Whatsapp Messenger Video Call on Beta Version 2.16.324

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Update 17 Nov 2016

Whatsapp 2.16.324 is officially released, your whatsapp will be updated automatically and you can use this version to make a video call.


Today I tried video call features using whatapp messenger. I am very excited about this because I mostly using whatsapp than any other messenger apps.
As this version is on beta stage release you will not see on playstore yet, I already upload to my cloud drive here ….
If you install other than Playstore, you will see pop up on security warning, this is normal, just change the setting to allow installation from unknown sources.

Whatsapp Messenger Video Call

allow unknown sources - Whatsapp Messenger Video Call

My current Whatsapp version is 2.16.310 and it will be upgraded to version 2.16.324, all existing data will be saved.
Installation or upgrading process is quick and simple.
You can directly use it to make vide call to your friend that also using the same version.

To check your whatsapp version:

1. Open whatsapp

2. Click 3 vertical dots on the top right

3. Click settings

4. Click about and help

5. Click About and you will see your current version of Whatsapp

To make a video call, press the handset icon just like you want to make a voice call in whatsapp, the different is now you have 2 choices to make a voice call or video call.

check whatsapp version - Whatsapp Messenger Video Call

Video call quality

Video call quality is good, yes there are times when we see poor connection warning, but the video session resume when we get better connection.
I test it from my Redmi 2 phone without any problem.
My friend test on Lenovo tablet and Lenovo smartphone, no problem during video call but the device hung after the session ended. When this happen my friend need to remove battery from the tablet and it back to normal. This is early adopter consequence. This is normal as it on beta stage version. If you can take the issue above, got for it. Video call is cool feature from whatsapp.
Since whatsapp is now part of facebook company, it should have the same or better quality with facebook video call.
I am using skype, Google Duo, Facebook video call, and whatsapp is pretty good for me.

If you interested to try, you can download APK from my cloud drive here



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