30 Video Editing Software Recommendations

30 Video Editing Software Recommendations

Video Editing Softwares – Internet speed is getting faster and cheaper all over the world. The user of video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo growing exponentially. Instagram, Facebook, and other social media have their own video sharing platforms.

Youtuber has become a full-time job with their time flexibility and good income from advertising service.  This global phenomenon makes people trying to become a Youtuber and at the same time video editor before they can hire someone to edit the videos they produced.

13 Video Editing Software For Windows

If you are serious about editing video below is a list of video editing software that runs under Windows:

1. AVS Video Editor (Licence: Shareware)

AVS video editor
You can edit with a video with a medium spec PC, this is the video editing software offers Video Cache, so you can edit the high-resolution video quick and easy. Its superior feature is the Video Cache which allows you to edit Full HD videos easily, quickly, and without obstacles. Other basic features include cutting video, placing text, embedding audio, and 300 effects and transitions that can be used.

2. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro
This professional video editing software created by Sony. It offers various features that everyone can use. Just drag the video to edit, it will divide into a video column and sound column.

3. VirtualDub  (Open Source)

By *Avery Lee (VirtualDub)Orange Open Movie Team and contributors (Elephants Dream) – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5974436
Need a free video editing application for PC? You can make VirtualDub the right choice for you. This application can only be available for PCs based on Windows. Classified as simple without complicated words, VirtualDub makes it easy for you to edit videos. Features like replacing and even deleting audio can be done by one of the video editing software for PCs, VirtualDub. Not only that, even the VirtualDub software is equipped with features for you to record a video on a PC too. Interested in trying it? 

4. Corel Video Studio 

For video editing applications for the next PC now comes with Corel Video Studio. Maybe some of you are not strange with Corel, which is managing this one video editing software. Corel Video Studio application is quite famous for video editing software. In its application, Corel Video Studio provides convenience with a fairly simple and simple interface. Not only that, Corel Video Studio can also be regarded as one of the sophisticated video editing applications. With its simplicity, it is suitable for beginners to edit videos.
If you are interested in using it, you can click here to get the application

5. Adobe Premiere Pro 

Not only release software for photo editing, Adobe also offers a video editing application for PC called Adobe Premiere Pro. In this application, Adobe offers convenience and a variety of features to support good video editing. It is no longer a secret if Adobe is indeed an expert in gush editing software for photos or videos. In fact, the Adobe Premiere Pro application is arguably a video editing application commonly used by professionals. Want to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro?
Click here to download the application

6. Windows Movie Maker (License: Freeware)

Of course, this video editing application for PCs can only be used and used by Windows-based PC users. Exclusively, Windows creates special software for you who like to edit and even make cool and good videos. Also Read: 10 Applications for Downloading the Best Videos on Android Phones 10 Best Video Editing Applications on Android Smartphones 10 Best Android Applications for Making Videos from Photos Classified as easy with a simple interface, the Windows Movie Maker application is suitable for beginners who want to start working in the field of editing. video or video making. The basics for editing video are embedded as one of the superior features offered by Windows. How do you want to try and get into the world of video editing with the Windows Movie Maker application?
If you are interested, you can click here to download the application

7. Camtasia (Free Trial)

If on the previous discussion always discuss video editing applications for Windows-based PCs only, another case with Camtasia software. This application presents software that can also support Windows and Mac. Fairly rich in features for video editing, that’s why Camtasia is classified as one of the best applications and can be used by anyone. Camtasia also offers a feature where users can record videos on a PC. After finishing the recording, you can immediately edit it using Camtasia. Easy and not complicated.
Try the application by downloading here

8. Pinnacle studio 

Are you a beginner who wants or is just learning to edit videos? Need cheap software with the most complete facilities that you can use? We recommend Pinnacle studio software. This video editing application for PC is for beginners with a variety of basic video editing features. You can edit videos even while learning to edit videos. Users can hone the creativity of video editing with the Pinnacle studio application. The quality presented by Pinnacle studio is quite good too. Do you want to learn video editing?
Download the Pinnacle studio application here

9. HitFilm Express Free 

For professionals who are looking for free alternative video editors, HitFilm Express can be an option. In addition to basic features such as video cutting and audio editing, HitFilm also provides more than 180 special effects.

