How To Rotate A Video On Windows And Android

How To Rotate A Video On Windows And Android

How to rotate a video – Have you ever making a video for important event but when you try to play it on a computer you found that result upside down on or skewed. When this happen on a smartphone you just need to rotate the phone to make it upright.

how to rotate a video

How To Rotate A Video On Android Device

Without software,
just rotate your Android phone to adjust the video so it looks like normal. But this is only temporary solution. The movie file itself did not changed.

Using Software

How To Rotate A Video On Windows 

Without software
The most easiest without using any software is to press and hold CTRL+ALT keys and press right arrow key to rotate it 90 degree clockwise, left arrow key to rotate 90 degree counter clockwise, down arrow key to turn display upside down.

With Software
I recommend using VLC player.

How To Remove Google Account From Android 2019

How To Remove Google Account From Android 2019

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how we can remove Google account from an Android device. Why we want to remove Google account from a smartphone? In my case, I got an android phone from my sister as my previous phone is broken. This phone used by my sister as a second phone to play games so there is a Google account attached in the phone.

how to remove google account from android

Some problems when having two Google account on a phone

Actually, I don’t mind to have 2 Google accounts on the same phone although sometimes the phone gets confused when I visit a place, it always thinks that the other account who visits that place and asking for a review.

Caution: Don’t mix up with delete Google Account, you don’t want to do this as this will delete your Google account from your Android and your computer.

The other problem was when saving a contact it saved to my sister account but I managed to make it default to save to my Google account.

Recently I often received a full memory warning, usually I just removed duplicate files, large files, Whatsapp images and videos, unused apps, and other small things. But several days later the warning pops up again. I found this was mainly caused by updated apps and some active WhatsApp group that send videos and pictures.

Steps to Removed Google Account from a Phone

1. Open Gmail from your phone

remove google account samsung

2. Tap your Account icon in the top right

delete history google account

3. Tap manage accounts on this device

how to remove google account on samsung

4. Select Gmail account you want to remove

how to remove google account on android

5. Make sure you have selected the correct Gmail account to be removed. Click REMOVE ACCOUNT button.

google account removal

6. Click REMOVE ACCOUNT on confirmation

delete google account android

7. Here it is, now we have only 1 Gmail account on the phone.

delete google account from android

Storage Space Before and After Google Account Removal

Wondering how much data you can get after removing unused Google account on the phone? Well, that will depend on how much data kept on the unused account.
In my case before account removal, I have 0.9 GB and after removal, I have 1.02GB, not much but still give me some space and removing other problem I mentioned above.

delete google account and data
Internal storage before unused account removal
delete google account history
Internal storage after account removal

I hope this tutorial will help you delete or remove Google account from your Android device. By the way I am using Samsung J7 phone on this procedure.

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How to Convert A Website To Android App For Free

How to Convert A Website To Android App For Free

Convert website to an Android app – When you have a website you may want to create an app so that people can access your website without using a web browser.
There are many choices to achieve this some website offer :;; and many more

However, if you want to create using Android Studio you can following instruction from

By following the instruction above I can produce an APK file and uploaded to the Play store.

convert website to android app
I created the app for my client website Muffin Graphics

I suggest you to try using Android Studio, will be ad-free and the program will produce a small file compared to other software.

What is The New Features On Android 9 Pie?

What is The New Features On Android 9 Pie?

This OS brings several intriguing features grouped into specific categories. Listed below are one of them.
As outlined from the official Android webpage, Google also uses artificial intelligence technologies (AI) in many capabilities. Additionally, Digital Wellbeing can also be present to monitor application usage and establish time limits for apparatus usage.

android 9 pie


Android 9 Pie provides a new entry menu which makes it effortless to take screenshots and one-handed navigation for consumers who encounter motor impairments. Select to Speak attribute makes it effortless for users to choose text on the display and content is going to be read. Simply choose the text while using the camera image, the text will then be highlighted as well as see.

Finally, fresh entry providers make it simpler to comprehend discussions by adjusting over a hundred configurations to boost audio in a number of situations like restaurants, pubs, or even concerts.

Android 9 Pie uses artificial intelligence technologies (AI) embedded at the qualities of Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness.
Apart from there are also features which are no less significant, namely Battery Saver and Background Restrictions.

Adaptive Battery utilizes machine learning how to predict software which will be utilised within the upcoming few hours. So, the phone is only going to absorb battery power on software which are most in demand by the consumer.

Adaptive Brightness makes it possible for devices to understand how to adjust display brightness in various light environments with time.

Users have significantly more control over battery intake and restrict programs that operate in the background as a result of the Battery Saver and Background Restrictions features.

Digital Wellbeing or even”electronic well-being” enables users to monitor using this program and set the time limitation for use. Nevertheless, telephone calls from VIP amounts continue to be okay.
App Dashboard enables control over time while using the apparatus. Users may also understand the frequency of utilizing a variety of applications and what number of alarms they receive.

