Health Information Technology Salary in the US complete with additional information

Health Information Technology Salary in the US complete with additional information

Working at the hospital or the health department must not from the related graduate. You are with your information technology still has a big change to join to those places. Even though, the job desk differs from the doctors and nurse. You more handle about the organization, accuracy of patient records, quality, safety, and accessibility. The technician also manages the medical records such as the diagnosis, patient insurance, treatment, and health certificate. It turns out that the work of a health technician is quite a lot. How much is the health information technology salary?

Health Information Technology Salary

Information Technology Salary, Jobs, and the Background

In this article, you not only get the range of the health information technology salary but also the others. It includes the job description, outlook, education requirement and licensing. The following are the salary guide in the United States. It depends on the location, education background, experience, certification, company type, and employment status. Here are the data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

1. The average payment in 2014: $17, 26 per hour or $35,900 per year

2. Top 10% earn the of workers: S59,170 while the bottom 10% worker is about $23,350

3. New Jersey: $51,850 per years

4. District of Columbia: $44.620 per year

5. Hawaii: $42.290 per year

6. Massachusetts: $41.700 per year

7. Alaska: $ 40.900

8. Three Industries with the Highest Payment:

a. Scientific Research and Development Services: $ 45,720 per year where it employees 710 people

b. Insurance Operators: $ 44,110 per year and it has 920 employees

c. Management of Scientific and Technical Consulting Services: $ 42,950 per year and its employees 3010 people.

9. Industries which employ most RHIT are the General Hospital and Medical Surgery. It pays each employee of $ 37,960 per year where it has 67,340 employees. Secondly, the Office of the Doctor is at $ 31,100/ year which has 40,970 employees. Then, there are Nursing Care Facilities that has 13, 050 employees. It pays each person at $ 35,250 per year.

10. Health Information Technology Salary according to the year experience in the US. Base on the, the average salary is between $24,354 and $46,679. Apparently, it includes overtime and bonuses. The overall average salary with 1-4 years base on the data is $ 35,000.

After talking about the salary, it is the time to move on the job description and the outlook. The patient medical record from the health technician becomes the foundation for all treatment. The information must be accurate from patient admission, home care, and follow-up care. The technician also provides the data for the third part, administrator, observatory, and the insurance agency.

There are some ways to be a health technician. The candidates can get a 6-month certificate from Medical technology or a two-year associate’s degree from the Health management/Medical technology. You can join some courses in physiology, anatomy, coding system, computer system, health statistics, and the medical terms. Do not forget to choose a university which has good accreditation. The Education Accreditation Commission and Health Information Management release it. Well, that is a bit of information about the health information technology salary, job desk, and so on. Choose this major and work with high salary.

Top 5 Companies for the Best Information Technology Internships

Top 5 Companies for the Best Information Technology Internships

Are you a final year student and looking for the information technology internships? Well, you have come to the right site where it will give you much information. Even though, you should flashback to the meaning of the information technology first. It is a technology on the computer that will bring a new future in many sectors. You, of course, have learned a lot about it and ready to try your skill. Keep follow the article and read until the bottom.

information technology internship

The Company Review for the Information technology Internships

Do not worry in case you should visit a company for the internship. The most important thing is you own a good skill in this major. Such as you know, information technology encompasses many things. It is such as the programming, network, database, design, administration system, and so on. Below are the lists of the company for your information technology internships:

1. High Tech Dublin Company in Ireland

It is one of the Ireland start-up trip companies that help people to get transportation easily. The company needs students who are able to coding and database. Even though, it does not rule out the possibility for them to do the duties of the other such as analytical projections, spatial analysis, involving multiple coding and database work. By the way, the office has a very open environment for everyone both the employees and the interns. This condition gives them an opportunity to study from the various international staffs and then give a real contribution to the company.

2. Web Development Assistance in London

There is a Digital Creative Agency in Whitechapel, London that is suitable for an internship. It has web development inside and the application builders to campaign global marketing for the American Express. You will help the web developer from Oxford graduate. Your first project builds websites for high-end mode label where it will emerge o the Vogue and London Fashion Week.