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In addition, there are also features such as filters for audio and video, compositing tools, layers, and masking as well as support for 3D video. For those of you who want to learn something more complicated, there are also tutorials that can be utilized.

If interested, you can directly download the application by clicking here

10. Kate’s Video Toolkit 

If you want a video editing application with a complete video format, then you can choose Kate’s Video Toolkit. This is a video editing application for PCs with complete formats. Not only that, even you can also convert videos easily. Not to mention, this application also has a feature to add 3D Transtions effects. If you are interested, then this Kate’s Video Toolkit can be operated on PCs Windows 98, XP, and Vista. Download here.

11. CineFX Jahshaka (Open Source)

Want a video editing application that can be operated on a PC with a Linux system? Then you can choose CineFX Jahshaka. This is an application that doesn’t only operate on Linux. For you Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 users can also enjoy the convenience of video editing with CineFX Jashaka. In this application, you are able to edit videos in SD, HD, VD, even movies: real 3D. Not only that, even this application is also able to create videos with various formats such as, MOV, AVI, MPEG, MP3, WAV, and also OGG. But unfortunately, this application can be said to be imperfect. Apart from its imperfections, CineFX Jahshaka is not a bad choice if you want to edit good videos. Interested? Download the application here

12. VideoPad Video Editor 

Maybe you’ve heard of the VideoPad application on Android. But in fact, VideoPad Video Editor isn’t just an application that can run on Android. This is an application where you can use VideoPad Video Editor on any Windows operating system. In the application, you will be spoiled with a variety of features such as drag and drop, cutting video, even you can also add a variety of unique and interesting effects and transitions from VideoPad Video Editor. Want to try?
Get the application here.

13. VSDC 

Still with the best video editing application for PC, this time the application called VSDC is present to be one of them. With this application, you are able to edit videos without watermark. Not only that, even this software can be installed and installed quickly and easily on a PC. Special again, you do not need to feel confused to edit or add transitions. VSDC is ready with an interface that is easy and also safe. Interesting and complete enough, huh?
Immediately download the application here

3 Video Editing Software For Android

For you that don’t want to use PC to edit videos. Below is the list video editing softwares that works with Android:

1. KineMaster Pro Video Editor

The Best Video Editing Application Kinemaster

First there is KineMaster which is the most popular video editing application on Android phones today.

In addition to standard features that you can use, for those of you who like to make video gaming there are also chroma key features for green screen videos.

Available in free and paid versions, the features offered in KineMaster are complete for YouTube video needs or just for sharing on social media.

Advantages of KineMaster:

Look like a professional editing software.
Green screen options for making video gaming.
Disadvantages of KineMaster:

Watermarks that can only be lost in paid options.
Details of KineMaster Pro Video Editor
Developer of NexStreaming Corp.
Minimum OS Android 4.1+
52MB in size
Rating (Google Play) 4.4 / 5.0
Download KineMaster Pro Video Editor here:

Kinemaster Pro Video Editor Icon
KineMaster Pro Video Editor
NexStreaming Corp. Video & Audio Apps

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2. PowerDirector Video Editor

Best Powerdirector Video Editing Application
PowerDirector is perfect for you who need a professional mobile video editing application.

The user interface presented is quite common with editing features using the timeline concept. You can easily insert videos, effects, stickers, even two audio timelines.

Vlog video editing application has also been widely recommended by vloggers and YouTubers who use smartphones as a means to record it.

Suitable for you who are new and still starting a career!

Strengths of PowerDirector:

Looks like a PC or laptop video editing software.
Have a variety of professional features.
Editing capabilities up to 4K format.
Disadvantages of PowerDirector:

Watermarks that can only be lost in paid options.
Details PowerDirector Video Editor
CyberLink.com Developer
Minimum OS Android 4.3+
54MB size
Rating (Google Play) 4.5 / 5.0
Download the PowerDirector Video Editor here:

Powerdirector Video Editor App 4k Slow Mo More Icon
PowerDirector Video Editor App: 4K, Slow Mo & More 5.4.4
Cyberlink Video & Audio Apps


3. FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor

The Best Video Editing Application Kinemaster
Then there’s FilmoraGo, which is a video editing application developed by Wondershare, famous as a professional video editing software on PC.

