How To Upgrade RAM On Laptop Lenovo Thinkpad T430

How To Upgrade RAM On Laptop – There is a time when we think we need to upgrade RAM on our laptop. For me, to upgrade the RAM I must have a good reason. In my case, the memory utilization rising to more than 80% when I open Roblox Studio.

RAM (memory) utilization of more than 80% definitely needs an upgrade as it will delay your work because the process becomes very slow…

Check Task Manager

Right-click taskbar and click task manager you will see a similar window as below:

How To Upgrade RAM On Laptop1

The first step is to gather information about the RAM, how much is the maximum capacity of RAM, type of RAM, clock speed, is there any available slot we can use, etc.

My laptop is Lenovo Thinkpad T430 then I looking to Lenovo website and found that RAM can be upgraded up to 16GB DDR3. I couldn’t found the type and clock speed there but I found it on RAM manufacturer that the type is SODIMM and the clokc is 1600


Now I have the information about the RAM I need to buy,  but before that I need to see existing RAM on my laptop.

Check with CPUZ

We can use Systeminfo, but I prefer to use CPUZ as the information is more details. According to the picture below, my laptop has 2 slots of RAM, and both already occupied.

1 slot is 4GB DDR3 PC 12800 (800MHz)

2 slot is 3GB DDR3 PC 10700 (667MHz)

With this configuration, the total RAM is 6GB and the frequency is 667Mhz as it following the slowest RAM. With this information, I have decided to buy the following:

2 x 8GB DDR3 PC12800. I will have to remove both existing RAM and replace with the new one.


What RAM make to choose?

I have 3 options: Crucial, Kingston, and Samsung. Crucial is the best but the price is much higher than Kingston and Samsung. According to CPUZ the manufacturer is Samsung, then I will go with Samsung.

How locate the RAM location on laptop?

Just search on Youtube and find the right video. Don’t try to open any screw without watching the video first, as you can get into trouble and make the RAM upgrade process longer than it should be.

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How to Move A Website Easily Using A WordPress Plugin

How to Move A Website Easily Using A WordPress Plugin

This time I will show you how I managed to move a website to a new hosting provider using plug-in Duplicator. There are several ways to move a website from one server to another, however using a plugin is the easiest method.

You need to back up in the old server and restore on the new server.

1. Backup the website on the old server/hosting:

How to Move A Website Easily Using A Wordpress Plugin 1

1. Install Plugin Duplicator, on the right side of WordPress dashboard, click Duplicator, Packages

1 Move A Website - package

2. On the package section, click Create New button.
2 Move A Website - create new

3. Click Next button

3 Move A Website - click next button

4. Duplicator plugin will scan the system to make sure it meets the prerequisites

4 Move A Website - scanning sites

5. When scanning complete, it will show you the result. Ideally, every step must be Good.
If not then click the notice section and read the problem.

5 Move A Website - scan complete

For example, we have 2 notices:
a. Is Setup problem, PHP Open Base Dir: “ON”, we can try first to build the package and see if the problem will causing fail in build the package.
b. Size checks, when I check there are some big file, if you sure the file size is correct then ignore this problem.

6 Move A Website - notice

6. After you put a check mark on Yes, continue with the build process and click the Build button the system start building the package.

7 Move A Website - building package

7. When finished you must download the package file and the installer file to your computer. Depending on the package size and your Internet speed, it could took minutes till hours to download that 2 files.

2. Restore the website on the new server/hosting

Scanpst.exe: How to Fix Corrupted PST File (Ms Outlook)

Scanpst.exe: How to Fix Corrupted PST File (Ms Outlook)

Scanpst.exe is a utility program to fix corrupted PST file, it came when you installing Microsoft outlook as part of Microsoft office program. When you incorrectly shutdown outlook it can be caused corrupted to the PST file and when PST file corrupted Outlook cannot open.

There 2 type of Outlook data file, an OST file is a cached email stored in your local computer. This is a copy of your emails in the server, losing this you still the emails in the server. A PST file this is the file that contains emails in the local PC and not available in the server. Losing this file means losing your emails and no other copy, so be careful not to lose this file.

scanpst.exe location

When Microsoft Outlook cannot start because of corrupted PST file you will need to run Scanpst.exe to fix the problem.

What is PST file and where is the location of this file?

PST file is personal file contains email that part of Microsoft outlook program. A PST file can hold all emails and folder, the file size can be huge. When a file becomes too large, it became prone to corrupt.
You will need scanpst.exe file to fix the problem and the location of scanpst.exe file different on each version of Ms. Outlook, below are the location for each outlook version:

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit – Outlook 2016:
C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficerootOffice16

Scanpst.exe location on Microsoft office 2013
C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice15

Scanpst.exe location on Microsoft Office 2010
C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice14

Scanpst.exe location on Microsoft Office 2007
C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12

How to run Scanpst.exe to fix PST file:

To run scanpst utility you need to close outlook first. Run the scanpst.exe and browse the PST file you want to repair. When Scanpst found the error, it will repair the error and make a backup of original file.

The repair process could take hours depending on how big is your PST file. I recommend you to repair it when you finish work and let the computer on if file size more than 10GB. You can check the result next day in the morning.

For more Outlook troubleshooting, please check this 7 Ways to Fix Microsoft Outlook

How To Resize Multiple Images On Photoshop Easily!

How To Resize Multiple Images On Photoshop Easily!