3. IT Placement in Major Global Organization

The next information technology internship is in Major Global Organization. It is a company from Barcelona who needs people like you. The company focuses on data management, semantic system, social media, and the application relate to the geo. You are going to get an opportunity to write a script and analyze the data. Therefore, you must own a good skill and experience with Linux, Java, and Scripting.

4. Internship System Development

You will find the company in New York, the U.S. where you work under executive control. Together with the staffs, you work for API and write Ad-Hoc database requirement. Even though, the company gives you many experiences. It is such as the programming language (Python and SQL), observation, software development, documentation, code repairmen, and manages data integrity.

5. Internship Database Management

The company still comes from New York and they need you to develop a system. The system will collect and analyze the program evaluation program.

Honestly, there are a lot of companies in the world which accepts the information technology internships. You will find more than 5 companies in case you diligent to search for it. Nonetheless, those companies are really the best and become the top five.

Master the Computer Information Technology then choose your favorite Job

Master the Computer Information Technology then choose your favorite Job

Welcome to the computer information technology (CIT) era! Everybody, of course, has known and often hears about it. Nowadays, this latest technology is the success to control the world because most fields or job need it. Therefore, choosing to work in this information technology is very beneficial for people. It is primarily for them who have IT education background. On the other hands, there are lots of types and places which can be the strategic options. You can work at the government offices, private office, school, hospital, and the rest. Even, you are able to create your own job and hire other people.

computer information technology

All about the Computer Information Technology

Computer Information Technology (CIT) is two things relate to each other. It means that the information technology is inside of the computer. The definition of the CIT is the usage and the study of the computer, network, computer language, and the database. The knowledge has a function to solve a real case in an organization. At school, the students learn it in more detail. So, they are able to the application program, administration system, network, internet development, design, and the rest.

It turns out technology information becomes one of the majors taken into account. Such as the statement above that this major have a good prospect for people. The company usually dares to pay them above the average salary. Besides that, all economic segments in all countries need the information technology graduates. Someone indeed can assemble a component which they perhaps ever see it or never. They also learn about the theory, organization, information gathering process, transmission, and the usage. On the other hand, they get more lessons through the computer course.

There is a relation between the interest and the value on the information technology. It relates to the students who always have high enthusiasm toward the new technology. They are always curious, patient, responsible, and creative to learn it. Generally, the students attracted to work independently and the group. Then, they solve the problem with the new technology creation and help the application.

Actually, we have touched on a little about the career field from the Computer Information Technology (CIT). Below is a more complete review than before:

1. Computer & Information Science

2. Computer Engineering

3. Computer Engineering Technology

4. Computer programming

5. Computer Science

6. Computer Software & Media Applications

7. Computer System Administration

8. Computer Systems & Telecommunications Networks

9. Computer System Analysis

10. Data Entry & Microcomputer Applications

11. Drafting / CAD / Technology Design

12. Installation / Maintenance / Repair of Electrical Equipment

13. Information Processing / Data Entry Technology

14. Information Science & Studies

15. Management Information Systems / Services

16. Mathematics & Computer Science

17. Drafting techniques / CAD technology

18. Art Technology / Education Teacher Education

Now, you do need to think twice again to choose the major. You will get a lot of experience where not all people get it. Alongside that, the period of time to study the computer information technology is not. Some people also work before they graduate from the school. Even, the lesson has many practices than theory. Therefore, it will be very exciting.

Information Technology Job Description Need to be known before step go further

Information Technology Job Description Need to be known before step go further

Many people attracted to learn about the information technology both relate to the communication and system. Seemly, they need much information about it before they plan their career and education continuity. Here, you are going to get what you want from the information technology job description. The explanation includes the requirement, license, or the specialization certificate. Yeah, it remembers that becomes the IT specialist has more many opportunities in career. Lots of companies also ask current degree and the license.

information technology job description

Here is the Information technology Job Description which you should know

A worker from the IT degree will do their duties with the computer-based information system. They are very close to software and hardware applications with experience and programming language. Obvious, the entry-level need certain computer’s science and skill. Certification or license is voluntary to prove their skill. The example of the information technology job description such as the following. An organization asks for minimum education with the associate or bachelor degrees. Then, the optional certifications tell about their skill in IT Specialist, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, and the rest. Median salary has been giving the salary up to $ 51, 470 (2015)

Honestly, the above information comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US. It tells about the growth of the job that increases 12% for the computer support specialist (2014-2024). Generally, an IT create, operate, and maintain the technology. It is not the only a boundary to the technology company but also the business, organization, and agencies. On the other hands, they also provide hardware, software, database, network, web resource, and enterprise system services.

