Top 10 Best Seller Routers 2020

Top 10 Best Seller Routers 2020

WIFI router is now becoming a very important device to our daily life, whether in the office or at home, we are all now always connected wirelessly to the internet. Your smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, electronic personal assistant, TV, all connected to the internet via router whether it wireless or wired.

As all with electronic devices after long time 24×7 usage, it sometimes needs to be replaced with the new one. Below are top 10 bestseller wireless routers on Amazon, started with number 10 down to the number 1.

10. RAVPower Travel Router AC750

Top 10 Best Seller Routers 2020 1
This handy wireless router very useful for travelers, it can connect SD card, portable SSD hard drive to your wireless devices including iPhone and iPad as a backup media. It came with 6700mAh battery give you more time to connect anywhere longer.

Get more detail about RAVPower Travel Router AC750

9. Netgear (R7000P-100NAS) Nighthawk AC2300

Netgear Nighthawk AC2300
Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Router back view
Nighthawk AC2300 works with Alexa (virtual assistant), has four Gigabit Ethernet ports, Multi-User MIMO make sure it will works seamlessly with many users, Dual band works with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz clients, smart parental controls, and easy to setup via smartphone or computer.

Get more detail about Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 here

8. ASUS Router AC1900

ASUS Router AC1900
ASUS Router AC1900 back view
ASUS Dual-Band Router AC1900 combined speeds up to 1900Mbps (1300Mbps for 5Ghz clients + 600Mbps for 2400Mbps), USB 2.0 and 3.0 to connect to external storage, printer, or 3G/4G dongle. 1Ghz dual core CPU make sure your connection will not drop at a busy time.

Get more detail about ASUS Router AC1900 here

7. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 (R7000)

Top 10 Best Seller Routers 2020 2
Top 10 Best Seller Routers 2020 3
Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi is compatible with both Echo and Alexa (virtual assistant). Using OpenVPN app you can access your network securely via smartphone. Dynamic QoS for the best gaming and video streaming experience. Speed up to 1900Mbps (600Mbps for 2.4Ghz and 1200Mbps for 5Ghz clients). Very easy to setup the router.

Get more detail about Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 (R7000)

6. TP-Link AC1900 Smart WiFi Router

Top 10 Best Seller Routers 2020 4
Top 10 Best Seller Routers 2020 5
Incorporate Archer A9 TP-Link AC1900 provides VPN Server, Parental control, dan Access control. Working well with Alexa and use IFTTT to connect and disconnect devices from the network. Old WIFI device many times slowing down our network, thanks to Airtime Fairness which eliminate this problem. Easy setup WIFI app in iOS and Android.

Get more detail about TP-Link AC1900 Smart WiFi Router here

5. Wise Tiger AC 1200M Wireless Router

Wise Tiger AC 1200M Wireless Router front view
Wise Tiger AC 1200M Wireless Router back view
Long range WIFI coverage, Wise Tiger AC 1200M can be used as WIFI extender to boost WIFI signal. Compatible with next generation and backward compatible with 802.11 a/b/g.
Up to 32 devices connected to the router, 867Mbps at 5Ghz good for gaming and surfing.

Get more detail about Wise Tiger AC 1200M Wireless Router here

4. TP-Link AC1200 Smart WiFi Router

TP-Link AC1200 Smart WiFi Router front view
TP-Link AC1200 Smart WiFi Router back view
TP-Link AC1200 has four antennas and one internal antenna gives a longer range of WIFI signal to every corner of the house thus eliminates dead zone.
Archer A6 along with MU-MIMO can serve many devices simultaneously.

Get more detail about TP-Link AC1200 here

3. Netgear AC1200 (R6230)Smart WiFi Router

Netgear AC1200 (R6230)Smart WiFi Router front view
Netgear AC1200 (R6230)Smart WiFi Router back view
Dynamic QoS means the router can make prioritization of bandwidth for the best streaming and gaming experience. Netgear AC1200 easy to configure from your mobile device or a computer. Better WIFI coverage in your home.

