Upgrading Server HP DL360 G5 to Window Server 2008 Standard Edition

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  • For me upgrading Windows Server 2008 from Windows server 2003 R2 edition is not easy, I still have some driver not installed properly and ROM not up to the latest version but this is the best I can do, hope will help anyone who will doing the same, your feedback is very appreciated.
  • You will see I mentioned file name instead of URL to download, just googling with the exact search (example “cp024609.exe”) on google search and you will find the address to download. Download only from HP website. If you download from other website make sure you know that the file is original.


Server HP DL360 G5 specs:

Processor: 1x quad core intel Xeon 2.8 Ghz.

Memory: 32GB ECC


1 logical disk (2x 146 GB SAS hard disk configured as RAID 1)

1 logical disk (4x 146 GB SAS hard disk configured as RAID 5)


Because Windows server 2003 extended support already end at July 14 2015 http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/server-cloud/products/windows-server-2003/

, we need to upgrade existing windows server 2003 R2 to Windows server 2008 as soon as possible.

Software that installed on the existing server:

Our HP DL360 G5 server running Windows server 2003 R2 SP2 and installed with following applications:

  • Windows SQL server 2008
  • Fastreact version 4
  • DPS customs program based on Visual basic
  • Peerless Scanning system database

The upgrade process to Windows Server 2008 will be done at the weekend to give us enough time if something not working right.

Upgrade will be done remotely

Because at that moment was rainy season and many times road to our office is flooded so I plan to do the upgrade remotely from home instead of in office using ILO remote access (http://yunarwinardi.com/reset-hps-ilo-password-and-its-ip-address-remotely-no-reboot-method/) and Windows remote desktop.

In order to make upgrade process flawless I have prepared following:

  1. A USB stick contain bootable windows server 2008 server standard edition and plug it to USB port on the server that I want to upgrade.
  2. Prepare storage controller driver for HP DL360/DL380 running windows server 2008 standard ( cp028066.exe )
  3. Prepare network controller driver for HP DL360/DL380 running windows server 2008 standard (cp024759.exe)
  4. Activate iLO version2 on the HP DL360 server and test it. Actually we have an IP based KVM Avocent DSR24 (http://yunarwinardi.com/console-avocent-kvm-not-launch/) that has the same functionality for remote control but I found ILO is more responsive so I decided to use ILO remote control instead of KVM. You will need to add a license to be able to remote control and I use 60 days trial license, use link above to get 60 days trial license J
  5. A 3G modem stick to be use at home during the upgrade.


  • Make a snapshot backup of the server, if something went wrong we can revert it to previous  system, I made snapshot for drive C: and D:
  • I made a SQL database backup using BESR (Backup exec System Recovery) from Symantec for existing database on the server.

The upgrade process to Windows server 2008 from windows 2003:

Upgrading Server HP

  1. Double click setup.exe from USB stick that attached to the computer.

install now - Upgrading Server HP

2. Click install now

get important updates - Upgrading Server HP3. Click Go online to get the latest updates for installation (recommended).

computer need to connect to internet - Upgrading Server HP

Note that the computer will need to remain connected to the internet throughout the installation process.

windows 2008 full installation - Upgrading Server HP4. Choose Windows server 2008 standard (full installation)

accept term and condition before installation - Upgrading Server HP5. Accept terms and conditions by ticking I accept the license terms, click Next

Choose upgrade - Upgrading Server HP6.  Click Upgrade because I don’t want to lose existing application and their settings.

remove powershell before installation - Upgrading Server HP
7. On the compatibility report windows you will see programs to be removed, we cannot continue before doing so. On my case I have to remove windows powershell.

uninstall powershell prior to upgrade - Upgrading Server HP8. Removing Powershell is tricky because you will not find windows powershell on the list.

To remove Powershell: control panel> add/remove programs> Don’t forget to tick include updates, and you will see all installed program included with updates. You will not see Windows Powershell on the list, all you have to do is to remove KB926139-v2 and KB926141

After Windows Powershell being removed, I can setup windows server 2008 without problem, just need several times restart during installation.

After upgrades finish I notice that local admin password has been changed so I cannot login using local administrator but I can logon using my domain user account that have admin permission on this server.

My Post Upgrade Tasks:
upgrade firmware storage controller - Upgrading Server HP

  1. Update Smart Array P400i firmware:As you can see in the picture above there is a message to upgrade the firmware of Smart array P400i controller. At that time my firmware version was V.5.20. I want to get rid of this message by updating it’s firmware. The URL they gave above www.hp.com.support/proliantstorage is not exist anymore. I keep searching and found several newer version from 7.08, 7.22 and the latest version I can get is 7.24 (4 Sep 2012) (cp012062.exe) Even with firmware version 7.24 I still get the message to upgrade the firmware but I couldn’t find newer version beyond 7.24


Please let me know if you have the newer version using commenting on this post.

Please note that this warning already exist before windows 2008 installed, so you might not see this warning if your firmware already up to date.

firmware storage version 7.24 - Upgrading Server HP2. Change product key

change product key - Upgrading Server HP

Change the product key, Windows 2008 give you 3 days trial before you provide the correct serial number, after 3 days most function will be locked and you cannot do anything.

Read There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request Error

3. Run Windows updates  

Run windows update immediately after windows upgrade. It is very important to protect your system.

4. Manually update device driver (if needed)

After the windows update we still have 3 unidentified devices on device manager:

  • Base System Device
  • IPMI Interface
  • Sentinel HL

Base system device driver - Upgrading Server HP

Base system device is ILO device driver, (cp024609.exe), I cannot find IPMI interface and sentinel HL drivers, but overall the upgrade result is good.

5. Update to the latest Service pack

Update to SP2, (Windows6.0-KB948465-X64.exe) This is collections of patches therefor very important to your system.

6. Update to the latest Internet Explorer 

Update to Internet Explorer version 9 (IE9-WindowsVista-x64-enu.exe), this is the latest version for Windows 2008 standard edition. On Windows server 2008 R2 edition you can install up to IE version 11.

7. Check existing Application 

Check all existing application, and make sure everything is running well.

I am happy with the result although the whole process took up to 6 hours, next week will try to upgrade another server. This is end of my posting “Upgrading Server HP DL360 G5 to Window Server 2008 Standard edition”

If you need to know install windows server 2008 clean install, refer to this post.

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