6 Information technology Colleges to escape to United State

6 Information technology Colleges to escape to United State

In the US, you will find numerous information technology colleges to support your career. Actually, this article has discussed some schools before with 6 universities. Definitely, you also already know it in case you follow the article. Several colleges before are Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Cornell University, Lehigh University, Purdue University, Brigham Young University, and the University of Washington. Nowadays, you will get the continuity of the information with more choices. So, gather all first and then you can learn it.

information technology colleges

6 US universities for Information Technology Colleges

Directly, here are the information technology colleges from the US:


Find the location in Chicago with online degree choice and additional suburban campuses. The college offers the student to complete a general degree or specialization. It is such as Communication, Data management, Networking, or Management and IT Entrepreneurship. The annual cost $ 45,214 with college choice score of 96.85.


NJIT in Newark has around 50 undergraduate majors in addition to its graduate programs. The IT program takes an interdisciplinary approach where students may take a degree in specialization and apply knowledge of software and hardware to a specific field. As your information, the annual cost of NJIT is $ 30,326 with 96.51 of college choice score.


The annual cost of Rochester Institute of Technology is $ 38,568 and the college choice score reaches 96.33. It is a private university in New York that becomes the pioneer in technological education for decades. RIT opens software engineering and information technology programs since the early 1970’s.

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The University of Tulsa founded in 1894 as a private institution with 61 undergraduate programs and an average class size of 23. Graduates of the IT program more prepared to continue in professional growth and give significant contributions to the field. If you attract to take the course here, prepare around $ 38,796 as your tuition fee. The information technology college choice score is 96.18.


The college choice score is 95.94 and the average cost reaches $ 49.062. New York University has lots of location in throughout New York City, Manhattan, and around the world. Bachelor of Science program in Technology Management and Business trains students in information management, technology, and entrepreneurship. Graduates of NYU’s BTM program is able to transition into professional roles. For example, IT analysts, technology entrepreneurs, technology project leaders, venture capitalists, and more.


The university offers $ 18, 244 with 94.04 of college choice score. In 1897, San Diego State University, as San Diego Normal School, becomes the third-oldest university in the California State University system. In San Diego’s College of Business Administration, undergraduate students get choice to major in Information Systems. Students will able to access, interpret, and provide, information which is essential to decision-making. The graduate of the Information Systems undergraduate program owns many workplaces in large businesses, government agencies, universities, and more. They are able to work as web developers, network administrators, systems analysts, programmers, computer center managers, and technical marketing specialists.

Absolutely, there are plenty of information technology colleges which must be discussed. Even though, the problem is still classic where there is no space and time again. Well, wish you luck to meet again for the next information.

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