Telegram Web, The Effective Way To Use Telegram From PC

Telegram Web, The Effective Way To Use Telegram From PC

Telegram is also my favorite instant messenger beside Whatsapp. I have many Telegram group as well as WA. Telegram founders are Pavel Durov and his brother Nikolai, their company is Telegram Messenger LLP based in London. Telegram app runs under iOS, Windows Phone, Android, and Linux.

4.95 million people signed up for Telegram today. Telegram is #1 most downloaded iPhone app in 48 countries. To the bad news…

— Telegram Messenger (@telegram) February 24, 2014

Telegram Strength

Telegram well know by their customer privacy, they will not allow any government to monitor their customer communication. Because of that, some country like Iran and Russia try to ban Telegram.

Telegram rejects any affiliation with Russia. Mr. Pavel Durov also started a social network just like Facebook, VKontakte, in 2006. He leaves Russia in 2014, then started Telegram.

Telegram Web

Telegram web similar to Whatsapp web although, there are some differences. Let see what is the differences:

1. Login to it will ask for our phone number, so it will easier if we are not in the same location with the phone as long as we have a friend to tell us what the code is. In WA web we need to scan the QR code on the computer screen by our phone, and we can ask for friend help by sending the QR code but it will not easy.

telegram web

2. After login it will ask for confirmation whether your phone number is correct. This is not required when we scan the QR code as with WA web.

telegram desktop

3. It will then send the code to our Telegram app on the phone and we must fill in the form below. The code usually 5 digits number.

telegram apk

4. That’s it now we can use Telegram on the web.

telegram web download

5. The interface is a bit different with Telegram on the phone but not much.

sign up telegram

Telegram Desktop

Telegram also has it’s won desktop version that you can download here.
They also have the portable version for Windows.

OK, that is my very short review about Telegram web, I hope you enjoy it.

How Do I Protect My Facebook Account in 2020

How Do I Protect My Facebook Account in 2020

I am joined Facebook in July 2007 and now almost 12 years. In 12 years I saved a lot of good information from other’s post. I have been reunited with some old friends that I couldn’t find before.
Facebook account for me is now getting more important as time goes by. When you have something important you want to protect it to prevent loss access to the Facebook account.

protect facebook

The risk of losing access to a Facebook account is more dangerous than I think before:
When people can access your Facebook account they can pretend to be you, they could ask for money to your relatives or close friends.

They also can do something negative and people will think that you were doing this, while you didn’t.
They can access bad websites using your Facebook account. Today more and more websites accessible using Google or Facebook account.

Introducing the two-factor authentication:

two-factor authentication is a method to give you access when you can correctly give the correct answers for 2 or more different access method. For example, when you login using your username and password it will also send a code to your smartphone, this code will need to be inputted into the form. When your username, password, and code all are correct then you can log in correctly.

Two-factor authentication will surely mitigate the risk of losing your account because someone has changed your password after they gain access to your account.

Facebook always encourages us to activate two-factor authentication
Below are steps to secure Facebook account using the two-factor authentication feature:

1. Login to Facebook, click the down arrow icon to expand the menu, click settings.

hacked account facebook

2. Click Security and login

secure your account

3. On the right side under Two-factor authentication section click Edit button

security account facebook

4. Activate to factor authentication so that it will send text code to your phone everytime you login to Facebook from unknown device.

m facebook help

5. This is what happens after you activate two-factor authentication and login from an unknown device, in this example I login from a diffrent laptop. To get the code you have to check with your phone.

securing facebook

6. Open Facebook from your phone, click 3 horizontal lines on the top right side.

protect facebook

7. Click Code Generator

code generator

8. Type the code showed in the Generator Code to step 5 above.

code generator facebook
9. After successful login to Facebook you will received alert from Facebook that someone login from device that not recognize before. In this case click This Was Me because that was you who login from new computer.
facebook alert
I hope this tutorial will help to secure your Facebook account from getting hijacked, cheers.
Whatsapp Web [WA Web] Facts You Should Know!

