17 Stock Photo Sites To Download Royalty-Free Images

17 Stock Photo Sites To Download Royalty-Free Images

If you are creating content for a website I am sure you will need some very nice image to be inserted in the articles to make it more attractive for people to read. We can use our smartphone to create some perfect photos but the problem is the result is not as good as a pro who are using expensive tools to produce the photos. Not to mention their skill to capture a great moment.

Luckily I know some websites that provide free royalty pictures that I can use on my business. These websites allow us to use their photos without permission, sometimes called Creative Commons (CC0) or public domain pictures.

Ground rules when using free royalty photos:
1. Never claim the photos are yours, this is including give watermark on the photo.
2. Don’t use the photos for illegal activity.

Below are my favorite websites when I need awesome pictures for the articles. Divided into no registration and need registration websites to download.

No registration required to download photos (5)

1. Pixabay. This website is very simple and powerful when you use it occasionally we can download their beautiful photos without registration. There are several resolution formats to download from 640x480px up to 1920x1280px. No meta info on their photos.

free photos download

2. Unsplash.To download photos from Unsplash require only one click on the photo. Very simple but provide only one resolution depend on the creator, all in high resolution. I use to resize the picture to width 640px to be used on my websites.

free photos unsplash

3. Pexels. Pexels also requires no login to download photos and provide many resolution formats from 640px.

free photos pexels

4. Stocksnap. The photos quality is good. Only give one high-resolution format. easy to download photos.

17 Stock Photo Sites To Download Royalty-Free Images 1

5. Reshot. Easy to download, good quality photos.

17 Stock Photo Sites To Download Royalty-Free Images 2

Need to register to download photos (2):

1. Rgbstock will ask you to login first to download their photos.

17 Stock Photo Sites To Download Royalty-Free Images 3

2. Freerangestock will need you to login to download photos

free pictures
3. Desygner is more than just a stock photo website, it’s a place where you can make beautiful designs with access to millions of Shutterstock images. It offers 14 days trial without asking for payment details so you can try to see if you will love it.

10 Free Photos Sites:

Negative Space (https://negativespace.co/)
Superfamous (https://images.superfamous.com/)
Picjumbo (https://picjumbo.com/)
StockSnap.io (https://stocksnap.io/)
Freestocks.org (https://freestocks.org/)
Picography (https://picography.co/)
Gratisography (https://gratisography.com/)
MorgueFile (https://morguefile.com/)
SkitterPhoto (https://skitterphoto.com/)
Life of Pix (http://www.lifeofpix.com/gallery/)

I personally use websites with great photos and provide 640px format (Pixabay, Pexels) as I don’t need to resize the image. My priority is good images, if I found a good photo I don’t care if I have to resize to fit my website. I also love the one that no need to login to download photos.

Human is a visual creature, good picture or funny picture will give more attention for the people. When your website has many awesome pictures, people will love your website.

Ok I hope you like my list about websites that provide free royalty pictures

My Meta Title and Meta Description Settings

My Meta Title and Meta Description Settings

Meta title and meta description are what the Internet sees about your page title and page summary. That is a simple definition of them. When someone searches on the search engine the result will contain all meta title and meta description from the sphere of the internet.

Let’s see what the expert say about them:

Moz said: The meta description is an HTML attribute that provides a brief summary of a web page
Moz said: A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page

Since 2009 Google does not use Meta Description nor Mete Keywords into their ranking factor calculation.

meta title

Title and Meta Title can be the same or little bit different

In a blog platform, you can define how you will display them

My personal setting about meta title

I use meta title exactly like the title of the page. In the standard setting it meta title format usually Meta Title – Blog Title

In my case I always make it become Meta Title

My Personal setting about meta description

I don’t use meta title, I will let search engine decide what is the best description of my page on the Internet. Also as that Google no longer uses it. However, some of my friends still using it for a certain reason.

meta description
Search Result

I want to change the meta title so that it only shows the post title without the blog title. The reasons are:
1. Sometimes my title is quite long and I don’t want to make it longer by adding blog title.
2. When I made changes to blog title it will not affect the Post Meta Title
3. I want search result only to display Post Title

My original meta title appearance:

My Meta Title and Meta Description Settings 4

Modified Title appearance:

My Meta Title and Meta Description Settings 5

Todo this I Meta Title Settings on Blogger
You have to edit your theme manually, backup first before making any changes.
Find code like:

<title><data:blog.pageName/> – <data:blog.title/></title>

Change it to



<data:blog.pageName/> – <data:blog.title/>

Change it to


Save and done. The changes on the search result will appear on the next bit visit, so could be weeks depending on how often search engine bot visit your website. But you can check whatever the changed is correct by hovering your mouse pointer to the browser tab or by checking the source code.

