Director of Information technology: Highest Position which experiences about the Demand

Director of Information technology: Highest Position which experiences about the Demand

Director of information technology is the highest position for the job in business or organization. They are very responsible for technology for more than one aspects. Sometimes, someone in this position will collaborate with the CIO. Even though, both keep having large differentiation where and IT director works with the technology directly. On the contrary, CIO more focuses on temporary technology strategic. The director, typically, oversees the deployment of services and new systems. It also controls the IT vendor contract and the initiative and policies development. However, the director may report directly to the CIO.

director of information technology

About Director of Information Technology

Most of the companies own at least one director of information technology. The responsibilities include eliminating security risks, increasing user satisfaction, and many else. Here, you will see how a director is. This article will give you imagination responsibility, candidacy requirement, future, and the rest.

1. Terminology

This position has more than one title such as IT and Senior IT Director.

2. Peers and Reporting

A director asks for resource report, providing the update, and report directly to CIO. A director of a technology answer these questions:

a) Are individual IT teams reach their goals?

b) Are the teams own issues bringing?

c) Are other departments supporting the IT department by providing the necessary support, infrastructure, resources, etc.?

3. Responsible and Roles

Responsibilities and roles come to vary greatly depending on the size of the organization and the scope within the enterprise. The job itself will give a good impact to the organization. The industry will have an impact on government, healthcare, education, and nonprofit sectors. Here is the responsibility of Director in the IT field:

a) Overseeing and Developing SMART metrics for software, hardware, and storage

b) Ensuring the strategic capacity planning

c) Managing part or all of the IT department and supervising some employees, handling employee concerns, hiring certain members, and performance directly

d) Communicating with the team and other departments as collaboration necessary

e) Determining IT business systems requirements

f) Coordinating IT activities to ensure network services and data availability

g) Overseeing departmental finances such as budgeting and forecasting

h) Implementing policies and reporting it back to the C-suite level

i) Eliminating them with strategic solutions and Identifying security vulnerabilities

j) Support and directing new software and hardware implementation

k) Identifying and recommending the new technology solutions

l) Managing the organization’s help desk such as external, internal, or both

4. Requirement

General requirements for a director of information technology position:

a) A BS in computer science, c programming, computer engineering, etc.

b) Several years’ experience: manage employees properly within an IT environment

c) Several years’ experience: working certain relevant systems to the company. For instance; EMR/EHR systems in healthcare technology

5. Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the US, the demand for this job will grow 15% by 2024. This increased demand for such candidates because they need to implement the growth goals. Further, it is because of the cyber threats increase and the IT teams must spend more time to bolster their cybersecurity (protocols and practices). The BLS predicts that the cybersecurity requirement gives effect to the insurance, healthcare and so on.

Well, that is a bit knowledge about the director of information technology. Wish this article becomes your best reference.

Five Considerations in Choosing Vanguard Information Technology ETF

Five Considerations in Choosing Vanguard Information Technology ETF

Have you ever heard the term of vanguard information technology ETF? Or, is it the first time for you? If this question is right for you, don’t worry! We are going to help you to share an interesting knowledge about it. Essentially, it is like a fund of exchange-traded which is integrated in the USA. This ETF follows the presentation of MSCI US Investable Market Information Technology Index which has the stocks of technology in all cap sizes.

Then, for investments, they are concentrated in the US. They just focus on three parts which are the computer, software, and also the internet companies. As a result, the information technology of vanguard is ETF which has low cost and provides a large variety of tech stocks. They are available for the investors and it also includes the subsector of the industry.

vanguard information technology ETF

The considerations in selecting vanguard information technology ETF

In selecting the vanguard information technology ETF, you have to pay attention to these following considerations. Why should it be like that? Yeah, it can help you in deciding it which is appropriate to use or not. Are you curious about them? Here are they:

1. The objectiveness

The first consideration that you should know is the objectiveness of vanguard information technology. The investment objective of it is to follow the presentation or act of the MSCI in the US. Then, there is the Investable Market Information Technology 25/50 Index which includes the tech stocks. They are classified into three main parts which are the hardware and equipment, the software and services, also the semiconductors.