Whatsapp Web [WA Web] Facts You Should Know!

Whatsapp Web – Whatsapp or sometimes we called it WA was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, 2 former Yahoo employees in 2009. Whatsapp has become the most used instant messaging application in the world. Whatsapp is cross-platform instant messaging make it people easy to communicate although they have a different platform. I think this is the most important feature that most people love at that time.

whatsapp web

Whatsapp once charged $1 per year to each user, this was to pay their operational cost like maintain servers and to pay the employee. In 2014 Facebook acquired Whatsapp for about USD19,3 Billion, and they make it free app to everyone because Facebook already has robust infrastructure around the world.

Many people still wonder how Facebook makes money with Whatsapp, my opinion is they use Whatsapp as a big data tool so they know what people doing with Whatsapp. They can later use this data for their advertising program on Facebook.

Whatsapp runs in Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, and Blackberry. They also have Whatsapp web version where we can use in companion with existing Whatsapp in a mobile device.

We are going to reveal more information about Whatsapp Web or WA Web we called it here in Indonesia.

What is Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp web is an extension of WhatsApp to be used in a modern Internet browser. You still need to have Whatsapp in your phone to use Whatsapp Web. By using Whatsapp on the web it will easier for people to answer text chat, send pictures, and video from many people. While in the mobile device will be much harder as the keys are smaller and phone display also smaller compared to a computer display.

How To Use It

It is easy to use Whatsapp Web, all you have to do are:

1. Open Whatsapp app on your phone, on the right top, tap 3 vertical dots and choose Whatsapp Web

2. On your Internet browser open

wa web

3. Scan the QR code on the computer screen by your mobile

4. You can use WhatsApp Web from the computer.

Benefits of using Whatsapp Web

After sometimes using it here is my opinion: I always use it when works with the computer. I don’t have to check my phone, every time new message arrived. I only click the tab where I opened Whatsapp Web on my computer and answer it from there.

I can reply to many text messages from people using a computer, it’s much easier and faster.

We can monitor Whatsapp conversation on our customer service phone’s or children’s phone.

What you cannot do?

Some matter that you cannot do with Whatsapp Web are:

1. You cannot use the WhatsApp web independently without your WhatsApp on the phone.

2. You cannot use audio or video calls must use Whatsapp from the smartphone.

3. It cannot run on an old browser, you will need a modern Internet browser.

4. You cannot use WhatsApp web on 2 tabs or 2 different browsers from the same computer.

5. We can update status.

6. You cannot share current location from Whatsapp web

7. All media download automatically to the PC as we cannot change the media settings.

What You can do with Whatsapp Web

1. You can use Whatsapp web on different computers from the same Whatsapp account.

2. Use the keyboard to type the message, it is much easier compared to use the smartphone.

3. Send photo/audio/video that already on your computer.

4. Create a new Whatsapp group

5. Change profile

6. Reply, start, delete, or forward messages

7. Select many messages and delete them

However, for some cases, you can use WA Web without scanning QR code as long as you already use it before and also you are not logged out from your Whatsapp Web session on the phone.

What is Whatsapp for PC

If for some reason your company not allowing to use an Internet browser, you still can use Whatsapp from the PC by downloading Whatsapp for PC.

Read: How To Use Instagram Insight

Download Whatsapp for PC

Open on the right section you can choose to download Whatsapp for PC or for Mac.

After installed you can use Whatsapp for PC exactly the same as WA Web.

How to use Whatsapp for PC

Using Whatsapp for PC is the same with Whatsapp Web, you will need to scan QR code on the Whatsapp for PC from your smartphone.

whatsapp for pc

Whatsapp Web or Whatsapp for PC will be very useful for Customer Service or people who communicate often with their customer or friends.