Get more detail about Netgear AC1200 (R6230) here

2. Netgear R6700 Nighthawk AC1750

Netgear R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 front view
Netgear R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 back view
Very fast and good WIFI coverage in your home. Enjoy a lag free experience on gaming, streaming and web surfing.
High security on the network makes sure your privacy is safe while connecting to the network. Dual core processor, Netgear R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 improves WIFI speed on mobile devices.

Get more detail about Netgear R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 here

1. TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router

TP-Link AC1750 front view
TP-Link AC1750 back view
This dual-band router are equipped with Gigabit ports for wired clients, compatible with Alexa, act as VPN server so you can access your network securely from the Internet. Parental control, QoS to ensure connection quality and also protected by Archer A7 system.

You will not found 1 device that will be 100% perfect but we try to get the best available router on the market. The best router is usually the one that used by many people so it can sometimes be translated into the best seller is equal to the best quality, you decide. Hope the list above can help you decide the best router for your needs. For more info about wireless router you can check mainanz.

Blink (Indoor) v Blink XT (Indoor/Outdoor) Camera Review

Blink (Indoor) v Blink XT (Indoor/Outdoor) Camera Review

Gabe: Today, we’re going to check out the original Blink camera and its somewhat bigger, definitely badder cousin, the Blink XT. Let’s check them out. [music] Gabe: Hey everybody, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Today we’re going to look at the Blink and its bigger, badder cousin, the Blink XT. Blink was acquired by Amazon in the past year for this HD video technology.

Before we can get into that, we’ve got to unbox. [music] Gabe: For today’s review, I want to go over a few things. The way we’re going to structure it is talk about what these have in common and what they do separately, and then come back to say what they do well together. Let’s begin with the actual cameras themselves. Each of these cameras actually feels pretty weighty in my hands despite the plastic encasing.

They’re about 3.3 inches across. The Blink XT is a little bit bigger. They each come with these sync modules.

However, you just need one sync module to run up to 10 cameras.

Both of these cameras come with at least 720 high-definition video, a microphone, free cloud storage, Amazon Alexa integration, and the famed battery life. The best way for us to go about talking about the distinctions between the XT and the original Blink camera is to go through Security Baron’s necessary features. A good security camera should have stellar video, two-way audio, night vision, local and cloud storage, a great value, smart platform integration, artificial intelligence with facial recognition, and a convenience factor. To begin with, let’s start with the Blink. The original Blink camera goes for about $100 online, which I overall think is a pretty great value considering that you can just put two cheap AA lithium batteries inside and it will go for two years without having to think about it.

The Blink has 720 resolution, which honestly we’ve seen a lot better in a lot of other cameras that we reviewed here on our site.

That’s minus in terms of what kind of features they have. Secondly, you have the audio is only one-way. One-way audio, after we’ve seen so many two-way audio cameras, is a little disappointing. Additionally, the original Blink only comes with illuminated night vision, not infrared.

The thing that I think it really lacks in terms of what we’re looking for in today’s market is a smart platform integration. While you can set it up with Amazon Alexa, or even use some IFTTT, and set it up with your Google Home, the functions are pretty limited.

You can basically schedule an arming or disarming, but you can only do it for the whole system together. When you try to do one independently, it won’t work. I can’t have a Blink camera set up in my living room differently from my bedroom or kitchen versus outside.

That’s a bit annoying because I think this really stems from their issues with no artificial intelligence and no facial recognition. These are two other Security Baron necessary features that I don’t find in the original Blink camera. Now, it was very convenient to set up. All I had to do was take about 30 minutes, unpack everything, download the app, and I was ready to go.

Let’s talk about these necessary features in relationship to the Blink XT.

The Blink XT actually can be configured up to 1080p which should be the bare minimum for any security camera out in the market these days. Additionally, it has only one-way audio which is the same issue that we have with the original Blink. It does have a better night vision because it has actual infrared capacity, but it has the same cloud storage options as the original Blink camera.

In terms of value, for about $20 more generally than what you pay for the Blink original camera, you get the weatherproof Blink XT that has 1080p video. In terms of smart platform integration or convenience, or anything like that, they’re essentially the same.

