Hidden Camera In Digital Clock, You Won’t Realize its a Camera

Hidden Camera In Digital Clock, You Won’t Realize its a Camera

This is a click with a hidden camera with night vision and sensor detector technology. Will send alert to your phone and record when there is movement detected.
Can be charged while recording. Battery last 3 hours after full charge.
Looks like a normal digital clock, suitable to for your baby room or just to watch your pet.

spy camera wifi
Video: Laser Virtual Keyboard, Just Like In The Movie

Video: Laser Virtual Keyboard, Just Like In The Movie

Laser virtual keyboard, projection keyboard, or laser keyboard projector is a non-physical keyboard that can be projected to a surface. Can be connected to a phone, tab, or computer as long as they have Bluetooth installed.

vitual keyboard

Its pocket-sized device that can be carried everywhere, you can connect to USB cable when it needs to be charged. 2-3 years back the price is about $300 but now you can get in about $28-$32 which is affordable.

Laser virtual keyboard has become a concept for a long time and now become reality.
See the video below how this laser keyboard projector in action:

Now available: https://amzn.to/2vc2S38

5 Reasons to Choose IP Camera over Analog CCTV

5 Reasons to Choose IP Camera over Analog CCTV

Although IP camera more expensive than analog CCTV for initial cost but in the long run IP camera will save a lot of time, money and headache over analog CCTV. Let me show you why:

IP CCTV is better than Analog CCTV

According to our experience using analog CCTV for more than 5 years, we found at least 4 problems when dealing with analog CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). That is why we are now migrating to IP camera.

IP camera system

1. Camera IP Installation vs Analog CCTV Installation

Analog CCTV needs to be connected to DVR via RG6 coaxial cable. Installation is not as easy as RG6 coaxial cable is hard and not flexible comparing UTP cable use by IP camera. In the term of cost, if you are using 900 meters of RG6 cable, the cable cost alone will match IP camera price. Because of cable installation is not easy thus the installation fee is also higher than the IP camera installation fee. Analog CCTV will need a separate cable for the power, means you need the more electrical outlet near CCTV camera. You need a separate cable for PTZ functionality. PTZ are 3 directions of camera movement. Pan is the horizontal movement of a camera just as if we move our head from left to right or vice versa. 2. Tilt is a vertical movement of camera and zoom function where the camera can be controlled to see object closer.

2. NVR for IP Camera and DVR for Analog CCTV camera

On IP camera you don’t always need NVR (Network Video Recorder). If you just need to take a picture when there is a movement you don’t need VNR. However, if you need to see a week ago camera recording, then you absolutely will need NVR. On CCTV camera you will always need DVR, you cannot see a video without DVR, while the recording capabilities are the same with DVR, image quality from  IP camera is better than analog CCTV.

3. IP camera vs CCTV Scalability and portability

Scalability is not easy either if your DVR ports are all occupied, then to get more camera you need another DVR port with a separated system or you can replace existing DVR with more port count.
On IP camera you can just plug to switch and can see the picture but without recording, you going to need another NVR for recording purpose. Relocate CCTV camera will need to move the coaxial cable while relocating IP camera only need existing UTP cable to attach.

4. IP camera vs CCTV Troubleshooting

When it comes to troubleshooting analog CCTV is the worst, the camera is often broken because of power instability caused by the electricity source, voltage surge, etc or malfunction of the adaptor of the camera. This will not happen with IP camera using POE port. POE is Power Over Ethernet where power for IP camera can be passed via the same UTP cable for transmitting video.

5. Image Quality (Resolution)

Maximum resolution of NTSC that become standard for analog CCTV is 720 x 480 NTSC standard was built in 1953 and no new standard after that for analog CCTV (what you can expect with 63 years old standard without changed). Comparing to 1.3 megapixels of 1280×1024 give more details on picture quality that will be needed when you want to investigate a criminal evidence.  Higher resolution means also can cover a wider angle of the camera, you will need fewer cameras with IP camera over analog CCTV.