Use Whatsapp on several devices

We also can add a new session for different devices or browsers. The situation that might require this are:

When the parent wants to monitor their child Whatsapp conversation, both father and mother can make different sessions from their child’s Whatsapp.

For security purposes, you must always log out when not using the Whatsapp web. Doing this makes sure your conversation never monitored by someone. You can do this just like started the new session. Open Whatsapp on your phone. Click 3 vertical dots on the right top of the screen. Tap the WhatsApp Web. Tap log out from all devices.

Both Whatsup web and Whatsapp for PC require the smartphone which we want to monitor the WA conversation, must around because the phone must scan the QR code on the computer.

How about if we want to use the Whatsapp web but the phone is left at home, is this possible?

The example below my phone left at home because I was in a hurry. However, I want to keeps connected with my Whatsapp using Whatsapp web.

Step1: Open It will ask to scan the QR code from your phone (the one you left at home).

Step2: I ask my friend to take a QR’s code foto on my computer by his phone (because mine is at home).

Step3: My friend send the QR code to my wife’s phone

Step4: My wife to scan the QR code on her phone using my phone that I left this morning.

Step5: Now I should able to use the Whatsapp web in the office while the phone physically at home. Nice isn’t it?

The steps above must be done quickly as the QR code keeps changing every 15 seconds. The step1 – step 5 must be done under 15 seconds or it will fail.

How To Use Instagram Insight 2021

How To Use Instagram Insight 2021

There is no doubt that Instagram has now become a powerful tool to promote your merchandise. You have a lot of followers make consistent postings with awesome pictures combined with the correct hashtag and you could make good sales.

A lot of people using Instagram without knowing how to measure its effectiveness they only take it for granted. When you have no data to measure performance you cannot make a better promotion because you don’t know what factor need to increase and which need to eliminate.

how to use instagram insight

Luckily, Instagram provides a tool to analyses your Instagram promotion called Instagram Insight. This tool is free for a business account if your account is not business you can change to business easily.

Unfortunately, this tool is only available on a mobile version, no desktop version, below is how you can use Instagram Insight on the phone screen.

Before we understand the meaning of the number in the Insight we need to understand the following terms:

1. Content Tab:

Photos, videos, Carousel Posts, Shopping Posts

Impressions: The total number of times your post has been seen
Reach: The number of unique accounts that have seen your post
Engagement: The number of likes and comments on your post
Saved: The number of unique accounts that saved your post.
Profile visits: The number of times your profile was viewed.
Follows: The number of accounts that start following you.

2. Activity Tab:

Interactions are insight measures the actions people take when they engage with your account, they are:

Profile Visits: The number of times your profile was view.
Website Clicks: The number of taps on the website in your profile
Calls: The number of taps to call your business
Email Clicks: The number of taps to email your business

Discovery is set of insights measures how many people see your content and where they find it, they are:

Reach: The number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts. The reach metric is an estimate and may not be exact.
Impressions: The total number of times all of your post has been seen.

3. Audience Tab:

Top locations: The places where your follower are concentrated, we can select countries or cities.
Age range: The age distribution of your followers
Gender: The gender distribution of your follower
Followers: Average time of your followers on Instagram
Followers hours: Average times when your followers are on Instagram on a typical day.
Followers – Days: The days of the week when your followers are most active.


Impressions: The number of time a photo or video was seen in your story
Reach: The number of accounts that show a photo or video in your story
Forward: The number of taps to see the next photo or video in your story
Back: The number of taps to see the previous photo or video in your story
Exited: The number of taps to leave your story
Replies: The number of replies to this photo or video in your story
Next Story: The number of taps to the next account’s story
Link Clicks: The number of times a link on your photo or video was clicked.