In terms of value, I think this is the better value because you can place it anywhere, get a better video, and get better night vision. I want to talk about some of the things I really like about the Blink security cameras. For one, the two years of battery life with just two AA lithium batteries for the Blink Indoor is great. It allows me to set up this little camera and forget about it. Also, the set up itself was very easy.

I synced the module to my router and was ready to go within 15 minutes. While the Blink works for two years on two lithium A batteries, the Blink XT reports of the same thing. We’re reading so many reports that it actually will die within two, three or four months.

If I’m going out in the snow or any other elements, I have to change the battery that I expected to work for two years, I’m going to be a little bit annoyed. On top of that, when I want to watch the video on the Blink or the Blink XT, I have to continuously press on the app to maintain the live stream.

It’s almost like Netflix saying, “Are you still watching?” That’s really annoying because I want to be able to, like most of my cameras, tap on the app and watch the live stream for as long as I want without having to continuously think about the fact that I’m watching a live stream.

Another issue that each of them has is that there’s only 110 degrees of viewing angle. It’s not going to capture everything that’s happening in any given space. Many of the cameras that we’ve reviewed so far have 120 or 130 degrees, or they can even pan.

The fact that this is only 110-degree viewing angle is a real issue for us. Otherwise, I really enjoyed working with these cameras, but those are some things to think about when you’re buying the Blink and the Blink XT. I wanted to end today talking about how you can set up the Blink system in your home to feel secure. With one sync module, you can put up to 10 cameras and you can mix and match between the XT and the original Blink camera.

Blink (Indoor) v Blink XT (Indoor/Outdoor) Camera Review 6

The Blink has motion detection, scheduled arming, all of things that you would want in terms of feeling safe and that you know what’s going on in your home.

We should mention that it will only send you a push notification after it begins recording when motion detection is sent off. You can expect it to be instant from the moment someone walks in your home. It’s going to start recording and then send you a message. Additionally, if you do live streaming you have to continuously press on it to see a new video. Most systems allow you to hit live stream once and you could watch that stream all day.

The Blink doesn’t allow for that. Finally, you can set up the configuration for video to be between five seconds to one minute, but ultimately, it will only record 7,200 seconds before it begins to overwrite itself. There’s no cloud storage beyond that. Additionally, if night vision is important to you, you’d definitely want to have more XTs in your system. Of course, you can mix and match up to 10 on just one module.

The XT has actual infrared LED video capacity. The original only comes with illuminated night vision. Let’s take a look at the video capabilities of the Blink and the Blink XT. Right now, I’m looking on my iPhone at the video clarity of the original Blink and I immediately noticed that it’s just 720. When you look at some of the other cameras on the market even at a lower price range, they’re often shooting in 1080.

That’s one thing. Additionally, every 30 seconds, I have to click continue in order to maintain the live stream. This may have to do with the fact that the Blink runs off of two batteries for two years. It’s definitely something that I find annoying as I go through and I have to continuously remember to press it if I’m watching a video in order to see what’s happening in my home, or I just want to catch up on something going on.

You’ll also find that the 110-degree viewing angle is narrower than many other competitors.

Usually, you start off with at least 120-degree viewing angle. We’ve seen cameras like the iSmartAlarm that have a pan that go a full 350. Let’s go ahead and look at the Blink XT. As soon as I start recording the video for the Blink XT, you can see how much better the clarity is in comparison to the original Blink. The Blink XT is configurable up to 1080p, so you get a much better resolution.

However, it is still limited by the 110-degree viewing angle and the fact that I have to look down and press continue in order to maintain a live stream.

It does come with some of the same setbacks as the original Blink when it comes to watching and reviewing a video, but it does have a much better quality. Let’s go ahead and look at both of these cameras and the ways of where they differ in terms of night vision. Both the original Blink and the Blink XT come with night vision modes. Now with the original Blink, it has something called low-light illumination, which essentially means that anytime it detects something in terms of motion or you press live stream, it shines a bright light, which I’m looking directly into now, I’m following the light.

The Blink XT uses a more traditional infrared LED for capturing video in low-light. If I’m trying to watch a live stream or it detects motion, a little red light is on, on the camera, but there’s no low-light illumination, bright light, and I can see everything in the same manner. Of course, I can still use digital zoom, whatever is necessary, but the Blink XT does the job in a really satisfactory fashion. Let’s check out the Blink app. I just click in.

