A Brief Explanation Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Do you ever know what the information technology and innovation foundation is? If you do not know it yet, we will tell you then. In a short definition, we can say that it is a nonprofit public policy from the U.S. This organization is a public policy think tank which is based out of Washington, D.C.

information technology and innovation foundation

Some important things to know about information technology and innovation foundation

Everything about information technology and innovation foundation further, below are some good facts about this organization.

1. Good-rated organization

You need to know that this organization focuses on the certain public policies which prompt technology innovation. There is a university that rates this organization as the most authoritative science and also technology think tank in the U.S. It is the University of Pennsylvania. Even, this university rate the organization as the second most authoritative in the world in the world. This, we can say that this ITIF is one of the best policy think tanks.

2. Easy to recognize

The information technology and innovation foundation are easy to know by the public. It has a simple abbreviation to remember. The abbreviation from this policy is ITIF. Then, its type is a public policy think tank. Those two things are kinds of matters which are easy to recognize.

In addition, the location of this organization is in Washington D.C. the president of this organization is Robert D. Atkinson. With its leadership, it makes the organization become better and better and be a good public policy in the U.S.

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3. Having an excellent mission

Another good matter to know from this organization is to have a good mission. What is it? The mission is to publicize new ways of thinking of technology-driven competitiveness, productivity and also globalization. It is a kind of good mission for the public, isn’t it?

4. Bring about many publications

The great thing to know from this information technology and innovation foundation is about the publications. It has so many publications. The economic policy and life science are two examples of its great publication. In the economic policy, this organization has published the State New Economic Index. This publication is to measure how much the U.S. States’ economies are handled with knowledge and innovation. Also, it published The Atlantic Century and B-index in the economic policy.

Moreover, in the life sciences field, this organization has published Leadership in Decline. This publication has a title “Assessing U.U. of the International Competitiveness in the Biomedical Research.” it happened in 2012. Well, those are just two examples of great publications that were done by this organization.

After seeing some facts about the information technology and innovation foundation above, we can know this organization has a good impact on the public. Therefore, it is very important for you to know it. By knowing it, you can understand its role to the public and the benefits that you will get from this organization. Well, that is all that we can share with you about ITIF. Hopefully, it will help you recognize this organization.

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