Open Instagram on the phone, (as I said no desktop version for Instagram Insight) tap your Instagram icon on the right bottom section.

instagram insight open
Tap three bars icon on the top right section.
instagram insight setting
Tap insights
instagram insight content
We will see 3 tabs: Content, Activity, Audience and the default tab is Content. Under Content we will see Feed Posts and Stories. On each posts and stories icon we see numbers, on posts that are the engagement count.On Story on default that is the number of impressions, but we can change it to Reach, Forward, or Back. We can filter to 24 hours, 7 days, and 14 days.
instagram insight content 2
instagram insight activity
instagram insight activity 2
instagram insight audience
instagram insight audience 2
instagram insight audience 3
instagram insight audience 4
How To Add FB Pixel’s Code Into A Button that open Whatsapp And Ready to Send A Message

How To Add FB Pixel’s Code Into A Button that open Whatsapp And Ready to Send A Message

Sometimes we need to track how many clicks happened to our button as we send paid traffic to the landing page. Without knowing this we cannot optimize and cannot measure the effectiveness of our ads.
Below button when clicked will send “Lead” event to the Facebook analytic and also will open Whatsapp automatically (when opened in a mobile device with Whatsapp installed) with a predefined message to the designated number.

How To Add FB Pixel's Code Into A Button that open Whatsapp And Ready to Send A Message 1

This is the code:

<button class=”float-none submit-button” id=”myButton1″>Hubungi CS kami di WA 0812 xxxx xxxx</button><script type=”text/javascript”>
document.getElementById(“myButton1”).onclick = function ()
fbq(‘track’, ‘Lead’);‘,%20saya%20tertarik)’);

Before this can be tracked this event you need to install pixel code before </head> usually in the header file.
The code is something like this:

<!– Facebook Pixel Code –>
s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window, document,’script’,
fbq(‘init’, ‘1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’);
fbq(‘track’, ‘PageView’);
<noscript><img height=”1″ width=”1″ style=”display:none”
<!– End Facebook Pixel Code –>

Good luck!

Facebook Lite is Much Better Than Regular Facebook For Android

Facebook Lite is Much Better Than Regular Facebook For Android

Facebook Lite is the new app from Facebook designed especially for countries which have slower Internet speed or not reliable internet connection. Facebook lite uses less memory, traffic and still delivering all basic Facebook feature. It claimed to work well with 2G connection.

I am living in Indonesia which in a certain area the Internet connection is not so good,  but that is not my main reason to switch to Facebook Lite. I already removed my Facebook for Android a long time ago and only accessing it from Google Chrome. The main reason is that I feel my phone performance become sluggish as the Facebook data getting bigger and bigger.

Facebook lite

I hope when using Facebook Lite I will not have a bad experience with my phone after sometimes using it. The other reason is the installation files is quite big 58MB vs Facebook lite 1MB.

After installing Facebook Lite I am happy as the performance is good, in fact, it better than running Facebook on Chrome. Running this app reminds me of Google’s AMP version of websites.

Download Facebook Lite

Download Facebook can be either from Google Play Store
Or you can download Facebook Lite APK from here
download facebook lite
Download Facebook Lite only 1.35 MB
Below is a picture when you want to install Facebook Lite form Play Store.
Download facebook lite from play store
Below is the picture when you want to download Facebook Lite APK from Google Chrome. It only takes 1.35MB for installation files. I loved this because will save a lot of internal memory compared to 58MB installation file of regular Facebook for Android application.
Download facebook lite APK on from mobile phone

Facebook Lite Compatibility

Besides designed for 2G and unstable Internet connection, this Facebook app version is also run on Android version 2.3 and higher. It means the old Android phone will able to run this Facebook app version.

Installing Facebook Lite

When I was opened Facebook from Chrome the is a pop-up message offering to install Facebook Lite. When I follow the link it downloads a Facebook APK file from the Facebook site.
I believed it also can be installed from Google Play Store.

Login to Facebook Lite

Log in to Facebook Lite a little bit different with login to regular Facebook for Android, When I fill my usual password, it sent me a code number via SMS and I have to use that number as my password.

Facebook lite password sent to SMS

What is Missing in Facebook Lite?

