reviewed journal venture, Data & Policy, in order to capture and archive scholarly discussions in this fast-growing field.

All conference contributions will be considered for peer-reviewed publication in Data & Policy, a Data for Policy – Cambridge University Press collaboration supported by the Alan Turing Institute, Office for National Statistics and UCL. 

COVID-19 Update: 18 May 2020
Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the International Conference Organisation Committee has decided to hold the Data for Policy 2020 meeting virtually 15-17 September replacing the physical meeting scheduled for 15-16 September 2020 in London. The committee has also decided to cancel pre-conference workshops for this year originally planned for 14 September 2020.  This decision was not taken lightly but we believe this is the correct decision

Sept 15 15:30

Special Track: Data technologies and governance frameworks used for gathering, storing, managing, processing, analyzing and sharing data in the public administrations
Chair: Francesco Mureddu, Lisbon Council
[50] “Establishing a data ecosystem to support the use of telecom data to inform COVID-19 response efforts”; Ayumi Arai, Apichon Witayangkurn, Hiroshi Kanasugi, Ryosuke Shibasaki and Satoshi Ueyama
[56] “How Data Governance Technologies Can Democratize Data Sharing for Community Well-being”; Daniel Wu, Stefaan Verhulst, Alex Pentland, Thiago Avila and Kelsey Finch
[115] “Disposable Yet Official Identities (DYOI) for Privacy-Preserving System Design – The case of COVID-19 digital document verification and credential-based access control in ad hoc outdoor and indoor settings (and beyond)”; Petros Kavassalis, Nikos Triantafyllou, Panagiotis Georgakopoulos, Antonis Stasis and Rob van Kranenburg
[126] “Data Exchange or Verifiable Claims? Different paradigms to address data sharing challenges and to implement modern data access”; Joao Rodrigues Frade

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Abhijnan Rej: US Congress to Mull Legislation Around the Internet of Things

Abhijnan Rej: US Congress to Mull Legislation Around the Internet of Things
26/08/2020 – 11:22

“Defense reported earlier today that the U.S. Congress might push on new legislation around the Internet of Things (IoT) over the next few weeks. Speaking at an AT&T-hosted panel on August 20, executive director of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission, Mark Montgomery, noted that “with the workforce at home [due to the COVID-19 pandemic], household Internet of Things devices — particularly household routers — have become vulnerable,” providing a larger attack surface to the adversary.”

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The 10 Best Marketing Strategies to Reach College Students

The 10 Best Marketing Strategies to Reach College Students

The 10 Best Marketing Strategies to Reach College Students

One of the best purchases I ever made was signing up for Spotify Premium in college. I even remember when it happened, in March 2014. I had just signed a job offer for after graduation and Spotify released premium pricing for students. It was beautifully serendipitous and we’ve been in a committed, monthly-fee relationship everx since. In fact, now I pay for a family plan and have gotten all my family members (and maybe some roommates) hooked on it. 

how to market to college students ian's pizza

Moral of the story: if you market to college students early, they can become your most loyal customers. Look at Apple! The shiny-fruit company consistently gives discounts to college students, creating lifelong Mac users. 

If you’re not completely convinced that college students are a valuable market, here are some stats before we dive in…

Why market to college students?

College students are a huge demographic in the US, consisting mostly of 18 to 24-year-olds. These young adults have spending power: the 15M group spends more than $200B annually. Not only are they age-stable, but they also are geographically stagnant for 4-5 years. That means you have a lot of time to develop branding and marketing specific to this group to see what will really stick. 

While this is most likely already living in the back of your mind, Gen Z is the tech-native generation. They are constantly online (especially during quarantine), consuming content, shopping, and engaging with peers. And they’re cleverer than previous generations when it comes to advertising: almost 70% of Gen Zers use ad blockers. But don’t despair; if you do get through to these college students, 94% said an exclusive offer would get them to shop at a brand more frequently. Here are our best tips for reaching college students through the power of marketing.

10 effective ways to market to college students

1. Leverage trials and samples

Let’s just address the elephant in the room outright: college kids love free stuff. I can’t tell you the number of events I attended in college because they offered free food. What better way to hook some long-term loyal customers than offering your product for free?

There are a few ways you can actually get your free samples or trials in front of your audience; try coordinating with residence life to have a move-in kit available for the fall semester or sponsored study break during midterms or finals. If you’re a food service on Seamless, GrubHub, or DoorDash, you can offer a discount for first-time diners; once they get a taste, they’ll keep coming back for more.

how to market to college students grubhub

2. Offer targeted discounts

Just like personalized ads, discounts specific to your audience are a great way to engage them. Everyone wants to think that their school is the best—what better way to reinforce that than advertising “For a limited time, Villanova students get free fries with every cheeseburger.” 