There are lots of duty from the IT specialist indeed starting from the network management, database administration, until the software development. Giving technical support and training the technical support still, become their job too. The advanced IT specialist must be able to design and access the effectiveness of the new running system. Alongside that, they determine the change practically and system’s modification. Additionally, they work with external partners such as vendors and agencies to integrate some systems. The IT specialist, in fact, must keep up-to-date toward the new technology because IT always change.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics note to state that the systems administrators increase by 8% in the same time period. It also got $77,810 per year in May 2015 from a median salary. Absolutely, you have got a bit view about the requirement of the IT career. Even though, the information technology job description will give you more imagination. You need a few months to finish your training to get certification and Doctor degrees. People who want to be the It specialist commonly have a bachelor’s degree. During their education, they learn about Computer science, Operations research, Mathematics, Statistics, Information science, and Engineering.

The fact, become an IT specialist is not seemly easy but actually, you will enjoy it. At least, you know that this career earns much money. This information technology job description tells that there are many duties inside of the job. Nevertheless, each duty is ready to give you its pleasure where you will never know before trying it. So, let’s go!

Business Information and Technology:  Many Careers and Universities

Business Information and Technology: Many Careers and Universities

Business information technology (BIT) appears to help all industries or organization to optimize the proses and system. The aim to reach the goal, reduce waste and inefficiency, and increase revenue. The role of BIT is very essential as the regulatory requirement, customer demands, and commercial transactions. Recently, numerous employers leverage this technology to discover the right balance between the complex computer system and the healthy business practices. Certainly, this field supports the company toward the continual procedural, software, hardware, and system. Seemly, BIT invites lots of people to know it closer. How to get the degree and career?

business information technology

Business Information Technology: Careers and Education

Business information technology holds one of the vital roles which integrate management skill and information competence through communication. It obtains various experts in system upgrades, modeling, management, and data security. Many career path for people who hold the certificate or at least a bachelor’s degree in IT major. Inside the job, they may meet many challenges operating management, business applications, and surely IT.

As IT managers, they have responsibilities for creating IT strategies, reviewing infrastructure problems and weaknesses, also monitoring IT operations. Regardless of the position, the employee must master excellent communication skills, technical expertise, and the ability to juggle simultaneous projects. Some of them focus on quality programs and training initiatives or IT security.

The creating of IT program for business to produce graduates with good business and technical knowledge. Both components lead them to design, improving, and optimizing their system from business to business. The students learn to evaluate until organizational reorganizations to considering about benefits, costs, and risks. Meanwhile, the student with a bachelor’s degree is able to master about it and fundamentals of business management. The topics of the courses are information systems, operational processes, and implementation.

BY the way, here are 13 Course and College for Business Information Technology:

Management Business System Essentials: London Business Training & Consulting

1. Online BIT Course: University of the Free State Business School Online

2. E-careers

3. IT Project Manager Certification: E-careers

4. Course in SAP FICO: Global Solution Trainings UAE

5. ITIL® Expert Level: E-careers

6. Software Project Manager Certification: E-Career

7. PHP Basics: Treehouse

8. CompTIA Cloud Essential: E-careers

9. Foundation, Intermediate, Expert Level- TIL®: Zeus Consulting

10. Information Technology Course: Train up

11. NEAF Business School

12. Summer School Smart Cities: Polytech

Information system and communication technologies have been the heart of the business all over the world. Even, both of them are always together without disturbing their own duty. Talking about the education, bachelor’ degree becomes the minimum requirement in many companies. Nonetheless, they must prove their current skill with license or certification. So, how about you? Do you have the interest to dive into this field? Do not through your time with something not use again such as the game or just watch spam video.

Use your time with browse reference as many as possible. Learn each information in detail to ensure yourself. You can also contact the university directly to get a real explanation. You may think that business information technology course is difficult and it has many topics. Even though, it will give you an extraordinary sense and challenge where you cannot forget it.

