Bachelor’s Degree and Master of Science of Graphic Information technology

Bachelor’s Degree and Master of Science of Graphic Information technology

Graphics information technology (GIT) or web concentration is a major that focus on Web design and development, commercial photography and videography, printing and digital publishing. With the skills, students which graduate from that program have a large career in the entertainment area. Certainly, it is such as the companies that focus on current business practices, the full spectrum of graphics technology, and publishing processes. Web concentration integrates various digital communication applications and information for education, government, industry, and commerce.

graphic information technology

Graphics Information Technology Program

Today, the article wants to focus on the graphics information technology program. With Bachelor’s degree, GIT teaches students with a creative, managerial and technological understanding of content creation and graphics information. Visual design, creativity, and technology subjects prepare the students to make visual content for animation, video, photo, print, web, and multi-channel distribution. As an intensive program of study, the learning is more emphasize about theory and hands-on laboratory practice. Students will develop the following skills:

· commercial videography and photography

· interactive technologies and multimedia

· digital publishing, media, and print technologies

· project and content management

· technical imaging

· user experience design

· Web design and development

Here are some career opportunities for Bachelor’s degree:

1. Art Directors

2. Commercial Videographers and Photographers

3. Video Editors

4. Graphic Designers

5. Multimedia Animators and Artists

6. Image Editors and Prepress Workers

7. Production Managers

8. User Interface Designers

9. Web Development and Designers

After talking about the bachelor’s degree, it is the time to step to the Master of Science (MS) of graphic information technology. The program is appropriate for graphics or technology educators, government employees, and military personnel. Students will own skills in web design and development, print technology, digital photography, multimedia, graphics sales and management, informational graphics, technical and scientific visualization, or other technical or creative backgrounds.

The MS program six times per year and requires a GRE score at the time of application. Most graduate degree students select an applied project rather than a thesis. The students explore and demonstrate knowledge of a graphics-related problem. Besides that, they also show the solutions, suggestions, and further explanation of the problem. Students in the program must choose the applied project option. The Master of Science degree minimum of 33 credit hours within the various graphics areas with rotating basic teaching. By the way, below are the Applied Project Options:

· Technical Area of Emphasis (18)

· Supporting Area (9)

· Research Methods Course (3)

· Applied Project (3)

· Additionally, the Thesis Option is:

· Technical Area of Emphasis (18)

· Supporting Area (9)

· Thesis (6)

Then, career examples of Master Science degree in the program are not limited to:

1. Graphic Designer

2. IT Project Manager

3. Art Director

4. Public Information Officer

5. Film and Video Editor

Such as you know, graphic information technology has an unlimited career. In fact, the demand of the job especially for the graphic designer increases 1% from 2014-2024. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( reports that graphic designers get an average annual wage of $51,640 as of May 2015. The middle 50% gets between $35,170 and $62,650. Those working for government earned a salary, with wages averaging $78,200. Professionals in advertising get an average of $52,440 a year, in May 2015. Do you interest to concentrate on GIT major?

18 Computer Information Technology Jobs with 5 Descriptions

18 Computer Information Technology Jobs with 5 Descriptions

Many people interest in information technology and then they start to join the class. Even though, some of them feel regret because they wrongly majored in the specialization. Their IT skill differs from what they have learned at the course or university. Definitely, decided a case should not rely solely on lust. It must be considered carefully without hurrying. So that you do not experience such events, look at some computer information technology jobs. With so many references here, you will really know where you are.

computer information technology job

At least, there are 18 Computer Information Technology Jobs around You

Okay, this article will describe lots of computer information technology jobs along with the salary. This information takes many sources such as, Median annual salaries, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, for 2016–2026.

1. Hardware Engineer

The duty designs and develops computer hardware either for an organization or as a commercial product. Hardware engineers design, build and troubleshoot existing or new computer hardware. The goals are to maximize technological efficiency, minimize issues, and errors, and fulfill current technological needs.

The Median annual salary for the hardware engineer is $85,441 in March 2018. Meanwhile, employment growth reaches 5.5%. Then, the minimum education is a bachelor’s degree base on the field until the master’s degree sometimes.