404 Not Found, What Does It Mean?

404 Not Found, What Does It Mean?

If you already browsing the internet for some time I bet you already found error 404 not found error.
The 40x error refers to the error caused by the client like typing the nonexistence URL, below is the list of 40x errors:

404 not found

The most common 40x error are:

400 Bad Request

The server does not understand the command issued by the user, for example, you type the wrong URL in the internet browser.

401 Unauthorized

Request to a URL need authorization, when you accessing a web page that requires a password

402 Payment Required

Reserved for a future, not used yet.

403 Forbidden

URL is correct but the server does not allow us to access it

404 Not Found

The webpage does not exist, this is usually when a document deleted from the web server

405 Method Not Allowed

The requested method does not allow in the server

406 Not Acceptable

407 Proxy Authentication Required

Need authentication from the proxy server before accessing a document

408 Request Timeout

Request out of time window provides by the server, the client can try again

409 Conflict

The request cannot be processed usually because of simultaneous changes on the same file.

WIFI Extender Review – Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro (Xiaomi)

WIFI Extender Review – Today I am going to review a product from Xiaomi called Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro. This device’s function is to strengthen the WIFI signal that already weak in your area. In my case I work mostly in the backyard, I still have a WIFI signal there but sometimes it disconnected for no reason. So the problem here is clearly signal stability. I decided to try this WIFI extender hoping that I will eliminate the problem.

If you have an internet speed problem then this device will not help, you must sort out the problem first. The device purpose is to extend the signal that already weak in certain location

Let start my review below and hope you find it useful

WIFI Extender Review

Device Function

To extend the reach of WIFI signal that already weak. Up to 11 devices can be connected to the device


Model product R03

Dimension 80×54×70 mm

CPU MT7628K 580 MHz



Antenna type 2 external antenna

Wireless standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Signal Speed 2,4 GHz, up to 300 Mbps

Channel 2,4 GHz1, 2, 3, …, 13

Wireless Security Encryption WPA-PSK/ WPA2-PSK

Power Supply 100-240 V/0,35 A

Operational Temperature 0-40°C

Operational Humidity 10%-90%RH (non-condense)

Storage Temperature -40-70°C

Storage  humidity 5%-90%RH (non-condense)

Power Consumption 3,57 W

The Price

I got the device for IDR 124,900 or $8.93

Purchase Location

Local Markeplace

How to setup

Plus Xiaomi Wifi Extender Pro into an electrical outlet
Download Mi Home from App Store
Register and login from the Mi Home application
On the screen choose Chinese Mainland as your location (very important)
Choose Mi Wi-Fi Repeater Pro
Login to Wifi that you want to strengthen the signal
Login to Wifi Mi Wi-Fi Repeater Pro
Wait until the process finish

You can set up SSID (WIFI network name) the same or different from the original WIFI name you want to extend the Signal. In my case, I choose a different name because with the same name I cannot choose which WIFI device I connected to.


If you cannot connect to Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro from the apps, make sure to choose the country as China (Mainland) although your location is not there.

Is Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro solved my problem?

Certainly Yes it does. Now I can work from my backyard without any problem with the WIFI signal, thus increase productivity.


With the affordable price and its function, this is one of the best purchases I ever had.

I hope this WIFI extender review of Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro will help you to decide whether it worthed to buy for your productivity, cheers.


Wireless Router vs Access Point What Is The Differences?

Wireless Router vs Access Point – Hello everyone, in this post we’re gonna talk about the difference between a wireless access point and a Wi-Fi router. Now a lot of people think that these two devices are the same thing.
But even though they do look similar and they do similar things, they are in fact different.
Wireless Router vs Access Point - wifi router

Wi-Fi Router.

Now almost everyone who has an internet connection in their home would have a Wi-Fi router, whether that Wi-Fi router is a separate device or if it’s built into their modem. A Wi-Fi router is what allows multiple wired and wireless devices to join together in a  local area network.
It’ll broadcast a Wi-Fi signal so that wireless devices can connect to it and it’ll also have a built-in switch with several network ports so that wired devices can connect to it using Ethernet cables. And then that Wi-Fi router will directly connect to a modem to give those devices internet access. Wi-Fi routers are mainly used in homes and small offices. So here we have a typical home where a couple of desktops are connected to the Wi-Fi router’s built-in switch using cables. And we also have laptops and tablets that are connected wirelessly to the router.
An example of a WIFI Router is TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router it has alot of features like Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router for Home, Works with Alexa, VPN Server, Parental Control and QoS

Wireless access point.