The disadvantage of IP Camera is bandwidth, you might need to separate network cable between IP camera with NVR unit if you have many cameras.

The disadvantage of analog CCTV camera is near end of life, you should start migrating to IP camera over time.

One of the good wireless IP camera for outdoor is from Sharx.

Samsung Incorporate New ISOCELL Plus to Enhance Color Accuracy and Sharpness For their Mobile Photos Technology

Samsung Incorporate New ISOCELL Plus to Enhance Color Accuracy and Sharpness For their Mobile Photos Technology

Smartphone users can now expect much more precise and clearer pictures from hard light surroundings.
To shoot high-quality photos, CMOS image detectors will need to maintain just as much light, or photons, as possible and transmit the ideal color info into the photodiode.

samsung isocell plus technology

Such requirements were solved by the introduction of Samsung’s ISOCELL engineering in 2013.  ISOCELL creates a physical barrier between the neighboring pixels, decreasing colour crosstalk and enlarging the full-well capacity.  This empowers each pixel to absorb and hold much more mild compared to the standard backside-illuminated (BSI) image detector design for superior picture quality.

With the debut of ISOCELL Plus, Samsung pushes pixel isolation technologies to another level via an optimized pixel design.  In the present pixel arrangement, metal grids are shaped within the photodiodes to decrease interference between the pixels, which could also result in some optical reduction as metals have a tendency to signify and/or absorb the incoming light.

For ISOCELL Plus, Samsung altered the metallic barrier using a new new material created by Fujifilm, minimizing optical reduction and mild reflection.

The brand new ISOCELL Plus provides higher colour fidelity and up to some 15-percent improvement in light sensitivity.  The technology also empowers image detectors to equip 0.8-micrometer (µm) along with smaller-sized pixels with no reduction in functionality, which makes it an ideal solution for developing super-resolution cameras using more than 20 megapixels.

“Through close cooperation with Fujifilm, a business leader in imaging and information technologies, we’ve pushed the bounds of CMOS image sensor technologies even farther,” explained Ben K. Hur, vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics.  “The ISOCELL Plus won’t just permit the progression of ultra-high-resolution detectors with incredibly compact pixel dimensions but also bring functionality advancements for detectors with pixel layouts.”


5 Cameras and Face Unlock to the next LG Flagship Phone?

5 Cameras and Face Unlock to the next LG Flagship Phone?

According to Android Police source’s, LG at the moment developing a successor for V30 handset, probably V40 and it will incorporate 5 cameras. 2 Cameras might in front for 3D facial recognition feature, and the other 3 will served as rear camera, but this is not confirmed yet.

LG flagship phones
Picture from engadget.com

Currently 3 rear camera we found only on Huawei P20 Pro. The 3 cameras in LG will include standard wide lens an dultra wide lens, the 3rd camera maybe for zooming only, or for depth effect in the picture taken by the phone.

If this is happen then this will be the first smartphone with 5 cameras.
Source said that the phone will have notched display (like Redmi 6 Pro and LG G7), notch can be turn off.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 will be the processor of V40 and the fingerprint sensor will be in the back.


Airtel turns competitive with prepaid programs!

Airtel turns competitive with prepaid programs!

After starting a new long term strategy offering 3GB information every day for 82 days, Bharti Airtel has again established a brand new strategy with 168-day validity. Lately Reliance Jio has revamped its own series of programs with tumultuous offerings. Airtel has also revamped its Rs 99 program to provide double the information in its updated plan.

airtel prepaid data plans

The new plan includes a validity of 168 days, also is a voice-centric program offering unlimited voice calls with no FUP. The brand new Rs 99 program will double click the information, which includes 28-day validity and unlimited voice calls.

The Rs 99 program was upgraded and it is going to now provide 2GB high-speed statistics rather than 1GB. The program also provides free unlimited voice calls on Local, STD and National Roaming free of charge 100 SMS every day.