2. The allocation of assets

Then, vanguard information technology ETF has a distinction which is high level. In fact, it across the tech industry subsectors. In relation to the assets, the services and the internet software become the fifth of the fund’s assets. For the systems software, the technology hardware, the data processing services, and the semiconductors have the allocations. Each of them has between 11% up to 17%.

3. The cost

The vanguard information technology accuses only 0.10% on the yearly basis. Then, for the costs, they are currently about $140. Please remember that there is no lowest investment in order to buy shares in your account of the brokerage. However, the account holders of the vanguard brokerage can buy shares with no commissions. On the other hand, other brokers have the commissions which can add the fee in order to buy and sell the ETF.

4. The income from paying the shareholders

It is better for you to know that vanguard information technology ETF is only 1.2% for the current SEC defined yield. In addition, the ETF creates some allocations on a quarterly basis which the total amounts are varying. It is based on how much income from the fund which accumulates from the holdings.

5. Appropriate for you

Greatly, the vanguard information technology has finished an excellent work in giving the exposure of the shareholders to the tech industry. Hence, it becomes the last consideration in choosing what the vanguard information technology is appropriate for you or not.

Those are five considerations in selecting the vanguard information technology ETF. Hopefully, it can be very useful to you.

Incredible Information Technology Services from Pakistan to the World

Incredible Information Technology Services from Pakistan to the World

There are many Information technology services (ITS) in the world one of them is from Pakistan. Pakistan is a country in South Asian boundaries with India, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Arabian Sea. The country with has many uniqueness also has a cool building to serves people relate to the information technology. By the way, the office stands at C-32, Block -1(A), Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi, Pakistan. They provide lots of services for all customers thoroughly the world.

information technology services

5 Featured Product Information Technology Service

Information Technology Service in Pakistan has established since 2001 under the professional teams. They are very professional toward web development, publication, and event management. Additionally, the company also own quality services and successfully in operating various projects.


The vision of the company provides publishing, conference management, and digital marketing services. ITS company believes that the vision will work during they uphold the highest standards of work ethics. Then, they practice and undergo the duty exceeding the expectations of the customers.


Providing the best service to customers is the mission of this company. They will do it with honesty, perseverance and high dedication. At the same time, the company provides the best work environment for employees. So, they are able to work professionally both individually and in groups. In addition, a good working atmosphere creates a feeling of happiness and they can grow and develop together.

Below are the products or services of the company:

1. XML Conversion

The company from Pakistan is famous for the best service of XML Conversion to the R& D organization and the major publishers around the world. The focus on improving the efficiency and affordability in delivering high-quality XML services. XML conversion from the company has the high standard solution. It transforms database and document to fulfill the customer’s need really both today and the future.

Main Benefits of I.T.S XML Conversion Services:

a) Database Preservation and Maximum Accuracy

b) Significant Cost Savings

c) Minimum Turnaround Time

d) Innovative and Customized Solutions

e) Optimum Security of Information

f) Increased Flexibility

2. Proof Reading

Generally, the function of proofreading catch any glaring errors. The Expert proofreaders from I.T.S really help to give a professional image to a piece of writing.

3. Copy Editing

The presence of the copy editing helps the writers to improve readability, accuracy, and coherency of the text. By the way, the duty of copy editing relies on the content.

4. Graphics Enhancement

An article with illegible, bad quality or fuzzy form is the same with suicide. Giving the authenticity, diagram, figure, to research is very essential.

5. Graphic Design

The products of graphic design from the information technology services are various. Lots of designs such as the brochure, flyer, logo, poster, business card, advertisement, and presentation folder. Besides that, there are catalog/ booklet design, book cover, website layout, and banner animation. 

The information technology services from Pakistan has many products of high quality. Alongside those 5 points, the company still saves some. You can buy Printing, Web development, Composition, E-publication, Post-publication, and Event Management. It turns out a small country with two cultures is able to show a modernity to help the people in the world.