As you can see, I’ve got an array of options in terms of modules. I’ve only got two set ups for right now. I’ve got the original Blink on top as Baron Spy and the Blink XT as Baron Spy Master. Of course, you want to make sure you’re connected. Here at the bottom, and I find this pretty intuitive generally, it says it’s online, the WiFi is excellent.

I go back. Now, I can either take a screenshot by clicking on the camera here or here. I can go here into the folder and look at some of the rolls of clips that I’ve shot. If I want to go to the live streaming, I click on either of these two icons depending on which camera I want to see. Here I am.

As you can see, there is a bit of lag for what I’m actually doing, what I’m actually hearing and what’s taking place on the screen. Overall, the app is very intuitive and I can merely get it up and working.

Overall, the Blink and the Blink XT are two great security cameras for your smart home security system. Of course, I have concerns with each, especially the resolution on the indoor or the battery life on the XT, but they’re great cameras for someone starting out setting up their home system. If you’d like to read the whole review, google Security Baron plus Blink Security Cameras.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. If you have appreciated this video, give us a like. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music].

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Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet Review: Worth The $50?

Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet Review: Worth The $50?

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Hey guys how’s it going Daniel here today we’re taking a look at the new Amazon fire tablet. Now I’m actually really excited for this thing, because when I was announced I was thinking back to the old days when I used to buy really cheap electronics.


That would kind of mimic the same thing that the more expensive electronics would do. So I wanted to see if this tablet is able to do what the more expensive tablets do and see if it doesn’t sacrifice too many features and that it’s worth the money now this tablet retails for $ 50 and as far as Mexico, this has a 1024 By 600 resolution, which is going to give you a 171 PPI which is going to be good enough specially, if you haven’t been exposed to very high density displays, then it’s going to look really good. On the other hand, if you have seen a lot of retina displays in Ultra HD displays, then this is going to look very pixely and you’re going to see a lot of the pixels in the text and in the app icons and in a lot of parts Of the tablet now this does have a quad-core, 1.



gigahertz processor, and it also has 8 gigabytes of internal memory that you can expand up to 128 gigabytes, which is great if you want to load a bunch of movies up onto this before a road trip or Anything like that now, this guy also has two cameras: we have a VGA, front-facing camera and then a two megapixel rear-facing camera which is capable of recording 720p HD video. Now all that aside, let’s talk hardware, of course for 50 dollars. You can’t really expect much, but since it does have a matte black back made of plastic, it does make a look a little bit more expensive than what it actually is. It also has a nice heft to it, which doesn’t make it feel too cheap. Now the plastic on the back does get dirty quite easily, and so does the front display you’ll get a ton of smudges on this device, especially if you get annoyed by those – and this isn’t going to be good for you, and I found myself cleaning this every Time I finish using the tablet now.


Oddly enough, this tablet has every single thing on the top of the tablet, so we have the lock button. We have the micro USB, we have the mic, we have the volume Jack and then we have the volume rocker. So you got all those functions up there and then on the right-hand side of the tablet. We do have a little slit so that we can put in the micro SD card. More importantly than all that is, of course, the software, and this does come with fire OS 5, which is Amazon’s latest iOS software.


Now a good thing about that is that Amazon has definitely improved the software. It’S definitely less sluggish and a lot more quicker, Spahn sieve, and it’s also a lot more easy and simple to use. So anyone can pick this up and know how to use it immediately. The first thing that you’re greeted with is home, where you have all your apps and everything that you use to the left side is the reason which is all your recently opened items. And then we got books, video game, shop, apps, music, audio book and newsstand and within all those you can of course, search for new stuff that you’re looking for and easily play that or open that directly from there now.


We, of course, get the Amazon App Store, which has a lot of apps. Now you can download things like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Ted and a ton of new games that are coming out for Android are coming out for fire OS as well, which is really good. So we do get goat simulator, Crossy Road, hearthstone and those are all like really big games right now. Now this just come pre-installed with a ton of apps. We got Amazon, video of course, Amazon, music, Kindle books, Amazon photos and a bunch of other apps.