2. Data Architect

The task of Data architects maintenance of data and oversees the design for various information systems and databases. The Median annual salary is $112,825 and the education requirement at least a bachelor’s degree related to the major and master’s degree for some positions. The employment growth outlook reach 6.5%

3. Solution Architect

The duty develops technological solutions for organizations. The Media annual salary records that the Solution Architect earns up to $115,231. It requires a bachelor’s degree in the related field as the minimum education. Even though, you are still able to use business administration and MBA for a business degree. The employment growth outlook is 6.5%.

4. Computer Network Architect

It designs, builds and applies computer and data networks in a various array of settings. The median annual salary is $116,332 with employment growth up to 6.5%. Furthermore, the minimum education is the bachelor’s degree until MBA.

5. Computer Technical Support Specialist

The responsibility solves the troubleshooting both for a corporation and for individual clients. The professional IT for this field earns $48,309 per year with employment growth 8.3%. Bachelor’s degree becomes the minimum education requirement too. If you have a master degree, you have many changes to go to various fields.

Perhaps, you confuse about the minimum education degree. All of the computer information technology jobs require a bachelor’s degree as the minimum education. Nonetheless, each point above must relate to the career through some of them still give bit leeway. 

The other jobs are  

6. Site Reliability Engineer, 
7. Computer systems analysts, 
8. Software engineers, 
9. User interface designers, 
10. Data Administrators. 

You can select 

11. Business intelligence developers, 
12. Information technology managers, 
13. Data scientists, 
14. Applications architects. 

Additionally, there are still 

15. Cloud solutions architects, 
16. Web developers, 
17. Information security analysts, 
18. Mobile application developers. 
Those jobs have a high annual cost moreover if you have work experience.
Understanding 25 more for the Examples of Information Technology before you join the class

Understanding 25 more for the Examples of Information Technology before you join the class

The topic of information technology is never ending because it always increases every time. Not only the IT professional but also the layperson also like to talk about it. Even though, the coverage of the topic is certainly different. Indeed, there are plenty of examples of information technology. By the way, this article has summarized it in 31 points. Well, let’s master all with following the article until the finish.

examples of information technology

Here are 31 examples of information technology

In case you want to concern to the IT field, you need to know these examples of information technology:

1. Infrastructure

Technology infrastructure is such as load balancers and firewalls. It may offer support, self-service tools, operating infrastructure, and management for configuring.

2. Computing

Computing resources are such as a cloud computing platform that includes scaling, management of data centers, monitoring computing, and self-service tools for deploying.

3. Software

The provider fully manages, operate, and support the software application.

4. Platform

Platforms for managing, developing, and deploying systems and custom applications.

5. APIs

The function of the service is to extend the functionality of the code. For instance, an API is able to verify the identity of a user.

6. Network

Network services, for instance, a public or office Wi-Fi service are on the telecom company for the full support and management.

7. Data Storage

Data Storage is the place to save your files and objects like a cloud storage service.

8. Data Synchronization

Synchronization of data is across devices such as syncs your contacts and photos on your home devices and mobile.

9. Databases

Databases are almost similar to the data storage. It also stores a cloud database service.

10. Data

It is the services providing data itself like market data.

11. Analytic

The duty visualizes data for human consumption.

12. Content Management

Content management tools control, organize and share documents and content.

13. Content Delivery

It is a platform that publishes content such as the content delivery network. This example of information technology automatically distributes the content to multiple data centers. Then, the content serves the nearest users from a data center around them.

14. Transacting Processing

It is the platforms that process transactions for business such as a payments platform.

15. Workflow

It allows you to do semi-automated custom business processes that coverage human tasks.

16. Process Automation

Tools for automating work for developing and deploying bots.

17. Event Processing

It is services for managing events. For instance, a tool to create an incident ticket when there is an error in a log.

18. Monitoring

It is for monitoring business processes and technologies.

19. Information Security

Information security services blocks suspicious requests to a service.

20. Mobile: The application is such as navigation service

21. Mobile Platform: To operate and develop mobile services

22. Search: It is the internet to search tool and engine

23. Office Productivity: It relies on the tool productivity

24. Communication: It implies the communication services like voice, messaging, document sharing, email, and virtual environments.