Entry Level Information Technology Jobs with High Salary Prove That You Take The Right Major

Entry Level Information Technology Jobs with High Salary Prove That You Take The Right Major

Be happy and thankful because you choose the right major in your study. There are a lot of company waiting for your graduation and fill their office soon. Entry-level information technology jobs have an easy job desk but it requires you to face the computer screen longer. Nonetheless, many people dream of this job so that you have many rivals later. To avoid a bad event, you better search many companies from now. So, you will be more ready to send the application or they perhaps will hire you before graduation. Below are the levels of the entry jobs as your reference.

entry-level information technology jobs

8 Entry Level Information technology Jobs with the Salary

Here are 8 entry-level information technology jobs include the payment:

1. Software Engineer I

You have a team usually to design computer software applications and develop it. You along with your team will be key stakeholders for each company/organization. Then, you became the channeling your inner coding power to analyze to the user. By the way, the average software engineer I salary is $ 54,876 in 2010. It means you have a bigger salary payment now.

2. Network Specialist

As a network specialist, you must understand how to implement computer networks and record problems. Some companies may ask you to get network certification, such as Cisco and Microsoft. The average salary for the network specialist starts from $ 52.616.

3. IT Specialist

The entry level for the IT specialist, in fact, has large meaning. It consists of the technology, security or system analysis, operation system, data management, and the customer support. You will responsible to make sure that all systems run properly. You will get the average salary about S 51,754 in 2010.

4. Junior Administrator System

Your duty as the entry-level information technology job is a lot enough. It covers helping the current organization or company in maintaining and improving their computer systems. The payment for the junior administrator system is about $46.246.

5. Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Your job is helping a Ph.D. with their research where it will be the first step to be a doctor. Therefore, the job is suitable for people who want to continue their tertiary education. The salary of the job is about $ 43.613.

6. Computer Support Specialist

It has the salary in 2015 between $28.980 and $47.660 per year. You quite evaluate the network, maintain and solve the problem. You also must control and repair the computer device. Besides that, you will train them to use the hardware, software, and the new computer device.

7. Cellular application development

The average salary is $ 57,340 up to $98.260 per year in 2015. The responsible is designing and adjusts the computer application software to the user’s necessary. You must responsible for the coding, testing, and debugging. Even, you must monitor existing software applications and ensure they are running correctly.

8. Web Development

The average payment in 2015 is $ 34.770- $ 64.970 per year. Your job desk helps to design and build the website. You also test application for websites and write codes. Together with other team members, you must determine the layout, audio, graphics, and monitor web site traffics.

Those are the specification of the entry-level information technology jobs for you. Such as you know, IT system has large coverage and it is easy to get the job.

The Top Ten of Call Center Technology

The Top Ten of Call Center Technology

Welcome to the interesting discussion of call center technology. Well, before recognizing it more, what do you know about it? Do you have an opinion? Actually, this technology is evolving constantly. Thus, it is not easy to keep the latest innovations track in the market.

Talking about this kind of technology, it has some kinds of it that people need to know. Are you one of the people who need to know it? if so, we will tell you then. Generally, the kinds of this technology have different role and function. Thus, let’s check them out in the explanation below.

call center technology

Top Ten of Call Center Technology

When we talk about the best call center technology, it is better for you to know that there are ten kinds of it. Are you curious about them? If it is true, don’t worry! We surely will help you to give great information about it. Hopefully, you can increase your knowledge about this kind of technology.  Well, here is the list of the kinds of call center based on technology.

1. Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

The first kind of call center technology is Automatic Call Distributor or ACD. Greatly, it is able to manage the incoming calls to a call center. On the other hand, it also routes those calls to the suitable party according to the instructions of pre-established handling. Moreover, there are many features of Automatic Call Distributor which are according to routing technology. The feature routes the calls to the suitable agent of a call center and of course based on the skill set.

2. Predictive Dialer 

A predictive dialer means that it can call a list of the telephone numbers automatically. Besides, it can screen out the busy signals and no answers. Also, an agent or a call center will be provided in order to handle a call when predict to answer at the same time.
Commonly, a predictive dialer is frequently used in the call centers of outbound. Why can it be like that? In a fact, it can improve the productivity of the call center by decreasing the total amount of time agents. These time agents should be spent on each call which you use.