We, of course, do have the camera app, so you can actually use this to take pictures. I think the only reason they included the pictures is for that kind of gimmicky thing. I remember owning a DS as a kid and having that camera on there and it was a really bad camera, but always use it to take pictures of things and add doodles to it, and they actually included that functionality in this. So you can add like little stickers to pictures and things. I think that some people will find that kind of amusing from time to time, especially kids.


Now the thing that I didn’t think this was going to run was game, especially heavy games like goat, simulator and hearthstone, and I downloaded it also across the road. As I mentioned, I tried that one out first and that one worked perfectly just as you’d expect. The only somewhat of a lag that I experienced was right at the beginning when you open the game when it’s loading all the files up, it does like a little bit, but after that, it’s all flawless as far as goat simulator goes. It also worked perfectly and actually never really experienced any lag with that game, which is really nice to see. Lastly, I played hearthstone for about an hour in one session and that did actually heat up the tablet at the top of the tablet, and I just wanted to mention that, even though it does happen to most tablets and smartphones.


Nowadays, it doesn’t get to the point where it’s not bearable, but it’s definitely worth mentioning now. The great thing about this tablet is that anything you open up. It opens up as it should, and I no point are you reminded that you only paid $ 50 for this tablet and I think that’s very important. I think when you pay for something that’s $ 50 and p-per than other things, you don’t want to feel like you got a somewhat inferior product to the rest, you want to feel like you still got fifty dollars worth of money, and this is it. This actually manages to make those fifty dollars worth it now.


As far as battery life goes, it actually takes quite a bit of time to charge. It takes nearly four hours to charge, but the battery itself is actually quite good. It’Ll pretty much last you a full day of mixed use. So if you read a book, then watch a TV show and then maybe play like Tetris or something like that. Then you’re going to get it to last a whole day.


But if you’re going to play some hearthstone for extended periods of times or anything like that, then you’re only going to get it to last three or four hours now. The other thing is that, if you’re using this for nothing graphic intensive, so if you’re just like reading books and browsing the web, then you’re not going to have any issues with getting that battery to last a couple days, because the standby time on this is actually Really good, I left this on my desk a whole 24 hours and it only lost close to ten percent, which is really good. Now, if you’re, not in the market for a fifty dollar tablet, you might be wondering well, who exactly is a 50 dollar tablet for and actually this has a lot of people that can benefit from this tablet or you know actually want to use this tablet. So, first off we got the elderly, which usually don’t really go for any tablets and if you’re going to get them a tablet – or you know as a gift, this might be a good tablet to start off, since it doesn’t really matter if they drop it. This is a really good starter tablet, just in case you want to later move them onto an iPad or Nexus 9 or a larger, more expensive, Kindle Fire with that said, this is also great for kids, so if you’re a parent – and you don’t want your kids To use the iPad that you have or the Nexus that you have and don’t want them to potentially break that, then this is a great tablet.


This has a ton of things and you also get kindle freetime, which is something that most other tablets don’t offer, and you can limit the use and select what apps you want. Your kids to use. That’S actually really great. Now, lastly, is students – and this is actually quite good, because usually students are on a budget and $ 50 is in too much that’s going to break the bank. Now, of course, you can load textbooks on to this PDFs and all that good stuff, so that you can get all your class things you can.


Actually, if you wanted to create some documents on here, write up some papers, it won’t be very efficient or quick or easy to do, but it’s definitely doable so in the end, this tablet actually does a lot more than you would and the only problems that I Actually found with this is that whenever you’re loading things you just got to let them load for a few seconds before you start scrolling or anything. You can just immediately scroll the New York Times as soon as you load it. So you just have to wait. A few seconds for all the pictures and everything to load up and then you’re going to be fine and you can multi-touch and zoom in and everything without having any problems. The one other complaint that I have is that you know the plastic isn’t the best, but of course this is again fifty dollars and then the front display is quite Glary.