25. Artificial Intelligence: It is a platform as the machine learning

The other examples of information technology are games, robotics, internet of things, business automation, workspace, and the development environment. At least, you have ever heard about the term so that you will not shock when getting the lesson.

Information Technology Portfolio Management for Investment Business

Information Technology Portfolio Management for Investment Business

A portfolio is a term which often emerges in the society when they watch television or read a newspaper. Seemly, this term more relates to the condition of the company, people, or the current field. Meanwhile, information technology portfolio management (ITPM) is the implementation of the systematic management. The implementation refers to the activities, projects, and the investment of the Information Technology (IT) enterprise departments. Another is the combination of methods and tools to control, measure, and increase returns on IT investment and the other business goals.

information technology portfolio management

All about the Information Technology Portfolio Management

Information technology portfolio management focuses more on a project-centric bias but it does not include steady-state portfolio entries such as application and infrastructure maintenance. ITPM is distinct from IT financial management because it has a directive, strategic goals in determining what to continue investing. As your information, ITPM has three types including:

1. Application Portfolio: This portfolio management focuses on comparing spending on established systems according to the relative value to the organization.

2. Infrastructure Portfolio: It is for an organization’s information technology and infrastructure management (IM). Meanwhile, IM is the management of vital operation components, such as data, processes, equipment, policies, external contacts, and human resources for overall effectiveness.

3. Project Portfolio: This type especially addresses the issues about the reducing investment overlaps in situations where reorganization or acquisition occurs, development of innovative capabilities in terms of potential ROI, or comply with legal or regulatory mandates.

Applying ITPM has various benefits for IT investments including:

· Portfolio management becomes the biggest advantage of the investment methods and approaches central oversight of budget,

· risk management

· strategic alignment of IT investments management and demand

· How to implement the information technology portfolio management:

· Risk profile analysis: find out what risks are associated with it and what needs to be measured.

· Determine the Diversification of technologies, projects, and infrastructure.

· Continuous Alignment for business goals

· Continuous Improvement (investment adjustments and lessons learned).

Next, there are three main areas of information technology portfolio management:

1. Framework and Processes to plan, create, balance, communicate and assess to the execution of the IT portfolio. For best-practice companies, these processes are standardized, consistent, and visible across the enterprise. These processes are consistent, visible, and standardized across the best-practice enterprise.

2. Tools which analyze data and information such as, costs, value, benefits, risks, architecture, requirements, and alignment to strategic and business objectives. The tools take data and information from the strategic intent, strategic plan, strategic objectives, and business.

3. A common business governance and taxonomy. It defines and communicates the principles, policies, accountability, criteria, guidelines, control mechanisms, and the range of decision-making authority.

Yeah, you have read lots about the information technology portfolio management and hopefully, you more understand about it. By knowing the ITPM, you will be easy to determine about the field and sometimes the companies. In case you also play in the investment business, you have to make your portfolio. So, you can trace the data and other information that will be useful in the future. Truthfully, implementing ITPM in all business is very important and must be done as soon as possible. Therefore, check your enterprise and make it soon.

Understanding Information technology Images through Bitmap and Vector

Understanding Information technology Images through Bitmap and Vector

Hello, how was your day? Have you just returned from somewhere? People usually spend almost most of the time outside the home. Then, they use the rest time to amuse themselves along with the family or their electronic gadget. Perhaps, they find some brochures, pamphlet, or other advertisement types on the way home. Further, they see the other advertisement from TV, computer, and mobile phone when they are taking a rest. All of these advertisements contain images produced by technological sophistication. What do you think about all that? Do you think that you found a lot of information technology images inside?

information technology images

Information technology Images: Bitmap Graphics and Vector Images

Without realizing it, humans have known information technology images for a long time. People use it in an advertisement, entertainment, and so on. Nowadays, IT images are more popular with digital images where the technology is very extraordinary. People can make anything with a good result and fast time than draw with the pencil. So, what is IT image of the digital image? It is images derived from the work of a computer, digital camera, or other media and stored in a file.

Digital images produce the far better result than hand-made image. At this time, there are two kinds of digital images including bitmap and vector. Both have features and weakness where all will provide here.