3. Issue tracking system

Then, the third type of call center technology is named issue tracking system. What do you know about it? Actually, it is usually used in a call center. It has the function to record and also to follow the progress of a customer’s issue. Then, the system of it captures all the information which is related to the issue. On the other hand, it also lets the managers know a person who will be responsible to resolve it.

4. Knowledgebase

The next kind of the call center technology is called knowledge base. Well, it is important for you to know that this knowledge base is a central repository from the dynamic information. In addition, it is also classified as a significant part of a system from the knowledge management.
Furthermore, this knowledge base is commonly used in the call centers in order to give the agents of a call center. Besides, the costumes can get so much useful information without having difficulties.

5. Text analytics

Do you know the function of the text analytics? Actually, this application is used to analyze the text from the interactions of customer service. Then, related to the call center technology, this application can help you in the organizations extract value. It can be done from the total number of the interactions in the text-based customer.

6. Session initiation protocol (SIP) 

This application is frequently used in the call centers related to Internet Protocol or IP technology. The SIP decides the end system to be applied for the session. It is also used for media parameters, communication media, and the called party to unite in the communication. Then, you need to know that SIP can build a call parameter at the end of the communication. It will also handle call transfer and termination. Then, it lets customers and virtual call center agents link up with the call center from somewhere in the world. So, this application has an important role in call center technology.

7. Rich Presence

What do you think about this application? And, what is its role? Well, this application situates and identifies a computing device in spite of its location immediately the users connect to the network. In this condition, the application allows the users to know other users which are connected. Besides, it also monitors to some extent what they are doing. Basically, the Rich Presence is used in the call center for online chat.

8. Email response management software

This is software which handles email based on the users’ defined rules. Many call centers use this software to manage big volumes of email messages. Besides, they use this software since it can track and record each message status and follow-up the message. Then, this software is also used in the call center technology to present automated responses to any incoming emails according to the similar email responses from the past. So, it is useful for managing the email.

9. Computer telephony integration

The computer telephony integration or CTI is used to manage the telephone calls. Using this application, the call center agents will get a ‘screen popup’ on the screen of their computer when their customers’ call in. Besides, this application will provide the detailed information about the customer who is on the line. CTI develops the productivity of call center agent by removing the need for them to find information while on a call. So, it will, of course, be used for the call center technology.

10. Speech analytics

This is an application used to screen the customers’ interactions for the reason of finding the customers need. Besides, it is able to detect cost savings and also the cost avoidance opportunities. It can also identify the ideas for improved or new product and identify cross-sell/up-sell opportunities.

Moreover, the speech analytics is able to determine the marketing campaign effectiveness. It also has a role to identify the competitive situations and the essential reasons why the customers close his or her accounts. Thus, the role of speech analytic is very necessary for the call center.

Well, that is all about the explanation of call center technology we can share with you. Hopefully, it will be beneficial information for you.

5 Ethical Issues in Information Technology should be aware

5 Ethical Issues in Information Technology should be aware

This world is full of pros and cons as well as information technology. Now everyone is free to enjoy the services provided both as entertainment and as a necessity for life. However, information technology services can be a disaster for someone, organization, or government if they are in the wrong hands. With IT, one can become cyber-crime like hijacking or damaging the system. Yeah, that’s just one of several ethical issues in information technology. What are the problems you might face?

ethical issues in information technology

5 Ethical Issues in Information Technology with serious impacts

The following are the ethical issues in information technology which you might have experienced:

1. Cyber-crime or Security

Almost all people and organization had ever got cyber-crime or computer crime. They use their IT skill to hack, sabotage, online harassment, theft, virus infection, financial fraud, and embezzlement. Of course, it belongs to the security case in information technology. They have not fooled men but they too smart and able to absorb many insights. They can still access the data even though they are equipped with a security system. Usually, the cyber-crime accesses a user’s computer using an IP (Internet Protocol) and then collect data for selfish reasons. Actually, it is a serious case for business, government, and personal and need a solution.

2. Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement

A professional IT, of course, has worked such as web, design, images, symbol, inventions, and so on. They are free to use it for their business or sell it to another company. Unluckily, the internet speed makes irresponsible part does infringement. They copy the idea or imitate the product and use it soon as if it is their product. Definitely, this case will very detrimental to the rights of the creator and can make them lose royalties. Therefore, they must immediately patent their product or invention. So, they will avoid competitors who want to do this.

3. Software Piracy

It includes the cyber-crime too but a software producer which get detrimental, not personal. Piracy or illegal software copying both knowing and unknowing emerges on large scale. It violates copyright agreement and harms small-scale producers. The impact that arises is the closure of the business in small-scale software companies. They also more reduce the intensity of the creation of new software.

4. Job Displacement

The next ethical issues in information technology are forcing some companies to reduce their workforce and give them more duties. Giving employees more work or forcing out of their jobs will increase work pressure. Definitely, it is unethical if they don’t add benefits or give compensation. However, most small-scale enterprises are unable to do because they also lack resources and funds.

5. Privacy

Privacy is the right of individuals to protect personal information from access by others who are not given permission. The use of information technology tends to violate one’s privacy much more easily. For example, you often feel annoyed with unwanted e-mail shipments or junk e-mail with useless information.

Honestly, there are more ethical issues in information technology which ready to threaten everyone. Nonetheless, you do not too anxious about it as long as you keep your privacy and take security measures.

Easy Steps to make a Journal of Information Technology

Easy Steps to make a Journal of Information Technology

Are you getting an assignment from your lecturer to create a journal of information technology? Of course, it becomes the heavy task for you because journal cannot be made carelessly. Journal itself is a paper in the form of articles published periodically like every 4 months or once a year. Generally, journals consist of 6 to 8 pages. However, the issue is very dense with a wide range of knowledge or material. The purpose of journaling is as the development of a research that has been written. Hope that it can be a reference for other researchers doing the same research activities.

journal of information technology

Contents and Steps for Journal of Information Technology

Knowing the definition of a journal along with the purpose helpful very much for someone who is doing it. This paper has 3 categories such as Popular Journals, Trade Journals, and Scholarly or scientific Journals. By the way, the journal of information technology belongs to the scientific journal. Commonly, each journal consists of:

· Title

· Abstract

· Preliminary

· Materials and Methods

· Results

· Discussion

· Conclusion

· Bibliography

The following are the steps to create the finest journal that you should know:

1. Tittle

Make the title clear and interesting. The readers should perceive the core of the journal from the title. They have understood what you want to say though they did not read until it is finished.

2. Abstract

Abstract distinguish from summary because the function to describe the overall content of the journal briefly. This second part must be clear, concise, objective, and stand-alone. Stand-alone means the abstract part does not contain quotations or footnotes. The contents of the abstract are about 250 words about the purpose, method, results, and conclusions of a journal.

3. Preliminary

An introduction is a general description of a case that is being investigated which is presented to the reader to understand the purpose of conducting the research. In an introduction covers the background of the problem and the benefits of the trial.

4. Materials and Methods

The fourth of making the journal of information technology enters the part of materials and methods. In this section, you explain the trial process you are doing. The contents explain the experiment design, equipment, methods in data collection, description of the location, and type of control. In this section, you must explain clearly and in detail.

5. Results

The researcher presents concise data in the form of narrative text, images, and tables. You only provide information in the form of no data interpretation or conclusions from the data. Data must appear in the form of tables or images then narrative text supports data in easy-to-understand languages.

6. Discussion

The discussion section asks you or the researcher to interpret existing data based on observed patterns. Readers can clearly see each relationship between important experimental variables and correlations between variables. You must include different explanations of different or similar results or hypotheses from the experiment related to research conducted by others. Every experiment does not always refer to the major difference or important trends. Negative results from a study may be important and are new discoveries.

7. Conclusion

Give conclusions from the whole experiment or research you have done. The researcher has to refer back to the statement in the introduction to each of the data that is informed.