So if you’re in a room with a lot of light or sunlight, then your content isn’t going to be very easy to see. So you do have to make sure you’re in the right lighting conditions to enjoy your content in the best possible way. One thing that I did want to know is that this does come with special offers, which are little ads every time that you open the Kindle and that’s not a big of an issue for me, I kind of like having a different wallpaper there every time that I open the Kindle, but if you do have a problem, then you would have to pay another $ 15 for the tabloid to get it without those offers. But I kind of highly recommend the offers it kind of looked cool from time to time. You’Ll get some cool book covers there and sometimes you’ll get some good deals for some prime products and stuff like that.


So with that said guys, that’s pretty much it for this video. It was just kind of to show you what a 50 dollar tablet now looks. Like and it’s kind of impressive, and hopefully this kind of paves way to other cheap tablets and more affordable ones that don’t cost five hundred six hundred or a thousand dollars. So, aside from that, thank you guys for watching this video and I’ll catch you guys in the next one good, bye,

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Mi TV Stick – Android TV Review

Mi TV Stick – Android TV Review

Recently I bought a Mi TV Stick an Android TV device to make your old TV (not smart TV) become Android TV. The first time I quite confuse with the term Android TV, but later found out that it refers to a device that aggregates various media apps and services. For example, you can play Youtube, Netflix, Prime Video, install a game, connect various Bluetooth accessories like Speaker, Joystick, etc, at the same time. It is also built-in with Google Assistant and Chromecast.

Mi TV Stick Specification

I got this information from the Mi website because I didn’t get this information form the box

Output Resolution. 1080P (1920×1080@60fps)
CPU. Quad-core Cortex-A53.
Storage. 8GB.
GPU. ARM Mali-450.
Operating System. Android 9.0


1. A TV or monitor with HDMI port, optional a USB port

Yes, you need an empty HDMI port on your TV, to plug the Mi TV Stick on your TV. The device needs power that can come from a USB port on your TV, if you don’t have a USB port, then you can use an adaptor that comes with the TV stick.  So the USB port is optional.

2. Wireless internet connection at minimum 10 Mbps

You also will need a wireless internet connection at a minimum speed 10 Mbps for the sake of smooth play of streaming video. The higher the internet speed the better.

What’s included in the box?

Mi TV Stick

mi stick

Plugged into your TV or monitor using HDMI port. It came with HDMI extension cable in case you have very narrow space to attach Mi Stick to the TV directly, you can use cable. I use a regular mouse size as a comparison size.

Bluetooth Voice remote

mi stick remote control

The device will interact intensely with you, it’s your command center. You can use voice command, thanks to Google Assistant, but it a little bit slower to process your voice command. The remote control and the TV stick communication is via Bluetooth so you don’t have to point the remote to the TV stick directly.

Power adaptor

mi stick adaptor

If your TV or monitor doesn’t have a USB port you will use this adaptor to power up the device. In my case, I don’t use this because still have an empty USB port on the TV that I can use.


With all the great features above you can do many things to entertain yourself and your family, while my purpose is to reduce my son’s eyes from starring at a little display from the smartphone that can cause fatigue and other potential health problem in the long run.

As the result is now my son dominate our only TV to play his favorite Youtube channel and this is achieved my goal but we as a parent now very rare use the TV, but that’s OK with me 🙂

What I like

I like many aspects of this little device

1. Chromecast – This device also acts as your screencast device it means you can send any screen from your gadget to the TV.

2. Voice command – sometimes I use voice command to open the app instead of using the menu. “Open Youtube” and it will open Youtube without shifting the keys on the remote control. Using voice command will make your remote control keys last longer, so this is a good practice to use voice command as many as we can.

3. Able to connect to many Bluetooth accessories – Right now I connect a JBL wireless speaker and iPega Joystick to the TV stick, later I will also buy a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (not wireless that has a pair dongle).

What I don’t like

I probably need to buy a second TV for myself

What is the price

I almost forgot to mention the price. I bought it at IDR 435K,  about USD31.5 this is cheap compared to a new smart TV.

The verdict

This another best buy device that makes my life easier. You should have this too 🙂

Buy the Mi TV Stick from Amazon


Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Blue Model Specification and ReleaseDate

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Blue Model Specification and ReleaseDate

I am a fan to Xiaomi product especially Redmi and now they will launch The Redmi 6 Pro on June 25 2018,  and Redmi Pro 6 Pro comes with longer body design because they need to fit 18:9 display ratio.

