18 Computer Information Technology Jobs with 5 Descriptions

18 Computer Information Technology Jobs with 5 Descriptions

Many people interest in information technology and then they start to join the class. Even though, some of them feel regret because they wrongly majored in the specialization. Their IT skill differs from what they have learned at the course or university. Definitely, decided a case should not rely solely on lust. It must be considered carefully without hurrying. So that you do not experience such events, look at some computer information technology jobs. With so many references here, you will really know where you are.

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At least, there are 18 Computer Information Technology Jobs around You

Okay, this article will describe lots of computer information technology jobs along with the salary. This information takes many sources such as PayScale.com, Median annual salaries, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, for 2016–2026.

1. Hardware Engineer

The duty designs and develops computer hardware either for an organization or as a commercial product. Hardware engineers design, build and troubleshoot existing or new computer hardware. The goals are to maximize technological efficiency, minimize issues, and errors, and fulfill current technological needs.

The Median annual salary for the hardware engineer is $85,441 in March 2018. Meanwhile, employment growth reaches 5.5%. Then, the minimum education is a bachelor’s degree base on the field until the master’s degree sometimes.

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2. Data Architect

The task of Data architects maintenance of data and oversees the design for various information systems and databases. The Median annual salary is $112,825 and the education requirement at least a bachelor’s degree related to the major and master’s degree for some positions. The employment growth outlook reach 6.5%

3. Solution Architect

The duty develops technological solutions for organizations. The Media annual salary records that the Solution Architect earns up to $115,231. It requires a bachelor’s degree in the related field as the minimum education. Even though, you are still able to use business administration and MBA for a business degree. The employment growth outlook is 6.5%.

4. Computer Network Architect

It designs, builds and applies computer and data networks in a various array of settings. The median annual salary is $116,332 with employment growth up to 6.5%. Furthermore, the minimum education is the bachelor’s degree until MBA.

5. Computer Technical Support Specialist

The responsibility solves the troubleshooting both for a corporation and for individual clients. The professional IT for this field earns $48,309 per year with employment growth 8.3%. Bachelor’s degree becomes the minimum education requirement too. If you have a master degree, you have many changes to go to various fields.

Perhaps, you confuse about the minimum education degree. All of the computer information technology jobs require a bachelor’s degree as the minimum education. Nonetheless, each point above must relate to the career through some of them still give bit leeway. 

The other jobs are  

6. Site Reliability Engineer, 
7. Computer systems analysts, 
8. Software engineers, 
9. User interface designers, 
10. Data Administrators. 

You can select 

11. Business intelligence developers, 
12. Information technology managers, 
13. Data scientists, 
14. Applications architects. 

Additionally, there are still 

15. Cloud solutions architects, 
16. Web developers, 
17. Information security analysts, 
18. Mobile application developers. 
Those jobs have a high annual cost moreover if you have work experience.

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