Waterfi Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle Review

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Waterfi Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle Review

Waterfi, the specialist in waterproofed electronics, has come to upgrade Apple iPod Shuffle to be the best swimming MP3 Player. For swimmer who loves listening songs while swimming, Waterfi Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle is the best partner.

Product Description

With PlatinumX Waterproof Technology from Waterfi, iPod Shuffle will completely waterproof and corrosion proofs. Complete with waterproof short cord headphones, listening music while swimming isn’t impossible anymore. You can save songs, podcasts, and audiobooks with 2GB capacity and 15 hours battery life. You can also sync your iPod Shuffle with iTunes to select songs and create playlist.

Key Features

  • Light and Compact Design

Waterfi Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle designed with light and compact design that will never interrupt your activity. The interior device also creates a barrier from all sensitive electronic components. Not only swimming or surfing, other activities out of the water which produce more sweat will never stop you for listening music. You can easily clip to the goggle strap, hat, wetsuit, shirt, or sunglasses you have been ready to rock your day up.

  • One Click Playing

Whatever your activities, swimming laps, catching waves, or running trails, iPod Shuffle gives you an easy-to-control button between your active activities. Only with single click button, you can play or pause the current track, adjust volume, and change songs without getting away in your activities.

Supporting Accessories

Waterfi waterproof headphones are completing your swimming partner waterproof iPod Shuffle. It can be used in the deepness of 10 feet underwater and has been approved by IP8 standards. With 11 inches cord length, it’ll efficiently connect to your iPod Shuffle. No need any more worries about tangles or spend times to set up the cord headphones. In the box you’ll find 4 different pairs of silicone earbuds. You can find which one is the perfect fit for your ears so you’ll be equipped for any activity.

Waterfi Waterproof Apple IPod

Product Warranty

Over 100,000 swimmers have used Waterfi Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle to accompany their swimming activity. It shows that iPod Shuffle is the most reliable and versatile MP3 player with waterproof technology. Waterfi as leading industry offers 2-years products warranty (from the original purchasing date) for your waterproof iPod Shuffle. The warranty covers any defect in workmanship and materials under normal use of the product.

Forget about the boring time in your swimming activity. Boost up your mood with your favorite songs by listening it from your Waterfi Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle. Waterproof iPod Shuffle is definitely your best partner for workout.

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