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I am not a man who like sport and I am not interested recording my daily activity, the reason I bought Mi Band (fitness tracker) is because it’s on discount J however after wearing this fitness tracker I like it because I can better keep my health by monitoring my daily activity.

Below is my personal opinion for the Xiaomi band, I bought without sponsor so the review will be fair and no bias.

Xiaomi Band (Mi Fit) Black

When I received the Xiaomi band from courier I can see that it well wrapped in a nice box. I plug the band to my laptop’s USB port and it starting charging, there are 3 indicator LED on the band and it will blink alternately while charging. When about 33% full one LED will lit and the other 2 keep blinking alternately. When 100% full all three LED will lit. it’s time for you to unplug and wear the Mi Band. LED colour when lit can be blue, green, red, orange.

xiaomi band, charge it before you use - Xiaomi Band (Mi Fit) Black

While charging I install Mi Fit application from Google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xiaomi.hm.health&hl=en_GB The apps also available on Apple store https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mi-fit/id938688461?mt=8  and window based smartphone https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/apps/bind-mi-band/9nblgggxtnkq

So it will works on Android, IOS, and Windows based smartphone or tablet.

When installing Mi Fit apps it will ask you to turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and you have to choose Yes, it also will ask us to create a profile. A profile will contain user name, your birth date and sex. After profile created it will set your calorie needs and translate into steps required you take for one day, it also will gauge how far you already walk and how many calories burned per day based on WHO standard, it’s about 8000 steps per day.

We can arrange the setting to make Mi Band vibrate when there is incoming call or incoming SMS or other application, but I only activate the incoming call only to preserve battery.

At night I keep wearing the Mi Band and in the morning I found stats about my sleep.

Sleep stats:

mi fit keep record while you sleep - Xiaomi Band (Mi Fit) Black

Total sleep 6 hours 29 minutes: total sleep is light sleep + deep sleep. I would like to reduce my total sleep so I can be more productive J

Deep sleep 25 minutes: my deep sleep is only 25 minutes it’s only 6 % of my total sleep. The standard for total sleep is 20% from total sleep, so I need to make a better deep sleep. When in deep sleep your body detoxed, your memory recharge, muscle tissue build up, your brain less activity, less movement of body and sleep without dream. So if we can manage our body to only get deep sleep it will be enough to go sleep for 96 minutes or about 1 and a half hour

Light sleep 6 hours 4 minutes: In light sleep our brain, eyes, muscle not fully rest.

Fell asleep 10:45 – Is good, I usually asleep before 11 to prepare awake at 04:30

Woke up: 05:14 – just in time for pray

Awake time 0 min – Not bad


Steps stats:

steps stat - Xiaomi Band (Mi Fit) Black

I went to office still wearing the Band and during the day I sometimes check into the phone (Xiaomi Redmi2) to check my steps and at the end of the day I found that I bit surpass their 8000 steps standard, I made 8176 steps.

When going to bathroom I remove the band, I don’t want make it wet although it’s water resistant. Water resistant doesn’t mean waterproof, you can get wet with Mi Band but do not go for swim and diving.

The next day I don’t wear Mi Band while sleep, and found No sleep data on my smartphone in the morning, so he knew I don’t wear it. As I set alarm at 4:30 the band vibrate at that time and vibrate again several minutes later because I put the band into my pocket. If I wear it I think it will not vibrate again because it will know that I already wake up.


I think this is very good if you want to keep control your daily activity to keep your health. You immediately will know if you need more exercise.

My Band is not detecting heartbeat but other version of Mi Band can detect it.

Battery life is about 30 days ( I wish this is on my smartwatch ) but it also on depend how often the band vibrate. The more vibrate the less battery life.

You can turn off your smartphone and the band will keep record your activity, you can check your stats later when your smartphone back on. So don’t worry when your Bluetooth not connected, you can connect later and the stats still complete.

I hope this concise review will help you decide whether you need it or not:

Product: Xiaomi Band (Mi Fit)

Battery life: 30 days

Features: record steps, calorie, distance. Vibrate when your smartphone receive calls, SMS,or apps.

Price: IDR 169,000 (on discount) or USD 12.84

Place I buy this product: Lazada

Colour: Black,


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