VR (Virtual Reality) – How, Where and Why!

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Technology is all about the future, it isn’t about staying stationery and with the onset of a truly different technology, our own personal acceptability of Virtual Reality is based upon its application and the way in which it helps us communicate with the world at large and keep in contact with each other.

VR (Virtual Reality)

What it essentially does is use software’s such as Skype to offer a much more interactive experience of communication – after all that is exactly what the world is all about today!

Additionally partnering with a lot of smartphones out there, namely Samsung – VR enables us to do more than just communicate up close with someone at the other end of the globe but also offers other application like movies as well, a whole new experience which defines the way we may act in the future by bettering how and what we do in the present.

However maybe we’ve been a just that tad bit stingy with the actual applications of what Virtual Reality can offer in the practical – out there in the world.

In the real world, out there, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life – business is what moves the world and money is what is at stake.

Virtual Reality is a phenomenon

Virtual Reality is a phenomenon which businesses were quick to pick up and adapt towards – what’s more they were quick to see the possibilities and were more than willing to change processes in order to offer their customers a better experience as well.

For instance an interview with someone at the other end via a VR enabled environment brings to life what in practice wasn’t much of an experience to begin with. The illusion of actual interaction of someone who is sitting far away, VR and its proper usage brings the same person much closer.

Similarly, consider the travel and tourism industry or every realtors. Using VR to bring about a positive change in the way which we shift customer experience.

Imagine walking into your travel agents and them showing you where you are actually going offer a real time experience via VR, you will be able to view the destination just as you would have upon arrival. Integration in real time might be still tricky but will soon catch up with more and more businesses demanding it.

The question however after reviewing the how’s and where’s is why should we be interested in a technology which at the end of the day requires additional hardware – we are after all living in the wireless age. Answer to which depends on your own approach towards accepting technology no matter how fast it is pushed in our direction.

There are arguments to and for it, but in reality technology usually matches the pace at which society is able to adapt towards it. We wouldn’t be surprised of additions to VR itself to make more realistic which touch – after all if smartphones can do it so can application builders using VR and for VR.

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