In addition to basic editing, you can also choose editing at a ratio of 1: 1 for Instagram or a ratio of 16: 9 for YouTube, for example.

Although there are several paid options, this YouTube video editing application is still convenient to use in the free and free version of the watermark. Really, right?

Advantages of FilmoraGo:

It has been tested across platforms, PCs and mobile.
Professional timeline-style user interface software.
Choice of various aspect ratios.
Drawbacks of FilmoraGo:

Paid options for several features.
Details FilmoraGo Free Video Editor
Developer of Wondershare Software (H.K.) Co., Ltd.
Minimum OS Android 4.2+
35MB size
Rating (Google Play) 4.1 / 5.0
Download FilmoraGo Free Video Editor here

6 Video Editing Software Without Watermark

On some free Android video editor, you will find that the videos they have produced come with a watermark. Some of you do not want this and looking for free software without it. Luckily there is some software with this feature, they are:

1. Magisto

Android Video Editing Application Without Magisto Fb367 Watermark
First there is Magisto which is not intended for you who need a professional Android video editing application.
This application can be used with three easy steps, select an image or video, select music, and add a title. Very suitable for social media kids who don’t have long time to edit videos.
Magisto Strengths:
Save smartphone memory because it is cloud based.
Look like a professional software.
Weaknesses of Magisto:
Need internet quota and speed.
Magisto Details
Magisto Developer
Minimum OS Android 5.0+
51MB in size
Rating (Google Play) 3.8 / 5.0
Download Magisto here:
Magisto 3.7
Magisto Video & Audio Apps

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

Video Editing Application without Watermark Premiere Rush
Who, anyway, who doesn’t know Adobe Premiere as one of the best video editing applications on PC or laptop.
Adobe Premiere Clip which is present on Android smartphones offers automatic editing features from your photo and video galleries.
You can also edit manually by inserting various available tools, effects, and music. Anyway, light for social media matters!
Advantages of Adobe Premiere Rush:
The user interface is lightweight and easy to use.
Full support for social media, like Instagram.
Weaknesses of Adobe Premiere Rush:
The function is very simple.
Does not work well for vertical videos.
Details of the Adobe Premiere Rush
Adobe Developer
Minimum OS Android 4.4+
59MB in size
Rating (Google Play) 3.4 / 5.0
Download the Adobe Premiere Rush here:
Adobe Systems Video & Audio Apps Inc.

3. Videoshow

Android Video Edit Application Without Videoshow 91a7f Watermark
Although not yet comparable to PowerDirector or Adobe Premiere Clip, Videoshow has become one of the most powerful video editing applications available today.
In addition to standard features, Videoshow also provides a variety of stickers, text, effects, and themes that you can choose easily.
To be sure, you will be free from watermarks when using it, gang.
Advantages of Videoshow:
Various filter and sticker options.
The user interface is as easy as an Android video editing application.
Quite powerful for various conditions.
Disadvantages of Videoshow:
Paid options per month.
Detail Video
VideoShow Developer EnjoyMobi Video Editor & Video Maker Inc.
OS Minimal Android 4.0.3+
22MB in size
Rating (Google Play) 4.6 / 5.0
Download Videoshow here:
Videoshow Android
Videoshow 3.9.0
X-Video Studio Video & Audio Apps

4. AndroVid

Android Video Edit Application Without Androvid A1256 Watermark
AndroVid is an Android video editing application with a simple and easy to use interface.
Its superior feature is the Video Reverse setting for making video backwards.
For those of you who want to make funny animations, there is also an Animated GIF feature that turns your video into a moving image, a gang.
AndroVid Advantages:
Change the video to GIF format.
Change videos with backward video effects.
Simple display is easy to use.
AndroVid Disadvantages:
The user interface is not a preference for some people.
AndroVid Details – Video Editor
Visover Developer Ltd
Minimum OS Android 5.0+
22MB in size
Rating (Google Play) 4.4 / 5.0
Download AndroVid here:
AndroVid Video Editor 3.2.4

