20 Information Technology Skills and 5 Ideas to Get Dreaming Jobs

20 Information Technology Skills and 5 Ideas to Get Dreaming Jobs

Unconsciously humans are born with information technology skills. You can prove from a baby who is able already to operate a smartphone only with see you operate it before. Even, they often show that their capability is more you further. So, why people must study about IT major? It is because learning is more than that. It dares to promise a brighter future with many cool jobs. The knowledge of IT outside of the school or course is still common. Meanwhile, both education areas bring you to deeper insight and skills

information technology skills

Two Categories of Information Technology Skill

As your information, this article divides 20 information technology skills into two categories:

· Base on Demand

1. SQL

2. Technical support

3. Oracle

4. Business process



7. Network configuration and system

8. Collaboration


10. Software installation1

· Companies are seeking in IT candidates are

1. Communication skills

2. Organizational skills

3. Writing

4. Problem-solving

5. Troubleshooting

6. Project management

7. Planning

8. Microsoft Windows

9. Research

10. Customer service

Now, you know what companies mean about the information technology skills. It skills are the most essential thing for them when they are looking for the best candidate. Pretty you can get your dreaming job and company, you must use your insight and knowledge. By the way, you may start with these 5 steps:

1. This list will guide you to make the best resume with highlight your skill in an interview. The information gives you a bigger chance to rise up as the top candidates and tell that your skills match the company needs.

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2. Pay attention to your education! You cannot choose any IT major if you want to develop your skill. At least you decide one who matches with your talent and many enterprise demands. Search for a quality school so that you not only throw your money but also give a real result.

3. Do not be lazy to take many responsibilities even becomes a volunteer to take an extra project. This way, also will grow your soft skill in management and becomes a story when your success later.

4. You, of course, cannot do alone when you are studying or as the junior worker. You need a mentor and better do not be afraid to get your favorite mentor. Do anything to meet him or her and talk about why you choose them. Yeah, giving the reason why you like choose and like is very important for them. Catch some advice such as how to make an effective resume, search job vacancy, and the worst-case scenario.

5. Keep doing research and find things that block your interest in IT. Do not stop to talk to people in the field. From them, you can know much knowledge such as IT career, type of companies, and the job available.

Yeah, those are 5 points to gain the dreaming job easily. Knowing your talent and the support it with appropriate education and license. There is something certain in the IT field because it keeps developing faster than what people learn. Nonetheless, there are many companies that need people with constant skill. On the other hand, they are willing to provide a training and internship. So, your ability will develop itself over time. Have you found your information technology skill?

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