These are the Most High-Classed Information Technology Course for This Year

These are the Most High-Classed Information Technology Course for This Year

It does not matter in case you lost change to continue your study at the university this year. Actually, God is going to kind to you with your failure. He just wants to tell you that this time becomes the golden period to prepare everything you need later. One of them is about the option of the information technology courses. With your leisure time, you have many changes to seek many references before really take the decision. Therefore, do not be sad and keep your spirit.

information technology course

4 Extra Ordinary Places Information Technology Courses

Nowadays, lots of people start seeing and consider the information technology courses. It becomes the new choice to reach their achievement in IT career. The following are the information about the list of course:

1. Gisma Business School

This course takes Digital Information from Zero to Hero as the flagship program. It expands the impact of the social media and digital machine toward the society. During the coursework, the students get the entrepreneurs and organization to create generation idea and thinking freedom. Gisma Business School that comes from London has two main course requirements. It includes:

a) Bachelor’s degree or professional equivalent: It at least needs 3 years to complete the study

b) Language level: to proof of English fluency

2. Vancouver Career College

Vancouver Career College shows a Network System Administration Program. This program develops technical skills in network installation, management, and maintenance. Additional, it teaches about the implementation and operating computer services. Create people to get a new career as a network systems administrator. Besides improving a solid foundation in common IT skills, the school gives you change to participate. You are going to participate in the work placement program. Then, it gives you the hands-on experience you in the workforce and impresses employers.

The program from Vancouver Career College, England also prepares you to do several separated certification exams. It includes the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

3. NIT Australia

The Information technology course from Australia has ACS Professional Year Program (ICT). They also give the special discount of $3,280 for a limited time. It gives some facilities for the students such as

a) Course ID: ACSPYICT,

b) Certificate: ACS Professional Year Certificate

c) Duration: 44 weeks where it covers 12 weeks of Internship)

d) Locations: Perth

e) Delivery Type: Blended (online and classroom)

f) Language: English

4. Summer School Smart Cities from Polytech

POLITECH from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University releases summer program. The name is Summer School Smart Cities offers the course for the students with a comprehensive introduction to:

a) Implementation of product ideas with the instruments of digital fabrication;

b) Development and management project;

c) Operating CNC machines and Fabrication-oriented design.

d) Students also gain the theoretical knowledge and practical experience such as: Use modern CAD systems (Solidworks, Autodesk Fusion 360, Altium, and Eagle);

e) Programming;

f) Electronics design;

g) Project design;

h) Project development;

i) Rapid prototyping.

j) Digital fabrication;

By the way, this last information technology course still coming from England. Let’s join to one from the four options. With this insight, you must be spirit again and reach your dream soon.

An Interesting Review about Information Technology Examples

An Interesting Review about Information Technology Examples

In this discussion, we are going to talk about the information technology examples. However, before discussing it more, it is better for you to recognize what the information technology is. Have you known it, guys? And do you have an opinion about it? If the answer is no, let’s discuss it now! Well, information technology is one of the industries which is the fastest growing at the present time.

information technology examples

Then, people who work in the information technology field, they will get a higher salary than other fields. Why can it be like that? Do you know the reason, guys? Okay, it is because many industries, business, and the government organizations have a desire to mechanize their own business and the daily processes.

For the additional information, you have to know that the term of information technology is related to computers and the computer networks. Besides, in relation to the information technology examples, it also includes the telephones, television, and the industry of telecom. It will be discussed in detail in this following explanation.

Five information technology examples

When we talk about the information technology examples, can you mention them? It should be like that because we are able to find them in our daily life. Well, let’s check them out one by one!

1. Telephone and radio equipment

Almost many people have those things, right? Yea, in this modern era, many people, of course, have a telephone and also the radio equipment. They are very important to use by everyone because they can be used for voice communications. If there are two persons who are in the far distance, they are able to use their telephone in having the communications. So, these information technology examples are very significant in our life.

2. Traditional computer applications

The second one is called the applications of the traditional computer. What do they include? Actually, they include the data storage and also the programs which can be used to input, to process, and to output the data. In this new era, this example is also important for us. It is especially for the people who work in the company, in the office, and so on.