A wireless AP relays data between a wired network and wireless devices. It’s basically a wireless hub that’s used by wireless devices to connect to an existing wired network. A wireless AP connects directly to an organization’s router where the router is then connected directly to a modem which gives the wireless devices access to the internet.
Wireless Router vs Access Point - access point
Now wireless access points are primarily used by medium to large organizations and typically an organization will have multiple access points to make sure it covers the entire building. So for example here we have a medium-sized office. And this office has desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. So the desktop computers will connect to the organization’s router using Ethernet cables.
But in order for the wireless laptops and tablets to connect to the network, this office is going to use wireless access points. So the access points are going to be placed in strategic places and each of them will connect to the router using an  Ethernet cable. Then once that is done they will all broadcast a Wi-Fi signal so that the laptops and tablets can connect wirelessly and join this network so now all the desktop computers and wireless devices are joined together in one network. And that one network is managed by one single router and because wireless access points
are managed by a single router, which is one of the main reasons why larger organizations use wireless access points instead of Wi-Fi routers. An example of WIFI access point is TP-Link Omada AC1350 Gigabit Wireless Access Point. It is a Business WiFi Solution w/ Mesh Support, Seamless Roaming & MU-MIMO | PoE Powered (no need separate adaptor| SDN Integrated | Cloud Access & App for Easy Management (EAP225).

Differences between Wireless Router vs Access Point

Device Management

Now in reality this office here can use Wi-Fi routers instead of wireless APs and it would work just fine. But the problem with using Wi-Fi routers instead of wireless APs is manageability. If the network administrator wanted to manage this network and make certain changes, he would have to log into each Wi-Fi router to make that change.
And that could be a hassle and time-consuming especially if there were a lot of Wi-Fi routers. But if this office was using wireless access points instead, then all the management and all the changes in the configuration would be done by this single router. Which makes managing a network a lot easier.
All the wireless devices can be treated as a single subnet instead of being treated as multiple subnets if Wi-Fi routers were used. Another difference between these is how devices are able to connect to them.

Client type

Wireless access points are strictly for wireless devices to connect to, whereas Wi-Fi routers are able to accept connections from both wireless devices and wired devices.  Because in addition to having a  Wi-Fi antenna Wi-Fi routers will also have a built-in switch to accept Ethernet cable connections.


Another difference is a firewall. Wireless access points don’t have a firewall, while Wi-Fi routers will have a firewall.

DHCP Service

Wi-Fi routers will also have a built-in DHCP service. A DHCP service is what automatically assigns IP addresses to devices that are connected to it. So when devices connect to a Wi-Fi router, its built-in DHCP service will
directly assign those devices an IP address.
But since Wireless APs don’t have a DHCP service, the devices that are connected to it will get their IP address from the organization’s router. So once a device connects to the wireless AP, the router will send the IP through the wireless access point and then to the device.

Wan Port

And another difference is that Wi-Fi routers will have a WAN port or internet port. A WAN or internet port is where you would plug in a network cable coming in from your modem. And this is what gives your  Wi-Fi router an internet connection so it can pass it on to other devices, whereas a wireless access point doesn’t have a WAN or internet port.
So it cannot directly connect to a modem.
It has to connect directly to a router instead and then the router is what connects to a modem. And on a final note, wireless access points are often used to further extend a network’s existing wireless signal. So for example, if this home needed to extend its Wi-Fi signal further into  this home, you can attach a wireless access point
using a network cable to the Wi-Fi router so that distant devices can connect to the Wi-Fi signal.
Thank you for reading I hope now you can see clearly the difference between Wireless Router vs Access Point.
What Version of Internet Browser Do I have?

What Version of Internet Browser Do I have?

You have a freedom to choose whatever Internet browser you want to use for browsing the Internet. Each Internet browser has their own features. Make sure you only use the latest version of the Internet browser to protect you from malicious websites that will steal your personal information.

These websites when visited will run a special script on your computer that will harmful to your computer. I am actively using Chrome and sometimes use Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Comodo. Here how you can check the version of Internet browser you are using:

1.How to check Version on Google Chrome

Click 3 vertical dots on the top right side of Chrome, scroll down until you found Help, highlight it and click About Google Chrome. 

  what version of chrome do i have 32 or 64

You will see the version of your Google Chrome Internet browser
how do i know if i have the latest version of chrome?

