WD Red NAS Hard Drive Review

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WD Red NAS HDD Review

Are planning on upgrading your computer high drive so that it can save up more data? Why not check out this WD Red NAS Hard Drive that has 3 terabytes of storage capacities for you computer? This Red NAS HDD from WD actually available from 1 terabytes up to 6 terabytes, but the 3 TB size is one of the most popular for personal use. If you are looking for hard drives to make a RAID, then look no more and purchase WD Red. Here are the product details and user reviews about the WD Red.

  1. Product Details

This WD Red Hard Drive you are viewing has a 3 terabyte capacity and it has rotational speed or RPM of IntelliPower. Operating system prior to Windows Vista with 32 bit operating system for Windows computer and for Mac computer should use systems prior to OSX 10.4 might not support hard drive greater than 2 terabytes. So, if your computers have less than described operating system, you might want to reconsider buying hard drives with this size. In order to be able to use the full capacity of this hard drive, you might need to make several partitions and you should check the manufacturer instruction for further details. The driver has a form factor of 3.5 inch with SATA3 interface, and data transfer rate of 6 Gb/s from buffer to host.

WD Red NAS Review

  1. User Review

Many people who have purchased this WD Red for various purpose is satisfied with their purchase, especially those who purchase this hard drive to make a RAID. People who have experience with this hard drive recommend it to be made into a RAID array of some sort instead of putting it into a regular home computer since the WD Red would be a waste for regular home computer. Making a RAID array with this hard drive is a great idea since even though it is not the fastest hard drive around, it guarantees that it can run the data for 24/7, perfect for a small or home based business server or computer. When using this in an array, it is recommended to put it up to eight bay NAS system to make it work perfectly. Moreover, no matter what kind of network attached storage enclosure you decide to buy, the WD Red will fit right in to the slot since this hard drive has the most compatible NAS enclosure lists.

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