I do not use Watchlist, Live, all I need is to see the notification that matters to me. I see no missing important feature in Facebook Lite. So yes, this is my favorite Facebook app edition.

facebook lite features
everything i need from facebook lite is available
facebook lite is good alternative to regular facebook app

Other than Facebook Lite, Facebook also released Messenger Lite with the same goal.

Do I Need Social Media Optimization?

Do I Need Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization

A Popular New Trend that Breaks from Search Engine Optimization

Social media site optimization is similar to online search engine media optimization. The objective of social media sites optimization is to drive huge quantities of individuals to a specific internet site. Social network optimization can also be made use of to establish whether a startup site will achieve success or whether it will certainly fail with the customers. Social media site optimization uses new to motivate web traffic to a site.

Social media site optimization was a name produced by Rohit Bharagava, the vice president of Interactive advertising.

Social media site optimization is on-line tools as well as systems that can be made use of to share viewpoints, viewpoints, as well as insights. It cant take several types such as message, photos, sound, as well as video clip. Popular forms of social networks optimization are currently blogs, hull casts, message boards, vlogs, as well as wikis. Social media site optimization is anything that develops an area where people can rendezvous. Social media site optimization usually includes sites that can be made use of as a platform to send out an advertising message.

Social media optimization is not something that can be required. If people are attracted to it, it is taken into consideration a kind of pull advertising and marketing; it only functions. Search engine optimization has clear objectives. Webmasters who use search engine optimization want to have an internet site that rates well with the online search engine.

The objectives of webmasters that are trying to utilize social media sites optimization are; a boost in linkabilty, very easy book noting, mash-up, incoming links, and helping material travel.

The regulations web designers who are utilizing social networks optimization require to live by are, satisfying beneficial (valuable) users, and they need to see to it they are an individual source.

Webmasters who are using a social media sites optimization technique must make certain they take part with their users. You need to be a part of the blog sites as well as the message boards. Read WhatsApp for PC.

See to it you have developed web content. One of words usually associated with social networks optimization is mashup. The origins of the word, mashup, gets it begin in the popular song world. Mashup is a site of application that works to integrate material from even more then one resource right into an incorporated experience. A mashup is occasionally produced as a method to collect comments on an existing job or body of work. Most companies utilize a third party using public interface. Google, Amazon, Yahoos! APIs,, AOL, and also Windows Live are several of the firms currently experimenting with mashups.

Despite the fact that social media optimization is a relatively new idea, some people think that social media sites optimization will certainly be one of the leading 7 advertising and marketing patterns of 20007 along with; sharing business personalities, widget advertising, vehicle tagging, human filtered searches, material casting, and also on the internet identification moving.

Social media optimization is something that motivates a fun social atmosphere. Appreciate it.

What Social Media Means To Your Small Business

What Social Media Means To Your Small Business

No local business had a simple time launching. Besides tough initiative as well as tight spending plan, there needs to be a task called social media. It’s not something you could acquire or pay people to do. Sure, social networks advertising, as well as its management, could be executed by tools and software applications, or you could hire out a professional to do all the matching jobs. The important things is, you initially have to recognize what social media provides for a service.

Now, do you comprehend why you’re pushed to go energetic on social media? What truly is the role of social networks when it concerns marketing, client assistance and all various other facets of your organisation? These 2 concerns– and also many more– could be responded to by reading on. Absolutely, you will certainly quickly learn the major role of social media sites in raking earnings, earning devoted customers as well as managing your advertisements, advertising and also sales.

So What Is Social Media?

It is in reference to the means of communication as well as communication among individuals use internet-based innovations, to consist of mobile systems. It can be found in numerous kinds, however the most prominent social networks kind would certainly be social networking sites such as Facebook, blogs or blog sites, social blogs, microblogs such as Twitter, as well as web content sharing areas like YouTube. For functions of classification, there are six various social networks kinds. Contributing to the ones mentioned would certainly be virtual games as well as digital social globes, as well as joint ventures which permit net customers to participate. Read: QR code WA web

The advantage regarding most of these social networks types is that they are currently offered in one incorporated platforms. Therefore, sharing of web content, connecting as well as e-mails can be performed in just one system or social networking site.

