Adsense For Blogger: Insert Adsense Code Under Post Title 1

Adsense For Blogger: Insert Adsense Code Under Post Title

Adsense for Blogger: The commonplace to insert Adsense code is on the header, on the sidebar, under post’s title, in the middle of posts and after post.

In this post, I will show you how we can insert Adsense code under post title and at the end of the post in blogger based blog.

Actually, there is an option on the blogger that we can use to insert Adsense on the sidebar and below post, but I need to put under post title which there is no option to this.

adsense for blogger
On some themes, we can use ads option and just put the Adsense code there. Unfortunately, my theme doesn’t have that luxury, I couldn’t find it on the template’s manual and in the option, so I have to edit the template manually.

Before editing your theme, you have to make a backup of current working theme in case anything bad happen after changes, you can restore it quickly.

Backup your current working theme first by click Theme on the left section, then click the Backup/Restore button, click Download theme button.

theme button

Now edit your theme by click Edit HTML button.

edit html button

On most blogger theme you will need to find code <data:post.body/> and put the Adsense code after that code. You will found several <data:post.body/> code in the theme, which code is the correct place to insert the Adsense code? You have to try one by one. In my case I add text ads1, ads2, ads3 and so on for every <data:post.body/> I found.

On this theme, I found Ads2 after the post. Then I replace with Adsense code and delete Ads1, and Ads3.

To insert Adsense code into blogger theme you have to convert it first otherwise it will not work, I am using this tool to convert the Adsense code to make it work.

I still cannot found the correct place to insert Adsense code under post title on my theme. After looking for some times, I try to test the location by putting Ads1, Ads2, Ads3 again and finally I found after code <b:else/>

how to add ads

Now I have 2 working ads after post title and after post content.

how to use adsense

OK that’s it for now, I hope now you can implement the Adsense code on your own blogger theme, cheers.

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