5. YouCut

Video Editing Application without Youcut F63eb Watermark
YouCut offers the best video editing application experience thanks to high-quality compression features. You can also save smartphone memory up to 90%.
You can also easily make edits in a variety of supported video formats, such as avi, mp4, 3gp, and many more.
YouCut’s advantages:
Compression feature to save smartphone memory.
Support various video formats.
Easy editing options.
YouCut’s disadvantages:
Not recommended for professionals.
YouCut Details
Developer of InShot Inc.
Minimum OS Android 4.3+
25MB in size
Rating (Google Play) 4.8 / 5.0
Download YouCut here:
Youcut Edit Video 6 Icon Application
YouCut – Video Editing Application 1,300.73
InShot Inc. Video & Audio Apps

6. VidTrim – Video Editor

Android Video Editing Application Without Vidtrim Ac57a Watermark
VidTrim is highly recommended for those of you who only need a simple edit. For example, only cut and paste the video.
Just like most Android video editing applications, VidTrim provides a variety of useful features, such as filter effects, transitions, and additional music that makes your videos more interesting.
Advantages of VidTrim:
Simple video editing without the need for many features.
Able to cut, connect and insert songs.
Disadvantages of VidTrim:
Not recommended for professionals.
Details of VidTrim
Goseet Developer
Minimum OS Android 5.0+
35MB size
Rating (Google Play) 4.3 / 5.0

8 Free Video Editing Software For Windows

Below is a list of free video editing software that can be your choice. Some of them are open source means it free without limitations. Some of them are free with a certain video format. Just choose the one that matches your needs.

1. Blender (open source)

Blender is one of the best video editing software available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This application is an open-source program that is completely free to use.

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Although it is designed for 3D animation, the video editing feature is also quite complete. Starting from simple features like cutting videos, to more complicated features like video masking can be done easily. This makes Blender a video editor application that is suitable for both novice and professional users.

2. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake is actually designed as an application to change video formats, but this application can also be used to do simple editing. The editing features can be used to cut, merge and rotate videos. But the advantage is more as a converter, this application can convert more than 500 video file formats.

3. Lightworks

Lightworks is a video editing application with fairly complete features and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Some features available include cutting video with precision, support for multicam, and support for many video formats. There is also a professional version with more complete features at a price of USD 25 per month.

4. iMovie

Mac users must be familiar with this one application. It’s very intuitive and easy to use application makes it an option for those who want to learn the basics of video editing. But, because its features are still fairly basic, professional users might find the features in iMovie a little limited.

5. Machete Lite (Limited video format)

This application is one of the lightest and easiest video editors to use. Machete Lite is enough if you only need a video editing application with basic features like to cut videos. Unfortunately, the free version of this application only supports videos with AVI and WMV formats.

6. Openshot (open source)

Openshot is an open source video editing application. It looks a bit reminiscent of iMovie, but Openshot has far more complete features. Some features of Openshot include compositing, clip resizing, advanced timeline, and many more.

7. Avidemux (Open Source)

Avidemux is a video editing application that is suitable for beginners because the interface is fairly simple and easy to use. Its features are fairly basic, such as cutting video, encoding, and filtering.
Avidemux designed a simple application for editing videos. Suitable for beginners who start learning to edit videos such as cutting videos, embedding filters in the video, making slow motion videos, even to doing coding tasks

8. Shotcut (open source)

This application is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Just like Blender and Openshot, this application is an open source program. This video editing application for PC supports a variety of video formats, even supports videos with resolutions up to 4K HD.

Licenses Type:

Freeware: Free to distribute and use, no source code available
Open Source: Free to distribute and use, full functionality, source code available to be developed
Shareware: Free to distribute and use, some functionality may be limited, no source code available.

I hope one of the software above will be your choice and help you become a successful video editor and Youtuber.

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