The Wind Down attribute will alert users when sleeping time has came. This attribute can be corrected on program, which will alter the display to grey while Do Not Distrub to decrease notifications.

Finally, the App Timer enables users to decide on a daily time limit for program use. After the limit is reached, the program will be stopped for the remainder of the day.

Android 9 Pie supports devices which are notched to benefit from available display space. Including cellphones having an 18: 9 present ratio which have a larger display.

What’s intriguing about Android 9 Pie is your navigation system. Google not only provides taps but also swipes through navigation. Navigation buttons will also be no more in the kind of Home, Back, and Recent App.

Users may swipe from the base of the display to observe the program which has only been opened (Recent App). Still from the base of the display, swipe left and right to proceed to the chosen program. While tap to return to front page (Home).

Android P was initially declared on March 7, 2018 along with also the developer preview version premiered on precisely the exact same day.

“Starting now [August 6], the over-the-air [OTA] upgrade of Android 9 will begin launching on [Google] Pixel mobiles.

In addition, Android 9 Pie updates may also be appreciated by Android One apparatus that fulfill the needs. Nevertheless, Google doesn’t mention the particulars of those ailments. The program for the upgrade will be approved in the conclusion of the fall or about November.

“We are working with a variety of different partners to establish or update apparatus to Android 9 this season,” Sameer reasoned

Mirrored Front Camera Problem? Fix This Problem Easily

Mirrored front camera – Ok you found a great moment and took pictures and video using the front camera. But when you tried to open and play, the photo and video become mirrored or plipped. You may not realize this until you take photos or videos that contain text.

This is a problem especially when you cannot re-create the moment and you just found out this after make hours of video 🙁

Many people will not see the difference. However, when you use the front camera to capture a photo or video that contains text, the text will become reverse.

Flipped picture or video

This is me taking a picture using the front camera, not a good picture right?

flipped front camera

Normal picture or video using the front camera

To make the picture above readable, you just need to do the following:

normal front camera photo

This option on the front camera setting will fix the problem

You will need to open camera settings. On the front camera section, make sure to untick the Save picture as previewed option. The camera settings option below are taken from Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016), yours might slightly different but has the same purpose.

front camera setting

Still getting flipped photo on the preview camera?

Don’t expect to see the difference right after you changed the setting above. You need to see the photo or video after making the option changes and you will see the difference. Hope this help.

Type the Password for Credential Storage – Android Error

Type the Password for Credential Storage – Android Error

I found “Type the Password for Credential Storage” error when tried to connect to VPN to unlock a user account in Active Directory. When I type any password it saying that credential password already cleared, but the error keeps pop up.

Type the Password for Credential Storage

Last time I connect to my company’s VPN about a week ago from my phone was working fine. Quickly I browse the internet and some users on a forum said that I need to enter any password 4 times and everything will be back to normal. However this is not happening with my case, I already type the password more than 4 times but the “Type the Password for Credential Storage” error keeps coming.

The other said that you only need to clear credential in the security group and VPN back to work. Again this is not happening to me even after I restart the phone.

Finally, I found the best answer for my problem is to turn off screen lock for PIN/pattern/password. After turn off the lock screen, the phone never asks the password for credential storage again. Although I have to re-create my VPN setting I don’t mind, this trick has resolved my problem.

Create Android App Icon (Adaptive Icon) on Android Studio

Create Android App Icon (Adaptive Icon) on Android Studio

Android app icon ~ I thought it’s easy to create an android app icon on Android Studio just replace the files under res folder and following the file resolution and names. Apparently I was wrong. Doing it didn’t change anything.

android app icom

Below are the correct steps to create Android app icon on Android Studio:

1. Create 1 file for foreground and 1 file for background from the same picture. My friend doing this on Photoshop and create 2 PNG files with 512 x 512px resolution.

2. Open Android Studio, right click – New – Image Asset

image asset

3. On Configure Image Asset window choose Foreground Layer. Choose Image on Asset Type: section. Click folder Icon on the Path: section. Browse and choose the foreground file you just created before.

foreground layer image

4. Click the Background Layer tab, choose image on Asset Type:, click folder icon on Path: section. Browse and select the background file we just created before.

background layer image

5. Move slider to match the icon position as you like.

scaling image

After this step you just need to press Next Button and Finish.

How to Build Webview App in Android Studio 4.0

How to Build Webview App in Android Studio 4.0

Webview android studio ~ My notes on building Webview app using android studio 4.0 is not easy for me as I forgot all the lessons in the earlier Android Studio version. I have a source code of Webview application but when try to open using Android Studio 4.0 too many obsolete codes that has to be changed.

android studio 4.0

Finally I decided to create the Webview app using Android studio from the scratch and here is the steps.