· Bitmap graphics

Bitmap graphics or raster graphics is an image that comes from a set of pixels or dots and has its own color. Usually, it depends on the resolution so that if the image is enlarged the image will look less smooth. Of course, this can reduce the details of the image itself. The bitmap image also has a larger file size because the resolution of the image is also large. By the way, the examples of bitmap-based software are Photoshop, Paint, CorelPhotoPaint. Well, here are the characteristics of bitmap graphics:

1. Save images in BMP, PNG, TIFF and GIF formats.

2. More flexible and real color gradations.

3. Images are less clear when zoomed.

4. Consists of dots or pixels with various colors.

5. Image quality depends on the number of pixels.

6. Resolution is dependent.

7. Requires a larger size storage.

· Vector Images

Vector images are information technology images that use elements of curves and lines in forming objects or images. Unlike bitmap graphics, this vector does not depend on resolution. So that the results of the image do not break or lose details when experiencing enlargement or reduction in size. File sizes from vector images are also relatively smaller and can be enlarged without affecting the size of the image file. Some software that applies a vector image is CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand. Below are the characteristics:

· Image quality is still clearly visible when enlarged.

· The number of pixels influences the quality of graphics

· Own resolution independent.

· Has a smaller storage size.

· Suitable for navigating pages, creating fonts and illustrations.

· Using curves and lines in the manufacturing process

· Compilation based on geometric objects from mathematical calculations.

· The existing color gradations need to be analyzed first.

People who are able to create various information technology images are designers. If you want to master it, you can take IT designer with a bachelor’s degree.

List of the Best Information Technology Schools

List of the Best Information Technology Schools

Do you want to have science and skill in information technology? If so, you should find the best school in order to get the best degree of quality. In the US, there are so many schools which you can choose. For this matter, we want to share with you several best information technology schools in the US. What are they? Just follow the explanation below!

best information technology schools

Top three best information technology schools in the US

Talking about the best information technology schools, we will tell you three best for you. These schools have a good rated academic reputation. Also, they will give successful graduation for the students in the post-college. So, you will have a good chance to promote yourselves in the job market after graduating. These are the schools you can take.

1. Pennsylvania State University World Campus

The first of three best information technology schools is Pennsylvania State University. This school is categorized as one of the best school in the US. It can be so because it gets 100 for the college choice score. Also, it is one of the industry leaders in a broad variety of areas related to an online education. Thus, it must be a convenience school for you.

Then, this school can be the right choice for you. It can be especially for students who are looking for training in the field of information technology. It is rational since the Penn State World Campus provides a Bachelor of Science in the information science and technology. Thus, it can be very appropriate for you who need a science of technical skill.

2. Arizona State University

Arizona State University can be your second choice if you need to get a good degree in information technology. It can be so because this school gets 99 and 94 of college choice score in the US. The score is only less a little under the Penn State University World Campus. With its score, this school becomes another leader in the online post-secondary education. So, it is also suggested for you to consider joining this school to get information technology skill and science.

3. Oregon State University

In relation to the best information technology schools, this Oregon State University includes in it. With the same college choice score to the Arizona State University, this school can be your choice to get information technology skill. This school is appropriate for you who are interested in transitioning into information technology. It can be so especially for you who have earned a B.A. or B.S. in other fields. Thus, you will get information technology science even you have studied in another field before.

This school basically offers an online degree program as the two schools mentioned above. This school will make you understand about software engineering, programming fundamentals, mobile and web development, computer system and networking, and user interfaces well. Thus, those skills related to information technology will be helpful for you in your professional career.

Well, that is all about three best information technology schools that you can choose. Hopefully, it can be helpful for you to find your desirable school.

Kinds of Health Information Technology Careers Degrees

Kinds of Health Information Technology Careers Degrees

Hello, great reader! Let’s learn everything about the health information technology careers! Are you interested with it, guys? It should be like that because it is so interesting to discuss. Well, a career of the health information technology is like the complete and inclusive management of the records in the electronic health. It can include the medical histories of the patient and also the billing information. In addition, it is categorized in the career of health information technology and will help you to increase the quality of your health.