3. Software

The next example is software. It is very suggested for you to know that it can assist the automatic systems of office. It can be used for the word processing and also the spreadsheets. Don’t worry, they can be used as good as a computer when runs them.

4. Data networks

The fourth example is the networks of the data. On the other hand, there is also the equipment of all associated communications like the servers, routers, bridges, also hubs and wiring. These types of equipment are very important to use because they can support the goodness of the data networks.

5. Peripherals

The last example is named peripherals. It should be connected to the systems of the computer information directly. Then, it is usually used to accumulate or broadcast an audio or video. Even, it can also be used in the graphics information, like the digitizers and the scanners.

Well, those are the five information technology examples that you are able to know and learn. Thus, have a nice reading!

Information System Technology: Two Components of One Major for Great Career

Information System Technology: Two Components of One Major for Great Career

After discuss between IS and IT, it continues to the information system technology (IST). It means that the field or course already combines both. A Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) or Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems or is the degree from the course. It learns about the computer network administration performance, computer programming, system analysis, database management procedure. Definitely, they who apply it must own the computer base comprehension. Well, let’s deepen your knowledge about this field before it’s too late.

information system technology

What Information System Technology is!

You can write in front of the computer, make status in social media because of the information system technology. Do not you want to be like them who create many applications or devices? Think again because the presence of technology and system are essential. The students who learn this program will have many skills and knowledge of computer software and systems. The aim is to design and repair software for business, corporations, non-profits, and government.

Some programs allow them to choose a certain specification. It is such as software design, game design, computer forensics, web programming, or information technology management. Some online and community colleges even offer degree programs with the same prerequisites. In addition, entering this program also need A basic understanding of computers, operating systems, and typing.

Most courses in an IST bachelor’s degree program focus on the technical aspects of computer systems. They get the basic of developing, build and implement computer software for multiple uses. Even, some courses offer the specific insight or give the fundamentals of business and management. Typical course topics are:

a) Information technology

b) Software systems

c) Programming in C++

d) Network theory and design

e) Computer support systems

f) Project management

There are numerous choices for the Graduates of computer information systems technology programs. Businesses, retail, manufacturing, and wholesale industries always need good technical support. Well, Some specific careers are

a) Computer support specialist

b) Computer systems engineer

c) Computer programmer

d) Database administrator

e) Business analyst

f) Systems administrator

g) Systems architect

h) Information security specialist

Students from a Bachelor’s degree in the information systems technology may go on t master’s degree. Nevertheless, it must relate to the same subject such as information systems or computer systems. The program usually comes for individuals who chase their careers as managers, analysts, and upper-level specialists. It focuses on data, statistics, cutting-edge IST, management strategies, and global marketing. Students with information systems technology bachelor’s degree get classroom theory learning and hands-on experience. Meanwhile, the students who think about their careers and interested in upper-level positions can continue to graduate level education.

Inside of the IST, you will find more Components such as the hardware, software, telecommunication, databases and data warehouses. Human resources, procedures, and types also part of IST. In conclusion, IST is the combination of system and technology where both are complete each other. Nonetheless, you can learn one of them to get the specification skill. However, you will get more chances to control the world in case you master the information system technology at once.

Information System vs Information Technology: Definition, Course, and Career

Information System vs Information Technology: Definition, Course, and Career

As a layman, you may not care about information system vs information technology. Even, you regard it as not important to know because you are not learning it or working in this field. Nevertheless, the knowledge of both such as the definition and the differences need to know. The reason is you have been the part of them and you use it every time. Today, you will get much information about it and you, of course, are going to thankful knowing it now.

Information system vs information technology

Dig your Knowledge from Information System vs Information Technology

Why should you perceive the information system vs information technology? It is because the explanation about both helps you to get the school major or work. The article leads you to open your mind indirectly and brings you to a better future. After this, you are going to think ahead and get your life way. Therefore, do not leave now and keep follow the article.

1. Definition

a. Information System (IS): It refers to the entire sets of information management such as components, process, and human. The information system course starts from the program into the communication. It helps the students study technology planning, business management, and the implementation of an organization.

b. Information Technology (IT): Learn about design, implementation, support, or computer-based of the management information system. Focus on the database, software, hardware, and network. The final goal communicates to users with the best function usage. Meanwhile, an online IT Degree trains the students to solve the business’s case with technology critically and innovatively.