2.How to check Version on Microsoft Edge (Windows 10)

Click the 3 horizontals dots on the top right side of Microsoft Edge, scroll down and click settings
what version of chrome os do i have
Scroll down until you see About this app and you will see what is the version of your Microsoft Edge
update google chrome windows 10

3.How to check Version on Mozilla Firefox

Click 3 vertical bars on the top right side of Mozilla Firefox, click blue question mark. 
chrome download
Click About Firefox
what is the highest version of chrome
You will see your current Firefox version
latest version of chrome for windows 10
How To Recall An Email in Gmail (Undo Email function)

How To Recall An Email in Gmail (Undo Email function)

There are times when we want to recall an email that already sent out accidentally. With Gmail account, we have up to seconds to recall the email, or in Gmail, they called it undo email.
Unfortunately, this is not a default feature, we need to activate it first before we can use it. Follow below steps to activate undo email (recall) in Gmail account.

1. Click the gear button on the top right side in Gmail, scroll down and click Settings

how to recall an email in gmail after 1 hour

2. On the General tab, scroll down until you find Enable Undo Send, put check mark before it, and choose how long you want Gmail to allow you cancel email, you can choose up to 30 seconds.

how to recall an email in gmail after 10 minutes

3. After enable undo send activated, don’t forget to save it by scroll down the page until you see Save Changes button.

how to recall an email in gmail after 2 days

4. Send an email to test whether email recall has been successful. After you send the email you will see Undo link to recall the email. This link will recall email sent from Gmail.

how do i recall a message in gmail that's already sent
Gmail will wait for 30 seconds before it really send the email out. Sometimes I am not patient waiting the 30 seconds to pass.
My friend asks me how to recall an email sent from Gmail after 1 hour, this is not possible and silly. If this happens then he has to wait 1 hour before Gmail really sends the email out, and you don’t want this to happen right?
I love this feature and I personally activate this feature on my Gmail account.
Change PHP version via VPSSIM

Change PHP version via VPSSIM

After successfully install VPSSIM now it’s time to change the PHP version. I need to do this because one of my programs only work on PHP version 5.6 while my current PHP version is 7.1

I thought before I have to re-install the server but I was wrong, I only need to change it via VPSSIM.

1. Type 25) Update System (Nginx, PHP…)

Change PHP version via VPSSIM 6
2. Type 5) Change PHP Version
Change PHP version via VPSSIM 7
3. Type 4) PHP 5.6
Change PHP version via VPSSIM 8
4. Type Y as a confirmation.
Change PHP version via VPSSIM 9

It will only take seconds to change the PHP version and voila… now the PHP version become 5.6

Change PHP version via VPSSIM 10

What is VPSSIM?

VPSSIM is your control panel on VPS hosting. When you order a VPS package, you get an administrator privilege, but at the same time, you must configure all the server configuration by yourself. You don’t have a control panel program as on the shared hosting package.
Using VPSSIM I can easily install WordPress, change PHP version and more as I have a control panel but this is a menu-based program.
VPSSIM created by Nguyen Oanh

What is VPS

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine that physically may consist of 1 or more machines and sold as a service by an Internet hosting service company. VPS is much better than Shared hosting, VPS configuration is scaleable easily. When you expect massive visitors coming to your website, the VPS package is the one you want to buy.
With VPS you are the only owner of that package. In shared hosting, if someone uses the most of the capacity, and they have a faulty subsystem it will affect you. This is not happening in VPS hosting as you are isolated from others.

What is PHP

PHP is a programming language that originally designed and created by Rasmus Lerdorf back in 1994 for web development. The PHP reference implementation is now produced by The PHP Group. PHP originally stand for Personal Home Page is widely used for programming language on the internet.

Connect to your VPS server using PuTTY

Connect to your VPS server using PuTTY

Install PuTTY
Open putty and enter your server IP address:

Connect to your VPS server using PuTTY 11
Connect to your VPS server using PuTTY 12
Type admin username and paste the password by RIGHT click your mouse and press ENTER. You will not see your password on the screen but it actually paste the password.
Just try and you will see how.
WIFI not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting

WIFI not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting

WIFI not working – Getting connected wirelessly from laptop to the internet is something common in the busy world today. We do not realize or do not care with its existence until we found that our WIFI is not working anymore as it used to be. This seems a little problem but actually, it’s a big problem because you cannot finish most of your jobs like replying email to your client, sending a report to your boss, video conference and more.

Before checking any further please check If your WIFI is turned off

WIFI not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting 13

How to fix WIFI not working problem?

Below are several tips you can try on your laptop or desktop computer if you want your WIFI back online please try the following tips:

1. WIFI is off, turn it on

Before thinking too far, check your WIFI whether it turns off or on. I found this case quite often in the office, people turn off their WIFI and forget to turn back on. Depend on your laptop model/type. In the older type, there is a small switch on the right side or left side of the laptop. Turn the switch on, usually, the indicator lamp also will lit, or will turn from orange to blue or green.