Kinds of degrees in the health information technology careers

In relation to the health information technology careers, it is better for you to know that there are some kinds of degrees. Then, it is important for you to think about a career in health information technology. In fact, it can help you to recognize the kinds of degrees which are available. Besides, you are able to concentrate on the course that you study. Okay, here are the kinds of degrees that you have to know.

1. Certificate program

If you get a certificate in health information technology careers, it can be good preparation for you in looking for the appropriate positions. Actually, the certificate programs can support students in building up their skills. Thus, it can help the professionals of the healthcare in making the correct billing and keeping up the documents of health care.

2. Associate degrees

Associate degrees become the second kind in the careers of health information technology. In fact, this kind of degree is a base which is needed in order to get a work that is solid. Then, this degree just concentrates on the information management, the medical procedure and the billing, and the computer technology. Besides, it also focuses on the health care administration and the health insurance.

For the additional information for you, this associate degree includes some courses that you should learn. They are the applications of computer, the medical terminology, the fundamentals of health information, and the health insurance. Besides, it also includes the health services and the systems of information too.

3. Bachelor’s degrees

Then, the second kind of health information technology careers is the bachelor’s degrees. This degree will help the students in having the skills that they need. It is of course for careers field in the healthcare information of management and administrator. Then, the courses in this kind of degree cover some concepts which are related. They can be the information management, the business, the science, the medicine, the health insurance information, and the technology.

4. Master’s degrees

The last kind of degree is the master’s degree. Greatly, it can encourage you to move into the roles of the highest management. Moreover, this degree in health information technology is the most complicated field. Why can it be like that? It is because this degree will help the students to master the most significant and difficult topics. So, the students should concentrate on the learning of integrating the advanced technology into the settings of health care. Besides, they also should focus on using the technology in order to decrease errors and be more proficient.

Those are the interesting discussion about the health information technology careers. We expect that it can be helpful for you.

Some Important Matters in the Information Technology Intern

Some Important Matters in the Information Technology Intern

Let’s discuss the information technology intern! Firstly, what do you think about that? Do you have an opinion, guys? Or, have you ever heard about it? If you do not know it at all, so, it is very suggested for you to give you great attention. Do you agree? It should be like that. Well, as we know that computers and networking are an integral part of the new business model. Since technology changes every time, the owners of the business are difficult in keeping up the developments. It is of course for them to need some help.

The significant matters in information technology intern

When we talk about the information technology intern, it is better for you to recognize some important matters in it. Are you curious about them? Well, in fact, there are some matters that you have to know and learn. Here are they:

1. How you will benefit

The first matter that you have to know is that how you will the benefit. Many companies will not consider the occasions of your full-time career. Besides, they also will not look at if you have no some job experiences. However, they will make sure that you are able to handle and master the technologies and also the networks. So, in this case, the practice is also very important in the information technology.

2. Who companies hire

The second significant matter in the information technology intern is that who companies hire. In this matter, the companies just focus on the act of taking on the interns that have some good education. Thus, the hiring managers will convince you in understanding the basics of information technology.

3. Where to find an internship

Then, the second matter is that you should know to find where an internship is. Actually, there are some ways to do that. Firstly, you can check your own school that has a program of internship or not. The second way that you can do is looking online for the postings of the internship. Besides, you can also call or send an email to the companies that appropriate for your purposes, targets, and also your career interests. You are allowed to do that in order to ask whether they have such an internship program that you can participate.

Furthermore, getting an internship in the information technology intern is like consuming time as getting a job. Hence, it is very suggested for you to prepare yourself to work harder in getting a great chance in a career.

4. What to expect

In this case, you have to prepare for anything which is needed. It means that your own internship may be unpaid or even, it may be paid minimally. On the other hand, you are able to work on the different tasks like the system analysis, architecture, and the protection of information. Besides, it is also available for you the cybersecurity, the development of the application, and others. Thus, it is significant for you to get an internship in information technology that you are interested in it.

That’s the great review about the information technology intern that you can recognize. Hope, it can be understood well. Have enjoyment learn!

How Important Information Technology Consultant Is

How Important Information Technology Consultant Is

Are you one of the IT consultants? What do you know about your job? Well, as a professional, you need to look for the information technology consultant. By having known the info, you may know how to handle the clients. If you do not search for the info about it, you may not meet your clients’ needs. Therefore, as a result, you could lose your clients.