Cost Rs 99 Old Data Cap 1GB New Data Cap 2GB Calls Unlimited Calls (Local + STD + National Roaming) SMS 100 daily Validity 28 times The Best Budget Plan — Reliance Jio Rs 98 Plan vs Airtel Rs 99 Plan

In comparison to Jio’s Rs 98 plan, the Airtel program offers 2,500 SMSes longer with infinite data at greater rates of 128kbps.

Airtel has launched a new Rs 597 program using a long-term validity supplying unlimited voice calls with no FUP limitation. The program also provides complimentary 100 SMS every day and completely free access to premium Airtel programs to get a validity period of 168 days.

The 597 Airtel program is a voice-centric prepaid package offering 10GB of information benefits.

Cost Rs 597 Data 10GB Calls Unlimited Calls (Local + STD + National Roaming) SMS 100 daily Validity 168 days

Airtel has no additional offer with these kinds of advantages and validity. It’s a Rs 995 plan that provides unlimited voice calls using free 100 SMS every day and 1GB information per month. The program includes a seven-year validity that provides 6GB of complete data for the whole validity period.

Jio and Airtel provides a long-term validity strategy of Rs 999 supplying unlimited voice calls, free 100 SMS every day and 60GB of all 4G data. The program includes a validity interval of 90 days.

New Agreement Could See Smartphones Replace Car Keys

New Agreement Could See Smartphones Replace Car Keys

A group of automobile manufacturers and tech giants have formed a consortium that aims to make a normal system enabling cars to be controlled by means of a smartphone as opposed to a secret.

The mix of automobiles and smartphones is restricted right now. Many firms, such as Volvo, supply companion smartphone programs that may be utilized to monitor and track automobiles, but so far just Tesla enables owners to ditch the essential completely and get their own Model S, 3 or even X using their cellphone.

unlock car with smartphone

The CCC’s new protocol intends to standardize smartphone performance with automobiles, promising’the greatest state-of-the-art security amount for automobile access.

The protocol relies around Near-Field Communication (NFC) exactly the exact same technology that powers payment programs like Apple Pay and Android Wallet. It is more secure compared to radio frequency processors in present keyless entry methods or contactless payment cards, even since it functions within a shorter range and cannot readily be’promoted’ by rogue car burglars.

An announcement from Volkswagen stated:”VW has supported and donated to the Digital Key standardization action of CCC in the very first moment. We are eager to observe that the speedy specification growth and the launch of version 1″

It’ll expand variant 1 into a larger collection of smart vehicles and devices.

Will IG TV (Instagram TV) beat Youtube in the Near Future?

Will IG TV (Instagram TV) beat Youtube in the Near Future?

Have you tried? Or even just heard it? How do you think about the latest services from Instagram? Recently Instagram released its latest feature of IG TV or Instagram TV to celebrate its 1 billion users.

With this feature, the duration of the video that was only 1 minute can be longer that is 10 minutes. Even for public figures or influencers, the duration can be longer up to 1 hour.

Before IG TV you have heard Insta Story that allowing you to send a video with only 15 seconds duration.
No Special apps to install to enjoy IG TV, you only need Instagram. Just like regular TV there are channels you can choose from. Youtube also has their own channels, but still, there are some differences between IG TV and Youtube as below:

Source: instagram-press.com

Instagram TV1. Video Format

IG TV has a vertical-format video with 16:9 ratio while YouTube in horizontal whether you took the video in vertical, YouTube will present it in horizontal. This vertical-format feature helps you to increase your customer’s attention on your video as we are all love something different.

2. IG Platform Integration With Facebook

As Instagram owned by Facebook, every video uploaded to IG TV will appear on user’s profile highlight on Facebook and Instagram. IG user also has an option to show their video on Facebook or not. Youtube does not have this feature, although YouTube has a sharing and embed option so people can share and distribute their video easily.