If you want an easier, more direct way to get feet in the door (or online orders), offer discounts if a student provides their student ID at the time of purchase. You can often get those types of deals listed in a coupon catalog handed out in Student Unions or in Move-In Day packets. Free advertising for all! 

how to market to college students mac

3. Write clever copy

Have you hung out with college kids recently? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. I truly learn new words every time I’m around the youths. Since college came into existence, kids have been creating their own lingo for academia and partying (and I’m really trying to make “groovy” come back into style). 

While I wouldn’t recommend trying *too* hard to speak their language, catching students’ eyes with clever marketing and ad copy is a must. Whatever you do, don’t be lame. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips for writing creative copy that may help.

4. Mind your social accounts

If you’ve run social ads before, you probably already know that it is a great way to reach Millennials and Zillennials. When it comes to marketing to college students, make sure you’re leveraging those platforms; even if you don’t have the budget to spend on ad campaigns. 

There are easy ways to engage college students on social media. 

  • Leverage user-generated content; encourage your customers to tag your products in their posts so you can easily re-post. 
  • Spend time liking and commenting on related posts; this will help the algorithms show your account to more potential customers. 
  • Announce new products or releases on your social accounts; if you’re a big, national brand, think about making an account specifically for the college crowd you’re serving, e.g. “VillanovaDominos” or “MaybellinePHL.”

5. Try out traditional tactics

Don’t worry about going old school when it comes to advertising. College kids are still pinning coupons to their fridge or digging them out when it’s time to order food. Think about sponsoring on-campus events, or having an on-campus pop-up shop in the middle of the main through-way to get the most out of student foot traffic. 

how to market to college students coupons

I can’t tell you the number of coupons just like this that were stacked in my kitchen drawer in my college apartment. They came in handy when we didn’t want to go grocery shopping or cook, but still needed to stick to a college kid budget!

6. Host a giveaway, raffle, or competition

If you’re trying to build up your social following or your email listserv, or simply get a lot of students engaged with your business, host a giveaway. You’ll need to make it tempting enough for college students to actually give away their information and/or money to win. That could be a Sonos speaker system to boost the music at parties, covering the cost of a parking pass on campus, offering a lifetime of free sides (french fries forever!), naming a product after them, the list goes on and on.

how to market to college students 5k

You can also pay into the competitive nature of college kids! Just like emphasizing exclusive discounts for colleges, if you have more than one university in your area, make a little friendly competition like this 5K did. 

7. Engage student ambassadors

Pay attention to the students who are loyal patrons of your business. Whether that means engaging with them in your store or restaurant or keeping track of recurring orders online, make sure you’re acknowledging their loyalty. Think of your student ambassadors as nano-influencers. 

Make some ambassador kits, including simple pieces of swag like a t-shirt, bottle opener, water bottle, etc. and arm them with materials to give away to their peers. This can work best if they get referral discounts themselves! 

While not college-student-specific, Aerie is great at leveraging user generated content on their social accounts. They are regularly #regram-ing content from their customers—which just makes it easier to fill your social calendar!

how to market to college students ambassadors

8. Consider social causes

I was in college during KONY 2012. What a movement. And let me tell you, everyone was talking about it. I mean professors, students, residential life, school administrators, food service employees, and more. It was the social justice cause of the year. 

By nature, college students are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to save the world. And this generation in particular is invested in social justice. Reflect on an issue that affects the community your business is in. Not only will it make the world a better place to have another contribution to the plastic-free or BLM fight, but students will also be more inclined to give your brand a second look if their money is also going to a cause they believe in. 

9. Look for college media sources

Meet college students where they are and with what they’re consuming. Most likely, the students you’re targeting have a student-lead newspaper, weekly newsletters, or even a popular online student forum or app. Reach out to those publications to sponsor a post or display ad.  

SImilar to reaching out to student ambassadors, look for student-run social media accounts to offer sponsored posts. Most schools will have an instagram account for their mascots or an “overheard at *school name*”. ICYMI, TikTok is taking over the world; reach out to student organizations (believe me, the dance team definitely has a TikTok account) and ask to be featured in a video.

how to market to college students media sources

10. Influence their parents 

In the instance that your price point is a little too steep for the average college kid, target their parents. The best time to do this? Move-in day and parents weekend. Yes, this gets a bit complicated during, say, a pandemic scenario. But it’s not impossible! Do not underestimate the tenacity of college kids to bribe a buck out of their loving parents. 

If you’re looking for ways to get to parents, think about care packages! Emphasize how your product will help their child slay their midterms, finals, job interviews, presentations, you name it. Or maybe it will help them stay healthy, or make their tiny college dorm feel like home (my mother bought me *many* happy lights to make it through the winter). 

If you’ve seen success marketing to college students, we want to see it! Even better, if you became brand-loyal to a business that targeted you as a student, tell us what got you!

The 10 Best Marketing Strategies to Reach College Students 1

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