The most important about information technology consultant is the definition of an IT consultant. What is actually an IT consultant? Well, the IT consultant is a person who provides some advice, guidelines, and a roadmap related to the IT itself. It consultant might use the worker to help him repairing some IT errors as well as it is under his maintenance.

The necessary information technology consultant

Do you need the information technology consultant for your career advice? Well, actually, what do the IT consultants do? Read the information below if you want to be an IT consultant!
Understanding your role. You are an IT consultant, aren’t you? You, therefore, must have known about IT systems and all things related to it. Anyway, it is very ridiculous if you know nothing about IT but you are an IT consultant. Being a great communicator will be useless once you have no idea about IT.

Knowing your clients’ need. Every client who meets you must have his own problem which may differ from each other. If your client wants you to create such a new system, you must ask for the detailed system. This is done to help you create such an appropriate system which the client wants. Let you define the software, hardware, network requirements, etc.
Presenting the solution. Almost all IT consultants will present the solution for the clients’ problem in oral reports. Well, even though the oral reports are good, you need to give the clients written reports. This will make everything clearer.
Progress report. When you are about to do things which clients want, you have to prepare and present the progress reports to them. Of course, you need to maintain the clients’ contact. You might choose whether or not you want your reports sent online.
Skills. All IT consultants must be skillful. Having a skillful qualified working, clients will believe in you fully. Thus, do not make the clients disappointed of not being able to do the work on time.

The information technology consultant may include the salary, too. Usually, a junior IT consultant will earn £20,000 to £30,000. If you have experienced, you may get paid £32,000 to £40,000. Well, if you are a senior IT consultant, you may earn £40,000 to £80,000.

If you’re looking for the information technology consultant to know the procedure of a good IT consultant, please, browse the internet. There, you might even get the info about the working hours for an IT consultant. Finally, as an IT consultant, you need to have some qualifications. Do not only know about IT only but also software engineering, electrical, math, and business.

The Need of Information Technology Salary Guide

The Need of Information Technology Salary Guide

As an Information Technology consultant, are you paid fairly? Information technology salary guide must be precious and important information if your job is an IT consultant. If you’ve known it, once you are being hired, you could tell them how much they need to pay for. However, you must also remember to notice whether or not you are a qualified and professional person.

Though you aren’t running any business but working in a company, you still need the best information technology salary guide. Do not get too blur if you find your salary’s friend is higher than yours. This may be due to the different working company. Of course, working in a large, famous company may give you a big salary rather than the small company.

The 2017/2018 best information technology salary guide for professionals

In Canada, the information technology salary guide becomes the necessary thing so that the government has created it itself. Well, this time, we are going to discuss more the factors may influence the IT salary. You must wonder about it, right? Okay, let’s check it out below!
The company. The company you are working for is the one affects your salary the most. Generally, as an IT engineer or consultant, you will get USD $18 per hour. However, you could also get paid for USD $17 or USD $23. A big, large company must pay you higher since there are many people use its service.

The experience. Are you a junior IT consultant or the senior one? Well, it is sure that the experience may lead you to a different salary. As well as you are experienced, of course, you will get more money. A senior tends to have more experiences than a junior.
Location. Actually, working in a different location will also differentiate your salary. For instance, in Canada, mostly, the IT consultant will get paid by the USD $86 per hour. However, in the USA it is USD $83. Of course, the living cost will also be different.
Job title. A job title is also one of the factors which may make your salary increased. Well, in the company, the experienced IT workers who have job title will get a higher salary than they who do not possess job title.

Skills. Your skills are worth. If you are proved you are capable and have skills in doing your work. Of course, you will not get a low salary. That is because when you are skilled, your clients will be relieved. For the result, they will keep using your company’s service.

The information technology salary guide finally becomes the most important info to get. You will make yourself worth if you know the info. Therefore, you will get a salary as suitable and fair for you. In getting the information, you may ask for it directly in the company you are working for. Yet, you may also look for the info about it on the internet.

Well, as well as you have read the information technology salary guide, it is wise for you to not to make yourself worth. Do not play dumb. Even though you are junior, you might get a good salary because you have proved skills, etc.
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