What Help Does It Bring To A Small Biz?

Being a complicated as well as yet highly feasible financial investment, any business can acquire huge with mixing two or more sorts of social media sites. In one swift swoop, targets like consumer assistance, branding and building on-line visibility and also business advertising can be accomplished. Yet extra so, any little biz would benefit from social networks since it is the quickest, most efficient means of communicating with clients. Nowadays, more than ever, digital communications is something that’s in every person’s palm. Think about what your business will certainly gain if you’re energetic in the social media sphere!

Ever before noticed how years ago services would certainly invest so much on trying to offer? Well, nowadays, it’s not hardcore selling anymore; not even concerning hefty ads that costs much or too laborious to intend and also bring out. With social media sites, it’s everything about making links, be it with existing and also possible customers, various other companies in the exact same sector, or the neighborhood. It’s all about genuine communication while being able to subtly highlight advertising efforts. Thus, social media sites is an extra personal, credible and thus human, technique to engaging with clients.

Another fantastic aspect of social media is that it does not need huge, expensive campaigns to reach out. Even more like, it needs straightforward, tiny however effective acts, such as sharing your ideas or latest item online. Not just does this take place rapidly, there’s that human element that is viewed doing not have in lots of big-time advertisements. See, social media sites make small services and their proprietors simply are themselves– obtain included, share a state of mind, reach out, ask for aid … simply be human!

Most importantly, being in the social web makes any organization available for everyone. Call it client support, call it Public Relations administration or call it whatever you like. Yet nothing else time in the history of small companies has mails, phones, and walk-in inquiries end up being so fast as well as simple to do. All these can be done at one time with a social network site, a blog site comment or a common video!

So, do think about it and also get your little biz active in the social media sites round quickly!

Facebook Group or Facebook Page?

Facebook Group or Facebook Page?

Deciding Between Facebook Group or Facebook Page

One of the famous social networking nowadays is Facebook. White the site’s primary objective is to develop bridges with your social circle, it has actually become a strong company device also. Ridiculed as the biggest social networking sites, Facebook has surpassed the population of MySpace, eventually making it a global home name. Indeed, a service already on Facebook is a step in advance.

Yet even today, lots of entrepreneur wish to know why they require to make a Facebook page or Facebook teams. Numerous are puzzled with these 2 as they appear similar. But looking better, Facebook page as well as Facebook team have few crucial distinctions that make every one unique. So prior to you make a decision which road to take for your company, right here are the essential details about Facebook Groups and also Facebook Page.

Who Needs Facebook Groups?

The Facebook teams are web pages that you will construct within the facilities of the Facebook social networking website. It is structured all over by a reality fascination or team. Likewise, it can be based with the insurance claim affiliation or organization with people as well as most likely things. In this, you can make a community of individuals or friends that urges to chat as well as share concerning concerns.

The Facebook groups provide a huge chance to everybody who would love to make online neighborhoods. For instance, you will make a community in which your set mate is the only customer that can get in. This will certainly work as a hangout area for you and also your batch mates. Likewise, you can post relevant issue such as set get-together in this page without making a tag article. Additionally, you can make a Facebook team that comes from your interest. You can add users who would like to take part the discussion or who have passion in the group. The feature of the Facebook that put into groups is quite impressive. In this way, you can even talk with your team mates and additionally it has a built-in e-mail alert that makes easier for the group to be updated on what is happening in the team.

Who Needs Facebook Page?