The Redmi 6 Pro has a notched display and will be released in China with several colors like Rose Gold, Sand Gold, Lake Blue and other.

Luckily now we can see the appearance of Amazing looking of Redmi 6 Pro with blue color with the specification below.

redmi 6 pro specification

Redmi 6 Pro Specification:

  • Aspect ratio 18:9
  • Battery Capacity 4,000 MAh
  • Display 5,84 inch Full HD+ Resolution 2280 x 1080.
  • Processor Snapdragon 625
  • RAM and ROM variation 2GB/16GB, 3GB/32GB and 4GB/64GB
  • Will have AI capability for face recognition  
  • Vertical Camera 12 Mega and 5 Mega pixel, and 5 Megapixel front camera
  • MIUI 10 terbaru yang berbasis Android 8.1 Oreo


redmi 6 pro price

Redmi 6 Pro Release Date:

June 25 2018 along with  Mi Pad 4 release

Redmi 6 Price:

redmi 6 pro price in india
xiaomi redmi 6 pro blue
redmi 6 inch
redmi 6 review
redmi 6 release date
redmi 6 pro release date 25 June 2018
redmi 6 pro and Mi pad 4

If you don’t like the notch of Redmi 6 Pro you can disable it.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Blue Model Specification and ReleaseDate 7
Fast and Pop-up Free Web Browser For Mobile Devices

Fast and Pop-up Free Web Browser For Mobile Devices

I love Chrome, but there is a powerful rival here, this browser is faster than Chrome and the most important for me is it’s free from pop-up advertising.

The brave browser has built-in pop-up blocker so you will not see any pop-up. When I try this browser I feel the speed is the faster than any other mobile browser I ever tried.

fast and pop up free web browser
Can you see the stats here Brave received 4.4 stars out of 5 from 33,343 people.
Compared to Chrome that already has 1 billion downloads and 9 million reviews, so still, not many people know this mobile browser.

Get Brave browser here.

There is some website that cannot display properly, but I believed for most of the people this is a great mobile browser.
Buy Amazing Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, 175K Satisfied Users Cannot Go Wrong

Buy Amazing Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, 175K Satisfied Users Cannot Go Wrong

Amazon Fire TV stick is the best seller streaming device for TV.

You can control Fire TV stick with a voice command (Alexa).
Enjoy more than 500 K movies and TV serials from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, SHOWTIME, NBC, and more.

Can access YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit with Silk and Firefox browser like.

amazon fire stick channels

More info on Fire TV stick

amazon fire tv stick with alexa voice remote | streaming media player

Buy Bestseller TV stick

amazon fire stick review

You can control using Alexa voice command, just say, “Play Game of Thrones” or “Launch Netflix” and Alexa will react immediately.

With Amazon Prime membership you can watch thousands of movies and TV episodes and you can listen to millions of songs with Prime Music.

Don’t need cable or satellite you can watch the best of the live TV like AMC, HGTV, ESPN, FOX, you need to subscribe to DIRECTV NOW.

You can search and find a program from over 190 channels and apps including Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video.

You can stop the movies and resume where you left off. Keep following you favorite TV shows and movies when you are on travel. Connect Fire TV dongle to a TV’s HDMI port, connect to WiFi, and resume watch a streaming movie.

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Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones is the best-selling Bluetooth headphones on Amazon

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones is the best-selling Bluetooth headphones on Amazon

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones is the best-selling Bluetooth headphones that have 4.5 stars out of 5 this from 14860 reviewers.

Affordable headphones

With current price at $34-$49 this is a good quality headphone for the price, has 7 different color: Black-Red, Black, Black-Grey, Pink, Silver, Black-Blue, Black-Green.

affordable wireless headphones

Mpow 059 features: 

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Comfortable on your head
  • Never power off, you can connect wireless or wired when the batter low.
  • A foldable design will save space
  • Build in Mic to receive an incoming call
best seller MPOW 059 headphones

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