2. Courses

a. Information System: The course creates the students with proficient of operation and development system and information sharing. They also will hone their conceptual and technical skills to manage the IT future. Business Law, Database, Management System, and the Business System Analysis are the lists at course.

b. Information Technology: The Bachelor’s degree in IT online mixes between skill and practice. Both build the technical solution and the business theory to apply in the workplace effectively. The course also helps the students with Database Systems & Management, Computer Organization & Architecture, and C + + program. With those materials, the students will be technological problem-solvers and critical thinker.

3. Career

Information system vs information technology, in fact, also give a different view toward the career. Unfortunately, there are still many people who have not realized but do not want to understand.

a. Information System: The need for innovative information systems in the workplace keep increase. There are many opportunities for job include; Support Specialist, Systems Trainer, Enterprise Systems Manager, and eCommerce Developer. You also may work as the Technology Consultant, Information Resource Manager, or Business Analyst

b. Information Technology: An online IT degree has various options to work and give a bigger impact on business. The IT careers are Web Developer, Software Developers, Applications and Systems Software. Besides that, there are Computer and Information Research Technologist, Computer Systems Analysts, Computer Network Architects, and Information Security Analysts

Apparently, there is a significant difference between the IS and IT which people not realize. BY knowing the information system vs information technology, you can new step to continue your life. At least, you have the view to plan yourself better and useful.

The Latest Review of the Information Technology Salary base on the Position

The Latest Review of the Information Technology Salary base on the Position

Have you just resigned and intend to try a new type of work? Working in the information technology seemly will be a good prospect later. Moreover, most companies give high cost as the information technology salary. Even though, you have a good skill about it so that you can enjoy the job. Besides that, the company and your partners will also give you fully trust. By the way, there are many branches in this field and you should know it. This article shows them below along with the salary.

information technology salary

Type of the Information technology Salary

1. Information Technology Director

The information technology salary for a director in the U.S. is about $186, 097 since July 31, 2018. Even though, the average salary is usually between $161,041 and $215,242. That all depends on some factors such as education, certification, additional skill, until the period of time.

2. Information Technology Generalist

The average salary for the generalist is $62.831 where it is usually about $57.084 up to $69.372. Similar to the director position, the salary range occurs from some factors. It includes the years of work, certification, education, and the additional skill.

3. Chief Information Technology Officer

Since July 31, 2018, the chief Information Technology officers get averagely $267.083. The average salary is between $221.009 and $324.343.

4. Information Technology Manager

Commonly, the manager gets the average salary from $109,352 up to $138,996. Nevertheless, it stands at $123,586 since July 31, 2018.

5. Top Division Information Technology Executive

On July 31, 2018, the salary for the Top Division Information technology executive falls to $250,649. Meanwhile, they usually take $214,651 to $304,169.

6. Information Technology Auditor II

Apparently, the information technology salary for the auditor II also gets a decrease. They just received $ 78,357 where they usually get about $69,225 and $88,889.

7. Information Technology Auditor I

It turns out most of the salary for the Information technology get reductions for this year. It includes the Auditor I which only receives $60,762. They usually get between $54,870 and $71,486 before July 31, 2018.

8. Information Technology Supervisor II

The Supervisor II for the Information technology has $104,073 on July 31, 2018. It falls because the average salary is usually between $88,447 and $121,341.

9. Information Technology Auditor Manager

The Auditor Manager for the Information Technology Company commonly accepts between $111,736 and $141,322. Even though, the company just gives about $124,452.

10. Information Technology Auditor IV

The average salary for the Auditor IV also falls in $109,920 on July 31, 2018. They commonly get from $99,537 up to S124, 447.

The average salary both before and after July 31, 2018, has been ruled according to the important factors. You will get it base on your education background, certification, number of years, and the additional skill. Therefore, you should to look at and know yourself. Ask yourself whether those jobs suitable for you. If you have sure about your decision, prepare your best application letter soon. Before that, find out the company that needs the new employee in the U.S. By the way, this information technology salary is only as your reference. You perhaps will face bit different fact later. So, prepare it as good as possible.

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