What is My IP address and How to find out Computer’s IP address

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If you are working with computer at some point you are going to find out your IP address. IP address is an identity of a computer. Every computer in LAN/WAN even internet has their own IP address to communicate with other computer or devices.

To check your computer’s IP address click Start button, type cmd and press enter key, at command prompt type ipconfig |more and you will see similar screen as below:

What Is My IP Address

Row IPv4 Address is your IP address, it’s your computer ID.
Subnet mask is to identify between network address and IP address by masking IP address and device between network address and host address.
Default gateway is responsible to forward your IP to the next hop of network. Without default gateway your computer only able to communicate inside your LAN and cannot communicate with other network such as internet. Default gateway is usually your router.

How to get an IP address

IP address can be assigned manually or automatically from your router or server. As manual assignment of IP address can lead to another issue such as IP conflict and hard to manage. Today we are usually get IP address from router or server that act as DHCP server automatically. By assigning IP address automatically will make sure that no duplicate IP address on the client. No need to assigned new IP address if there is new client on the network. Easy to deploy if there is changes to the network parameter such as DNS, router, etc.

What is my public IP address, how to check it?

Your IP address above is a private IP address it means it will not recognize by the internet. To be able to recognize by internet you need to have a public IP address. But now you able to use internet with your current IPI address, why this is happen.
If you don’t have a public IP address, you still can interact with internet by using a proxy server. A proxy server will act as your representative to the internet. Internet will recognize your traffic as your proxy server traffic. So your proxy server’s IP address is also your public IP address.
To check your public IP address (a.k.a. your proxy’s IP Address) you can type in Google “what is my ip address

check IP address on google - What Is My IP Address

You also can use website that have a service to recognize your public IP address such as:


Whatismyipaddress will not tell your ip address but also your location in the map and your internet provider company.

check public ip address on whatismyipaddress - What Is My IP Address


Iplocation will give more details about your computer such as IP, location, host name, proxy, device, OS, browser and more.

check ip address with iplocation - What Is My IP Address

The 3rd is www.whatismyip.com

The info is about the same with previous 2 above, it will tell your IP address, city/country and ISP.

OK I hope that now you have a better understanding about what is IP address and how to get the details. See you on the next post.

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