How to Move A Website Easily Using A WordPress Plugin

How to Move A Website Easily Using A WordPress Plugin

This time I will show you how I managed to move a website to a new hosting provider using plug-in Duplicator. There are several ways to move a website from one server to another, however using a plugin is the easiest method.

You need to back up in the old server and restore on the new server.

1. Backup the website on the old server/hosting:

How to Move A Website Easily Using A Wordpress Plugin 1

1. Install Plugin Duplicator, on the right side of WordPress dashboard, click Duplicator, Packages

1 Move A Website - package

2. On the package section, click Create New button.
2 Move A Website - create new

3. Click Next button

3 Move A Website - click next button

4. Duplicator plugin will scan the system to make sure it meets the prerequisites

4 Move A Website - scanning sites

5. When scanning complete, it will show you the result. Ideally, every step must be Good.
If not then click the notice section and read the problem.

5 Move A Website - scan complete

For example, we have 2 notices:
a. Is Setup problem, PHP Open Base Dir: “ON”, we can try first to build the package and see if the problem will causing fail in build the package.
b. Size checks, when I check there are some big file, if you sure the file size is correct then ignore this problem.

6 Move A Website - notice

6. After you put a check mark on Yes, continue with the build process and click the Build button the system start building the package.

7 Move A Website - building package

7. When finished you must download the package file and the installer file to your computer. Depending on the package size and your Internet speed, it could took minutes till hours to download that 2 files.

2. Restore the website on the new server/hosting

Facebook Lite is Much Better Than Regular Facebook For Android

Facebook Lite is the new app from Facebook designed especially for countries which have slower Internet speed or not reliable internet connection. Facebook lite uses less memory, traffic and still delivering all basic Facebook feature. It claimed to work well with 2G connection.

I am living in Indonesia which in a certain area the Internet connection is not so good,  but that is not my main reason to switch to Facebook Lite. I already removed my Facebook for Android a long time ago and only accessing it from Google Chrome. The main reason is that I feel my phone performance become sluggish as the Facebook data getting bigger and bigger.

Facebook lite

I hope when using Facebook Lite I will not have a bad experience with my phone after sometimes using it. The other reason is the installation files is quite big 58MB vs Facebook lite 1MB.

After installing Facebook Lite I am happy as the performance is good, in fact, it better than running Facebook on Chrome. Running this app reminds me of Google’s AMP version of websites.

Download Facebook Lite

Download Facebook can be either from Google Play Store
Or you can download Facebook Lite APK from here
download facebook lite
Download Facebook Lite only 1.35 MB
Below is a picture when you want to install Facebook Lite form Play Store.
Download facebook lite from play store
Below is the picture when you want to download Facebook Lite APK from Google Chrome. It only takes 1.35MB for installation files. I loved this because will save a lot of internal memory compared to 58MB installation file of regular Facebook for Android application.
Download facebook lite APK on from mobile phone

Facebook Lite Compatibility

Besides designed for 2G and unstable Internet connection, this Facebook app version is also run on Android version 2.3 and higher. It means the old Android phone will able to run this Facebook app version.

Installing Facebook Lite

When I was opened Facebook from Chrome the is a pop-up message offering to install Facebook Lite. When I follow the link it downloads a Facebook APK file from the Facebook site.
I believed it also can be installed from Google Play Store.

Login to Facebook Lite

Log in to Facebook Lite a little bit different with login to regular Facebook for Android, When I fill my usual password, it sent me a code number via SMS and I have to use that number as my password.

Facebook lite password sent to SMS

What is Missing in Facebook Lite?

I do not use Watchlist, Live, all I need is to see the notification that matters to me. I see no missing important feature in Facebook Lite. So yes, this is my favorite Facebook app edition.

facebook lite features
everything i need from facebook lite is available
facebook lite is good alternative to regular facebook app

Other than Facebook Lite, Facebook also released Messenger Lite with the same goal.