8. Bibliography

The bibliography is a collection of the names of the literature that you use as a reference when creating a journal. The contents of the bibliography in the form of quotations and writing bibliography must follow good and right rules.

All journals have the same steps in their creation. Your task now is to understand, make ideas, collect materials, and start making them. Then give satisfactory results in your journal of technology information.

Discovering your Talent in Crooms Academy of Information Technology, why not!

Discovering your Talent in Crooms Academy of Information Technology, why not!

Determining where someone will continue his or her education is not an easy thing. This is because the decision will affect their future. If you want to continue your education in the IT field, there are many choices that can be your reference. However, certainly, not everything is good and according to your ability. However, everything will be fine if you choose the Crooms Academy of Information Technology (Crooms AoIT). It is a small school from Sanford, Florida with the address of 2200 Historic Goldsboro Blvd, Sanford, FL 32771, United States.

crooms academy of information technology

The Features of Crooms Academy of Information Technology

Crooms Academy of Information Technology (Crooms AoIT) is one of the small senior High School in the US. It enrolls around 650 students (between 2014 and 2015) where Seminole County Public Schools is the party that operates it. The school under Dr. Brandon Hanshaw leadership, dare to releases a laptop for every student. The name of Crooms derives from the founder is that Joseph N. Crooms. He founded the school in 1926 as the county’s first high school for African-American students.

Together with Seminole, Crooms AoIT were banned from operating in the early 1980’s due to behavioral problems including teenage pregnancy. However, the US justice department agreed to reopen Seminole in 2003. In addition to opening Seminole, the policy also rebuilt Crooms and turned them into an IT Academy. This academy has a two-story building where the base floor is for classrooms and laboratory. First fist floor is for cafeteria with a computer lab and four classrooms. Meanwhile, the second floor provides a cozy gym for the students. Although the building is small it loads for 700 students.

In clearly, here are the features of Crooms Academy of Information Technology (Crooms AoIT):

1. The academy has cooperated with HP brand to supply laptop for the students. When the student’s laptop damage, the school will provide a desktop computer during the repairing.

2. The students own school’s cyber center as the standard high school library. It facilitates them providing a comfortable place and charging station to study with their laptop.

3. The campus provides an iMac lab for students as the core and elective classes. The students can use the lab to develop several multimedia projects such as Mac OS. Additionally, they can use it to edit videos and make podcasts.

4. Each class except the computer laboratory has SMARTBoards where the function is to save the lesson to the computer. Then, you can upload it to the e-campus from the computer. Students also get SCPS as the online education system. The facility, of course, eases the students to access and download the lesson both at school and at home.

5. Lots of students show their skills with creating the website and other computer programs as the result of their learning.

Crooms Academy of Information technology opens four grades from 9 to 12. It has colors of orange and maroon with Panther as the mascot. If you need a sport, you can take some types. It is such as volleyball, football for boys and girls, cross country, basketball, bowling, track, swimming, and basketball. Make this school pioneer your talent in the field of information technology.

Find the Best Information Technology Background

Find the Best Information Technology Background

Are you looking for the best information technology background? If you are, we will tell you some nice background you can choose information technology. The best background for you is important since it can offer an attractive atmosphere to see. In this case, we suggest you find the best one as your favorite background. Thus, in this good opportunity, we will show you some backgrounds to choose from.

information technology background

Let’s choose the best information technology background

When we talk about the information technology background, we will certainly imagine a beautifully artistic image. There are some kinds of background that provide many images to choose from. What are kinds of background which are nice to set for the information technology? The answer will be explained below. Here they are.

1. Blue Background

The blue background is one of the most favorite ones to set on the information technology. It can happen since the colour can show attractiveness. The image presented by this background is usually an artistic image that is dominated by blue colour. This background will give an elegant and inviting impression while being set. That is why we categorize it as the best information technology background to choose from.

2. Floral Background

The second kind of best information technology backgrounds to choose is the floral background. We suggest you set this background since it will give a nice impression. By being dominated by floral looks such as flowers and leaves, this background will be so lovely. For you who like floral looks, we suggest you use this background.