On the newer model, you will see the switch just above your keyboard, on the right side. This switch usually also can be turned on by pressing FN key + F2 key or F2 key only depend on your manufacturer.

WIFI not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting 14

2. WIFI is not working because disabled

WIFI can be disabled accidentally because only need one click to disabled or enabled. To check the status of WIFI, click start, control panel, network and sharing center, change adapter settings. You will see some network adapter at least 2 network cards. Local Area Network and Wireless Network Connection.

On the wireless network connection, right click, you will see a similar picture as below. If you see Disable, then your current status is enabled and vice versa. Make sure you see Disable, if not click Enable to make it work.

WIFI not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting 15

3. Reset Access point, modem, or router

Access point, modem and router in the company usually working 24×7. With this condition sometimes they need to be restarted to refresh all memory and make it works again. You need to turn off the device for 1 minute and turn back on to reset all the memory in the device.

The easiest way to restart is by plug off the cable power and plug in again. After restarted some router need about 10 minutes to back online. You may will need to re-start your computer as well.

4. WIFI get a different IP address

Sometimes I found that WIFI is not working because it has a different IP address than it should be. This can happen when someone has changed the IP address manually and never put it back to the previous IP configuration.

To fix the problem: Go to network and sharing center>Change adapter settings Right click Wireless network connection, click properties, double click internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IP v4), choose to obtain an IP address automatically, and choose to Obtain DNS server address automatically.

WIFI not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting 16

Click OK button 2 times. Now you should get the correct address and your WIFI should working.

5. WIFI is connected to other SSID/Network

If you are working in the office complex, you should see many WIFI in your neighbourhood. If your computer automatically connected to the network that is not belong to you then you will not able to connect to your network.

To solve this problem, you should choose to connect manually to other WIFI SSID and to choose automatically connect to your WIFI network.

WIFI not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting 17

Open manage wireless network (click start>control panel>network and sharing centre>manage wireless network). As you can see on the picture above that some SSID/Network configured to be Automatically connect or manually connect. If your neighbour network configured to connect automatically change it to manually connect.

WIFI not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting 18

Double click the SSID name you want to change and un-check the Connect automatically when this network is in range option.

6. Check Windows Firewall

Windows firewall or other firewall program sometimes can block ports , make sure you turn it off first and see if you can connect. If you can connect to WIFI/Internet after windows firewall being turned off, you should inform your administrator to check if this comply with company policy.

WIFI not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting 19

To get to windows firewall, click start>control panel>windows firewall
Make sure Windows Firewall State is off. If it on click Turn Windows Firewall on or off

7. WIFI is not working because hardware is broken

This is the most severe problem but quite rare to happen. To decide WIFI hardware broken you have to went through these first:
Make sure wireless already turn on
Make sure WIFI is not disabled
Make sure using correct WIFI driver

If after check all above and your WIFI still not working, then your WIFI hardware could be broken. If this is happened, you can use network cable to connect to the internet.

To order the original part of WIFI could be long process and takes time. If you need in hurry you can buy USB WIFI to replace your build in WIFI card.
8. Network Problem

If we already did all WIFI troubleshooting above and still have problem, and you are not the only one who cannot connect to WIFI. Let your administrator know, you will not able to fix this from your laptop alone.

Sometimes this happen on the internet provider company, your administrator should chase them to solve the problem as soon as possible.

I hope that you can found and fixed your WIFI not working issue by following 8 tips above, if you find something new add in the comment and I will add to the list after I check.
You can also check following great website for alternatives solution on WIFI not working issue.

If you are savvy on computer, you can follow suggestion from Pcworld like change WIFI channel on the router, restore router’s setting to the default, and upgrade the router’s firmware. You can check here: http://www.pcworld.com/article/260524/networking/how-to-fix-your-wi-fi-network-7-tips.html

Toshiba forum suggesting to check computer drivers, check power management, download new driver, and remove battery laptop and re-attach. You can check here: http://forums.toshiba.com/t5/Networking-Wi-Fi-Knowledge-Base/Troubleshooting-Wi-Fi-Wireless-Problems-Windows-7/ta-p/272967

Howtogeek suggest to check overheating router, check if cable securely connected http://www.howtogeek.com/180235/how-to-troubleshoot-wireless-router-problems/

For Apple’s product WIFI troubleshooting on OS X Mountain Lion and later and OS X Lion and earlier can be found here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202222

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