Namecheap Hosting Review, A New Hosting Alternative For Me

Namecheap is not only selling domain but also provide hosting with good performance and good price as well. I registered many domains there and also have a hosting plan. Namecheap hosting is a good choice who concern about performance and price.

I am using the Stellar plan which only cost me $2.88 per month or $24.88 per year. With this plan, I can host up to 3 websites, 1 main domain, and 2 add-on domain.

Currently, Namecheap hosting has 2 location of data centers, the US and the UK, so if your visitors mostly came from the US, this is a very good choice.

Namecheap hosting
Namecheap Datacentre Source:

I just realize that Namecheap provides 100% uptime, while my other hosting provider mostly offers 99.xx%. This Plan has 20GB SSD-accelerated storage and unlimited bandwidth, unlimited parked domain, up to 30 subdomains. Twice a week backup ( my other hosting provider only offer once a week). Last they also offer 30 days money back guarantee.

They offer Cpanel for the control panel and this is great as Cpanel is very easy to use, many of you already familiar with it.

I already use 3 available domain for more than a year and never had an issue with them. Even when I have a technical problem with my domains registered with them, they always fix it right away.

Other shared hosting plans with Namecheap are:

Stellar Plus

$4.48 per month or $46.88 per year.
Unlimited SSD-accelerated storage

Stellar Business

$8.88 per month or $88.88 per year
20GB pure SSD storage

Both plans above have unlimited domain hosting. All Namecheap server are using Dell technologies which is great, I have been working with Dell servers and they are a very reliable server.

For more info about their shared hosting please refer this page:

Different namecheap hosting plan

Namecheap VPS plan

namecheap VPS plan hosting

Namecheap dedicated server plan.

Namecheap dedicated server plan with Xeon 3 processor
Dedicated server plan
namecheap dedicated server plan with Intel Xeon 5
Dedicated server plan multiple CPU Intel Xeon5

Type the Password for Credential Storage – Android Error

I found “Type the Password for Credential Storage” error when tried to connect to VPN to unlock a user account in Active Directory. When I type any password it saying that credential password already cleared, but the error keeps pop up.

Type the Password for Credential Storage

Last time I connect to my company’s VPN about a week ago from my phone was working fine. Quickly I browse the internet and some users on a forum said that I need to enter any password 4 times and everything will be back to normal. However this is not happening with my case, I already type the password more than 4 times but the “Type the Password for Credential Storage” error keeps coming.

The other said that you only need to clear credential in the security group and VPN back to work. Again this is not happening to me even after I restart the phone.

Finally, I found the best answer for my problem is to turn off screen lock for PIN/pattern/password. After turn off the lock screen, the phone never asks the password for credential storage again. Although I have to re-create my VPN setting I don’t mind, this trick has resolved my problem.

Best WordPress Themes for Business

I have a wordpress site that seems alright, hundreds of visitor coming in daily and I once a while updating the content. I am using a free theme and it so far OK however since I moved to a premium theme, besides it looks better, the traffic also increase significantly.

best wordpress themes free

See what Jeremy Schoemaker has increased his website traffic after using this premium theme in his blog

Go Get The WordPress Theme Here 

Why using a premium theme can increase the visitor traffic?

Load faster, when your website loads faster than your competitor visitor will love it and stay longer with the website.

Responsive theme, means your website will show correctly in a mobile device and has good speed too, remember now people mostly visit from mobile devices.

What this means for your business… great user experience. People will love your website when it loads faster, they will happier when the appearance is simple and professional with the font that easy to read, not too small or too big.

When user loves a website they will start reading another post of the blog. It means bounce rate will become low. Bounce rate is a percentage of people leaving your website, the lower the better, means they stay long enough.

Google will now that your site is good therefor will put your website higher than other websites that’s why your visitor increase as your position in the search result is in the top position.

Go Get The WordPress Theme Here 

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