5 Ethical Issues in Information Technology should be aware

5 Ethical Issues in Information Technology should be aware

This world is full of pros and cons as well as information technology. Now everyone is free to enjoy the services provided both as entertainment and as a necessity for life. However, information technology services can be a disaster for someone, organization, or government if they are in the wrong hands. With IT, one can become cyber-crime like hijacking or damaging the system. Yeah, that’s just one of several ethical issues in information technology. What are the problems you might face?

ethical issues in information technology

5 Ethical Issues in Information Technology with serious impacts

The following are the ethical issues in information technology which you might have experienced:

1. Cyber-crime or Security

Almost all people and organization had ever got cyber-crime or computer crime. They use their IT skill to hack, sabotage, online harassment, theft, virus infection, financial fraud, and embezzlement. Of course, it belongs to the security case in information technology. They have not fooled men but they too smart and able to absorb many insights. They can still access the data even though they are equipped with a security system. Usually, the cyber-crime accesses a user’s computer using an IP (Internet Protocol) and then collect data for selfish reasons. Actually, it is a serious case for business, government, and personal and need a solution.

2. Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement

A professional IT, of course, has worked such as web, design, images, symbol, inventions, and so on. They are free to use it for their business or sell it to another company. Unluckily, the internet speed makes irresponsible part does infringement. They copy the idea or imitate the product and use it soon as if it is their product. Definitely, this case will very detrimental to the rights of the creator and can make them lose royalties. Therefore, they must immediately patent their product or invention. So, they will avoid competitors who want to do this.

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3. Software Piracy

It includes the cyber-crime too but a software producer which get detrimental, not personal. Piracy or illegal software copying both knowing and unknowing emerges on large scale. It violates copyright agreement and harms small-scale producers. The impact that arises is the closure of the business in small-scale software companies. They also more reduce the intensity of the creation of new software.

4. Job Displacement

The next ethical issues in information technology are forcing some companies to reduce their workforce and give them more duties. Giving employees more work or forcing out of their jobs will increase work pressure. Definitely, it is unethical if they don’t add benefits or give compensation. However, most small-scale enterprises are unable to do because they also lack resources and funds.

5. Privacy

Privacy is the right of individuals to protect personal information from access by others who are not given permission. The use of information technology tends to violate one’s privacy much more easily. For example, you often feel annoyed with unwanted e-mail shipments or junk e-mail with useless information.

Honestly, there are more ethical issues in information technology which ready to threaten everyone. Nonetheless, you do not too anxious about it as long as you keep your privacy and take security measures.

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