Resize Multiple Images – I Stumble into this situation when trying to resize 70 PNG images that have 5 to 8MB per picture into a smaller size. The goal is to make the size smaller not the resolution, so I tried to use a free plugin to compress the sizes automatically however in the free version the maximum file size to compress is 2 MB so this not fixing my problem.

I also try the fast image resizer program which works great for JPG files but unable to resize PNG transparent files properly, it will turn the transparent part into black, it seems to resize it into a JPEG format although the extension is PNG.

So I tried to use batch resize images on photoshop, below I outline the steps to follow it’s quite simple but there are some parameters you need to pay attention to.

Before doing the resize batch process make sure you put the same all the pictures with the resolution into a folder to make sure the result will perfect. Basically, Photoshop will record what we did to a file and copy those steps into the rest of the file on the same folder.

To record action

1. I put all pictures with the same resolution in a folder.

2. Make the second folder called resize (could be any name)

3. Open Photoshop and open the file you want to resize.

4. Click Window and click Actions

Resize Multiple Images

5. Click the folder icon to Create new set and give a name

batch resize images photoshop

6. Click the icon next to folder icon to create new action and give a name ( I name it 600px) and click the Record button.

create new action

7. Now you do the resize process as normal and save it to the resize folder.

8. Make sure to close the file (Click FileClose) at the end of the resize process to prevent Photoshop open many windows during the batch process and drain your computer’s memory.

To Batch the process

9. Open File – Automate – Batch

batch process

10. Choose the source folder that contains pictures you want to resize.

11. Make sure to tick the Suppress File Open Options Dialogs and Suppress Color profile Warnings, choose the destination folder and tick Override Action “Save As” Commands, and click OK button.

automate batch

12. You should see the resizing process running and give the new files with the resolution you want.

I hope this “How To Resize Multiple Images On Photoshop Easily!” useful as it is to me.

How to fix Smartphone’s Bluetooth that keep On automatically

How to fix Smartphone’s Bluetooth that keep On automatically

Have you ever experience try to turn off Bluetooth on smartphone or tab but next time you check the Bluetooth automatically turn on?
There are two disadvantage to this situation:
1. Your battery life will shorten if your Bluetooth keeps on.
2. There is a possibility your personal data can be accessed by nearby Bluetooth devices. This is the most concern me.

bluetooth turns on automatically android
Bluetooth automatically turn on although you already turn it off before
bluetooth turns on by itself samsung
Open settings icon (gear icon)
why my bluetooth is automatically on
Click WiFi setting ( greater-than sign)
how to stop bluetooth from automatically turning on
Turn off WiFi
why does my bluetooth keep turning on iphone ios 11
Click scanning settings
bluetooth randomly turns on iphone
When you see Bluetooth Scanning on, tap to make it off
ios 11 bluetooth turns on by itself
Make sure Bluetooth settings off
Turn back your wifi on. These changes will make sure your Bluetooth is not automatically off without your knowledge.
Hope this posting will fix your problem. Don’t forget to share on Facebook and Twitter if you found this useful.
How to enter BIOS or CMOS Mode of A Computer

How to enter BIOS or CMOS Mode of A Computer

There is some key variation to press when you need to enter to BIOS mode depends on the BIOS / Computer manufacturer. Press the following key immediately after booting. The common keys to use are:

how to enter bios windows 10


IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad computers
F1 or F2 key

how to enter bios windows 7

HP Computers
F10 key

Acer Computer
F2 key

Sony Computer
F2 key

Dell Computer
F2 key

Asus Computer
F2 key

How To Replace Cisco Power Injector with Non Cisco Power Injector

How To Replace Cisco Power Injector with Non Cisco Power Injector

This article will show you how to use non-cisco power injector for Cisco POE enable devices, this could be Cisco phone, Cisco Access point, and other Cisco devices.

This was begun when we have several Cisco Phone 7940G without an adaptor, to get the replacement adaptor is not easy, it’s required 48V DC and 0.38 A adaptor.
Cisco Phone 7940G is POE capable device.

On the other hand, we have several unused POE injector Motorola AP-PSBIAS-2P2-AFR for Motorola Access Point AP 6521, the output is 48V and 0.35A so slightly different from the Cisco Phone adaptor.

Because I see that the difference is slim I am sure that using Motorola power injector on Cisco phone 7900 series will work fine.

When I plugged the cable from the Motorola power injector nothing happened with the Cisco phone, so I quickly unplugged it because I remember there is a 48 volts current that may destroy devices if not connected properly.

After searching on the internet I found that Cisco using different pin configuration, that is why Cisco POE devices must use Cisco power injector cannot use power injector from a different brand.

RJ-45 pin cable order configuration

Knowing this I make little modification with standard PIN configuration on the RJ45 connector and it works with the following configuration:

rj45 cable order

As you can see in the above picture that the cable color is:
How To Replace Cisco Power Injector with Non Cisco Power Injector 2
Pin 1                Pin 2    Pin 3             Pin 4               Pin 5              Pin 6        Pin 7                  Pin 8
Orange/White Orange Green/White Blue                Blue/White    Green      Brown/White     Brown
Orange/White Orange Green/White Brown/White Brown            Green       Blue/White        Blue
This pin configuration is works and this should work with another power injector from a different manufacturer to work with Cisco devices that able to use POE.
Although UTP cable has an RJ-45 connector each has 8 cable/pin, only 4 are used for data. Pin 1,2,3, and 6.
Pin 4,5,7,8 are reserved for telephone usage.
OK, this wraps up my posting on Replace Cisco Power Injector with Non-Cisco Power Injector I hope you find it useful. Let me know in the comment section if you having trouble implementing this. Please share this article.
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