The various other attribute that Facebook can supply is Facebook web page. These are web pages for organizations, celebs, bands and also businesses. It is to send interesting details in an official as well as public way. This is just applicable to the customers who are connected to a specific page. This Facebook page is identical with the profile or timeline. You can additionally establish this web page. It is to be able the population connect and also engage with their audiences in a particular method. Facebook web page can be added through the referrals of a pal, News Feed stories, Facebook events and also a lot more. Read: WhatsApp Download

Yet, Facebook pages give a bountiful pack of functions that are not available in Facebook group. The Fan web pages allow the very same kind of connection as group yet with many additional options for modification as well as customization. The Facebook page is like Facebook group that has a wall surface. Though, the Facebook web page has many included features like Facebook applications. The Fan web page can be customized to appear similar like a site by the flexibility of using Iframes. Likewise, the Fan web pages are pages for a popular artist, Hollywood stars (actor and also starlets), politicians, brand names, marketing experts, real estate agents, publications, authors and much more.

Determining Which One

In the long run, it depends on you which setting to select in developing a Facebook online reputation for your internet site, blog site or business. You can in fact choose from the two. It could be a Facebook team that is for internal use, communication with a specific group of people or member of your blog; as well as it could be a Facebook web page where your fan or subscriber of your blog site is the site visitor.

6 Ways To Turn Off Whatsapp Read Receipt (Blue Ticks)

6 Ways To Turn Off Whatsapp Read Receipt (Blue Ticks)

After being acquired by Facebook, Whatsapp application is increasingly popular and has become the most widely used messenger application by people in the world. Equipped with current features make this application already used by more than 990 million people in the world.

Do you know the WhatsApp web to the status of messages that have been read with a blue checkmark?

Maybe for some people, the message status feature that has been read is marked by this blue checklist to be a threat. The reason this seems to limit your privacy in chatting. Now there are some tricks to read WhatsApp messages without a blue check seen so that it will give you privacy when chatting.

hide whatsapp read receipt

See below 6 different ways how you can set the Whatsapp messages without the blue check being seen?

Steps to Read WhatsApp Messages without visible blue check
Read WhatsApp messages without visible blue check

  1. Looking at the quick setting
    Sometimes there are WhatsApp messages from someone who deliberately to be avoided for one reason or another. In order not to bring up a blue checkmark, you can outsmart it by peering from the Notification Bar. That way the message sent by your friend doesn’t turn into a blue check. But if you received long message you cannot see the complete message.
  2. Through the Widget
    The existence of widgets on mobile phones turns out not only to be used as a sweetener but also can be used as an alternative way to read Whatsapp messages without a blue check so that the sender will not know that the message you have read. The checkmark on the message received will not turn blue, as long as you still see it on the widget display. But if you reply automatically the checklist will turn blue which indicates that the message sent to has been read.
  3. Through the Airplane Mode Method
    Tips on reading WhatsApp messages without the blue check seen next are using the airplane mode method. This method can help you read WhatsApp messages without having to open them so that the checklist turns blue. But unfortunately, the easiest way to read Whatsapp messages without a blue check appears only on iPhone.
  4. Privacy Settings on WhatsApp
    If your phone is an android, then you can perform alternative steps to read WhatsApp without the blue check seen using the privacy settings method in WhatsApp, you can also make it as an alternative to the other easiest step. The method is easy enough. You just need to enter the settings section and adjust the account settings option Last seen to Nobody. Also, remove the checklist in the Read Receipts section.
  5. Using WhatsApp Web
    If you use this method, you are previously required to install the ShutApp Add-on application on the Mozilla browser. You only need to press the ShutApp button to enter WhatsApp Privacy Mode to view the contents of the message. To end it you can press it again to hide the read status on WhatsApp.
  6. Using WhatsApp Plus
    Besides WhatsApppWeb to use WhatsApp plus you are also advised to install it first. Not only able to eliminate the blue checklist when the message has been read, but WhatsApp Plus also offers other advantages, including being able to hide online status.

Well, those are some tricks to read WhatsApp messages without visible blue check that we can inform on this occasion. You can choose one of the methods above that you think is the easiest. Hopefully useful.

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