Ads Converter For Adsense or Adbrite Code

Ads Converter For Adsense or Adbrite Code

The ads converter tool below will convert your Adsense, Adbrite, Chikita, or any other ads code into a format that blogger (Blogspot) recognize. It will not alter the code so this is not something that breaks the rule of Google.

ads converter

Why you need to convert the Adsense code?

If you want to embed Adsense code into your Blogger theme directly it will generate error thus you cannot save the changes.

Just put your Adsense code on the Ads Original Code section below it will automatically generate the code on the Ads Parsed Code section.

Ads Original Code:
Ads Parsed Code

I think we don’t need this anymore. We can use 1 line auto ads code from Adsense and put it just after <head>, it will generate ads on the best places on your Blogger blog.

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