ZUS Smart USB Car Charger and Car Locator Review

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In this modern lifestyle, it is essential to have a car charger for your phone. But with so many brands claiming their products are the best, which one we should choose? The answer is simple ZUS from Nonda is the best car charger in the market. The function doesn’t stop as a car charger, ZUS also can be used as a Bluetooth and GPS based car locator. To convince you more about the quality of this product, let’s take a look at its best features.

Car Locator

Now you will never lose your car again! All you need to do is download the free application in your iOS device. Then, connect the ZUS and your smart phone using Bluetooth and don’t forget to turn on your GPS. Before you leave your car, make sure you let your smart phone to detect your car location. After that, you can leave your car, but remember to keep the application running. When you want to find your car, the application will give you direction to the location of your car.


Speed Charging

The first thing we need from a car charger is definitely fast charging ability. This is exactly what this brand offers you. If it usually takes over 8 hours to charge an iPhone using a car charger, Zus only needs half of the time to fully charge your i-Phone. Yes, with less than four hours, it can charge up to 2 iPhones in the same time. It even needs shorter time to charge other phone. If velocity is what you need in life, this product is perfect for you.

Long Lifespan

You don’t need to recharge your car charger often if you use this product. It can last two times longer compare to other car chargers. It also has independent cooling system inside to prevent this device from overheating.

Lighting System

It may be just a simple addition, but it is very handy. Imagine if you lose your car charger in the middle of the night. You will have a hard time finding it. But you won’t experience this using ZUS Car Charger and Locator since it has LED lighting on top of it.

Classy Design

The titanium coating definitely makes this product looks classy. The German design is simple but makes it looks sturdy in the same time. For the color, you can choose between black or the limited edition 24 Karat gold.

ZUS military standard - ZUS Smart USB

In Conclusion

This is no doubt a must have product. This is the only car charger that can meet US military standard, which means this product is very durable and can bear high temperature. With versatile function and one year warranty, ZUS Smart USB Car Charger and Car Locator is a product you definitely cannot miss

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