3. Video Timeline

IG TV and YouTube have similar video timeline. When you play a video, they will recommend you with related videos that might interest you.
If you just watched a video regarding football then the video timeline will present you with related video, thus it will make you stay longer with them.

4. IG TV video duration

For most of the people, they can upload a video up to 10 minutes and with a special program can be up to 1 hour but at the moment this only available to influencer ( person with many followers). 
In YouTube everybody has a 15 minutes duration and much loner when you a verified user.

5. Live broadcast

At the moment IG TV cannot broadcast live programme as with Insta Story, on the other hand Youtube has a live broadcast features for a long time. Many people already using this feature including TV station to broadcast their live programme.

Through this feature, Instagram proves its commitment to increasingly serious in facilitating the creator’s content, influencers, and brand owners to be closer to his followers.

You may have heard some time ago crowded heard the Youtuber and influencer aggressively voiced “Youtube more than TV”.

IG Account

The emergence of new features IG TV staying predicted can be “disturbing” and a threat to the content creator who takes part in the realm of Youtube. If some time ago you may heard “Youtube over TV” is not impossible in the future the tagline will change to “IG TV over Youtube” boom!

With a total of 1 billion users and will continue to grow Instagram is still a wet field to work for online business to reach customers. Currently, Instagram is still a potential platform for developing your business. You will never run out of prospects or buffs.

4 Ways Digital Tech Has Changed How We Do Business

4 Ways Digital Tech Has Changed How We Do Business

We are living in a world that is driven by technology. The digital world has been influential in terms of how people interact, how they work, and how they make purchases. As digital tech is playing such an important part in the lives of customers, businesses have to make use of it if they want to succeed. In this article, I am going to present four ways digital technology has changed how we do business. If you want to succeed in the market, you have to make use of technology; otherwise, you will fall down in the pits of failures. So, without further ado, let’s carry on with the article.

digital technology

Instant Communication

A core part of every business is the communication within the company and their clients. In the past, businesses had to rely on their employees to go from one place to another so that they could attend meetings. However, this practice has drastically changed as apps like Zoom and Skype have gained momentum. You can virtually connect with anyone in the world without having to leave your office, which improves the productivity within a company. Moreover, it helps managers to assign tasks in a better way and make sure that everything goes smoothly.



Digital tech has not only made tasks easier for the employees, but it has also helped managers in so many ways. Where in the past, managers had to keep an eye on each employee’s performance, things are a lot different now. You can have a look at the employee profile online and compile data like how much work they do, what time do they come in, and what time do they leave the office. It assists in better transparency so that everyone is awarded benefits depending on his performance.


Encourages Innovation

Running a business means that you have to offer something unique to your customers. Digital tech has enabled companies to make use of innovative ways to reach out and connect with their customers. With the help of tools like sodapdf.com, they can easily manage all of their files so that they don’t have to do it locally. They can optimize their finances with the help of apps like PayPal and Google Wallet to assist their customers by providing them a new method of payments.


A New Breed of Marketing

Last but not least, it doesn’t matter if you have the best product in the market or if you are offering the best service; if you can’t market your business the right way, you will never be able to make a name for yourself. Digital tech has influenced businesses to market themselves on social media platforms, which helps them create brand awareness. They can conduct live events of their product reveal and hire influencers for their products. All of this helps them to connect with their online audience. Any brand that adapts to these things surges ahead of its competitors and climbs higher on the ladder of success.

GTR Asia 2020, the world’s largest trade finance gathering, is taking place virtually on September 8-11.

GTR Asia 2020, the world's largest trade finance gathering, is taking place virtually on September 8-11.
27/08/2020 – 09:08

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GTR Asia 2020 is taking place virtually on September 8-11! Don’t miss your chance to share key insights and connect the wider #trade, #commodity, #fintech & #treasury community. #Corporates can register free or use code: PARTNER15 for a 15% discount. https://bit.ly/2DYJbDq 

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