ASUS VS247H-P 23.6″ Back-lit LED Monitor Review

ASUS VS247H-P 23.6″ Back-lit LED Monitor Review

ASUS VS247H-P 23.6″ Back-lit LED Monitor Review

Are you looking for high-quality and reliable monitors for your business? ASUS has released the VS247H-P series Full HD monitors with 23.6-inch panel sizes and back-lit LED display. It’ll be the best monitors to fit your office environment.ASUS VS247H-P 23.6″ Back-lit LED Monitor Product Description

ASUS VS247H-P has come with slim and stylish design fits home or office environments with embedded power adapters. You can not only place the monitor on the table but with VESA compatible you can also nicely place it on the wall. ASUS VS series with a panel size of 23.6 inches completed with Full HD LED back-lit and other key features to make sure you get the best visual quality.

Key Features

  • Full HD, LED Back-lit and HDMI Support

ASUS VS247H-P monitors give you an amazing high-definition visual quality of 1920×1080 pixels support. Along with HDMI support, pictures clarity can be delivered more real like true-to-life pictures. You can select the display mode with aspect control function from Full HD or 4:3 for more real visual without reducing the image quality. You can also get smoother motion playback with 2ms response times in the monitors. LED back-lit also complete the eco-friendly monitors that save-up energy and brighter luminance.

  • Smart View Technology

Smart View Technology will let you watch videos or movies while laying down or sitting straight. The technology will adjust color parameters so you will have the same image quality and colors from any position.

  • ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR)

ASCR technology lets you get a dynamic contrast ratio. It can measure the darkness of the screen with 50,000,000:1 contrast ratios. You’ll get clearer and more defined image from night scenes movies, games with a dark picture, or dark presentations slides.

  • Advanced Connectivity
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The latest display technology and advanced connectivity let you connect your monitors with other devices with various options. Especially the HDMI support connectivity will deliver video and audio with high-definition only in one streamlined cord to external monitors and other devices.

Splendid Video Intelligence Technology
ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology is an image setting selectable with quick buttons on the monitor. You can choose any task in handy after featuring with different scenario settings ranges.

Product Warranty

ASUS VS247H-P monitor is the first monitors featured with Corporate Stable Model (CSM) program. It guarantees the VS monitors series to have a stable supply, so you can order the same model for a minimum of one year. The guarantees also include the advanced exchange replacement service, so you’ll have no worries about a discontinued product and also save up more time to require servicing. This eco-monitor already certified by EPEAT Gold and ENERGY START which save on energy costs and reduce the impact on the environment.

After the first purchasing, you will directly get 3 years system and panel warranty for any accident to the product. ASUS Rapid Replacement also guarantees the replacement units if you get a defective product from cross-shipping.

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