3. Abstract Background

Another best information technology background you can try is the abstract background. This background consists of vectors and photos. The image that is produced by this background seems like a combination of colour. The combination makes the background looks unique, lively, and colourful. In this matter, for you who like a colourful appearance of background, this choice can be the right solution for you.

4. Christmas Background

A Christmas is a moment that you are always waiting for its coming every year, isn’t it? To wait for it, you can always remember it by setting a Christmas background of information technology. Thus, it will be easy for you to remember this moment every time you the image of this background.

Talking about Christmas background, the picture can show the nice look. Everything in the picture tells about Christmas. The image contains some writing, animations, picture, icon, illustration, and some other things related to Christmas. So, it will be a nice background to set for you, especially who are waiting for that moment’s coming.

5. Vintage Background

The last background in information technology you can choose is the vintage background. The reason we suggest you use this background is that it looks simple but unique and interesting. The background can come from good patterns, designed a group of pictures, and a combination of colour. It will be suitable for you who like a simple and attractive look of the background.

Those are some kinds of best information technology background you can choose. So, just find them and have fun!

Important: Understanding the Principles of Information Technology before Join the School or University

Important: Understanding the Principles of Information Technology before Join the School or University

Principles of information technology is a lesson to prepare the students to get success in workplaces. They will begin by establishing awareness of the IT roles essential to an organization’s success. Also, develops leadership skills and an understanding of professional communications. On the other hand, students gain presentation management software, email, and proficiency in word processing. Students are also able to demonstrate digital literacy from a basic study of computer hardware, database software, networking, operating systems, the Internet, spreadsheets, and web publishing.

principles of information technology

Principles in Information technology contain Many Things

Knowing the principles of information technology is essential very much for someone who wants to pursue their career in this field. Certainly, they need to learn it from the basic knowledge. Here, the article helps you to understand it in more detail. Generally, IT comes from two divisions including computer technology and communication technology. Computer technology relates to equipment such as printers, CD-ROMs, and fingerprint readers. Meanwhile, communication technology relates to long-distance communication, for example, telephone, radio, television.

In essence, information technology is a combination of those two factors. Then, the classification of information technology are:

1. According to the function:

· Embaded IT: Information Systems that exist in other products.

· Dedicated IT systems: Information Systems for performing special tasks such as ATMs.

· General Purpose IT System: Information System for carrying out general activities.

2. According to the size:

· Super Computer

· Mainframe

· Mini Computer

· Workstation

· Computer Micro

· Micro Controller

The components of Information Technology Systems:

1) The hardware consists of computers, networks, and peripherals.

2) The software is a collection of functions/instructions to instruct the computer to carry out certain tasks.

3) Data is the basic component of the information that is processed to produce information.

4) Humans, parties involved in information such as information system leaders and operators.

5) The procedure is a procedure system documentation

The Functions of Information Technology:

  • Capture: Retrieval of data for information.
  • Processing: Processing organizing data to be used as information
  • Generating: The results of data that has been processed for display as information.
  • Storage: where to store information
  • Retrieval: information retrieval that has gone through the storage process.
  • Transmission: The process of transmitting information.

Indeed, there are lots of knowledge when you learn about the principles of information technology. One of them is the benefit of using IT. This system makes it easy for many government and private companies to make the management process more effective and efficient. Additionally, the utilization of IT in everyday life include:

1) At home

Someone can do his hobby like playing games through a personal computer at home (Home PC). This tool also helps in doing office work or even working from home. In addition, they can also use it to help with their children’s homework from school.

2) Education and World or work

The education world cannot escape the role of IT. Even the existence of computers and the internet is the result of research from academics. Education requires fast access to information and knowledge. The world of work also requires quick access to information. Fortunately, there are many supporting tools to work such as laptops, cell phones, and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), and so on.

3) Society service

Information technology facilitates community affairs in a shorter time. They can feel the service clearly in various public places. For example, supermarkets, tax services, water, telephones, ID cards, driving license, and other.

Hopefully, knowledge of the principles of information technology can become your education and career later.

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