Open Android Studio 4.0 click File – New – New Project, select Empty Activity, click Next

How to Build Webview App in Android Studio 4.0 1

Name: Give a name for your application

Package name: you can rename as you like in the format com.yourcompany.yourapplication

Save location: Folder location of your application

Languange: you can choose Kotlin or Java, on my case I choose Java. Click Finish button.

configure your project

There are 3 files we need to add a simple code: AndroidManifest.xml MainActivity under java folder, and activity_main.xml under res-layout

files need to be changed

AndroidManifest.xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<manifest xmlns:android=""
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>

        <activity android:name=".MainActivity">
                <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />

                <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />


MainActivity file:

package com.muffingraphics.komiknextgonline;


import android.os.Bundle;
import android.webkit.WebSettings;
import android.webkit.WebView;
import android.webkit.WebViewClient;

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {
    private WebView WebView;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        WebView = findViewById(;
        WebView.setWebViewClient(new WebViewClient());

        WebSettings webSettings = WebView.getSettings();
        WebView.loadUrl("Your URL");

    public void onBackPressed() {
        if (WebView.canGoBack()) {
        } else {

activity_main.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<RelativeLayout xmlns:android=""



By following above code on the 3 files you should able to build APK debug for test the application, happy coding.

This wraps up my post “How to Build Webview App on Android Studio 4.0” I hope it helps.

I am not an expert for the android app I just need to build WebView App for my client. Thanks.

IMEI Lost After Flash ROM on Android Mobile Devices

IMEI Lost After Flash ROM on Android Mobile Devices

I have just found that after flashing ROM on my Android-based tablet, the IMEI of Lenovo Tablet is missing thus cannot make phone calls and received calls. The error message is “invalid IMEI – Telkomsel”. The reason I flash ROM’s tablet because the tablet hung when startup, only showing its logo.

android imei lost

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is 15 digits number ID of your mobile phones or satellite phones. IMEI number will include information about the regional code, manufacturer code, serial number of the device, and check digit. IMEI sometime can lost because of flashing ROM.

To recover the lost IMEI there are many ways, but I was decided to use MTK Engineering Mode because it does not need root access. Follow below steps to recover your IMEI. You will need your original IMEI number, usually under the battery of phones, so you have to remove the battery first to find out what is your IMEI number. Write down the IMEI number you going to need it in the last step.

1. Search and install MTK Engineering Mode from Google playstore. MTK engineering mode on Google play store – IMEI Lost After Flash ROM

2. Open MTK apps and click MTK settings run MTK engineering mode – IMEI Lost After Flash ROM

3. Click tab Connectivity and click CDS information connectivity setting – IMEI Lost After Flash ROM

4. Click Radio Information radio information setting – IMEI Lost After Flash ROM

5. Click Phone 1, if you have 2 SIM card slot, you will see Phone 2. Do this steps on phone1 and 2. phone 1 – IMEI Lost After Flash ROM

6. You will see IMEI is unknown IMEI unknown – IMEI Lost After Flash ROM

7. Add command AT+EGMR=1,7,”your15digitsIMEI” click send at command button. send AT command – IMEI Lost After Flash ROM 8. After send command you have to shutdown and turn on the device again. You should see that now your IMEI back on the device and now you should able to make phone calls and receive calls. Good luck.

Turn Photo into Sketch in seconds with Prisma Picture Art App

Turn Photo into Sketch in seconds with Prisma Picture Art App

Are you looking the way to turn your photo into a sketch with your Android devices or iPhone? Or you want Van Gogh style for your pictures. Now you find the perfect picture art app called Prisma. See below examples from original photo into a sketch in seconds.

Turn Photo into Sketch in seconds with Prisma samples

We can use existing photos or take a picture with your phone camera, all can be turned into a piece of artwork by using Prisma app that uses Artificial Intelligence to produce excellent artwork that usually produced by professional artists.

If you want to make your house or cat look like animation or sketches, this app will do it is job perfectly and easily in seconds.

This app gain popularity very fast, currently their home based is in Moskow. After Prisma produced its result, you can easily save or share social network sites like Instagram or Facebook.

Thera is about 20 art template on Prisma to choose. They use their server in the cloud to process the photos instead of processing it on the phone. They never keep the original photo even do not know who sent the picture and from where.

Their neural network is actually drawing from a blank image from our photo, so it’s like an artist and the filter is not really a filter. This is what Prisma different from others. While others make a filter from existing photo, this app creates an art from the scratch using their AI server. The result is stunning as you can see below from different picture.

prisma photo editor

Because the photo is processed on their server in the cloud, you need to keep your smartphone connected to the internet during the process.

Usually, if we want to turn sketch from your photo you are going to need professional artist help or programs that require hours to produce, with Prisma you only need seconds with an amazing result.

The minimum requirement to run Prisma picture art app
Prisma requires android 4.1 and above, only 7.1MB file installation, the current version is 1.1 and the last update was Aug 18, 2016. Camera storage and full network access is a must. The company website is

If you want to download Prisma from Google Play

If you want to download Prisma from App Store

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