Windows Logging Off Stuck in Windows 7 or Windows 8

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Have you ever found this situation, you are in hurry shutting down your computer but found the computer cannot shutdown properly, it stays on Logging off screen forever.
The problem with this issue that we have to hard shutdown by pressing the power button for some time until the computer off. By doing this there is a chance your file system become corrupt if you doing this often.

Windows Logging Off Stuck

How to fix this logging off screen taking forever on windows 7 or windows 8?


1. Click start button and type %temp% and hit enter, this will open your temp folder

If you cannot open the folder because there is restriction from the system, you can go to folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp

2. Delete everything in the folder, except the ones you cannot delete, they still in use by the system.

You have to delete all files in the folder temp, you will find that some files cannot be deleted, leave it like that, it still used by the system.

3. Finish you should now able to shutdown windows properly.

Now after you delete files in the temp file, your profile folder become smaller and the problem should gone now, you will able to shutdown the computer without stuck in logging off screen.

The reason why we are doing this:
Over time the file in temporary folder (temp) is getting bigger and bigger. This folder usually contains files update that not being deleted after doing update system by windows.
As the location is under user’s profile, this make profile size increased and this causing above problem. By removing unnecessary files in temp folder will make the user’s profile much smaller thus mitigate the problem.

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