Updating Polycom Group 500 software from version to version 5.5.2-320034 via USB stick

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This posting will tell you about how I update Polycom Group 500 software from version to version 5.5.2-320034. The update was using USB stick.

We already use Polycom Group 500 for years and we happy with their performance and features. Today we are going to update the software version from to version 5.5.2-320034

There are 2 methods to updates the software:
1. Update the software online
We login to utility menu as admin and update from there online.
2. Update the software via USB
We need 2 files, one is the software update and other is the serial number in txt format. The main file 353 MB tar file called polycom-gseries-release-5.1.2-320034.tar and the serial number file is a txt file called sw-keys.txt

Updating Polycom Group 500 Software

My colleague in UK somehow cannot update the software remotely although he already successfully updates other Polycom unit in other sites.
So he asked me to do the updates via USB.

Updating via USB drive

At first I copy the files into 32 GB USB stick and plug it to the Polycom unit. The Polycom does not respond anything so I thought that the unit does not recognize the USB stick.
I replaced USB stick with smaller capacity, 2GB and plugged it to the rear side of Polycom Group 500 unit. This time the Polycom automatically detect and asked me to login as admin, with the password. So my guess is correct that the Polycom cannot recognise the USB stick.
However, the system failed to read the serial number file with following error message. Software version 5.1.2-320034 requires a software key. Please save a valid software key file to the USB device.

software update - Updating Polycom Group 500 Software

The update will replace version to version 5.5.2-320034

update will replace version to version 5.5.2-320034 - Updating Polycom Group 500 Software

After error message above, the Polycom unit restart and back to it’s previous version.
Because I got this file from my colleague, I ask this problem and he will ask this problem to Polycom.
Update from UK in 1 day
They confirm that there is issue with serial number file and they send the correct one. With this file the update process seems running OK.

update process begin - Updating Polycom Group 500 Software

There are 57 files and during the update process the Polycom unit will reboot about 6 times until it finish. The whole updates process took about 1 hour, so make sure you do not do this in busy hours.

update has been completed successfully - Updating Polycom Group 500 Software

After it finish there is different appearance on the menu and to confirm we can check the system version already Release – 5.1.2-320034

new function and fix problem - Updating Polycom Group 500 Software

As you can see in the picture the main different is the calendar system now is working correctly with office 365 calendar system and become more visible.

Release notes version 5.1.2 ca be found in Polycom website here:
The file will include:
1. Issue corrected in version 5.1.2
2. Known issue in version 5.1.2 and it’s workaround (if any).

Okay I hope you have a better idea how to update Polycom group 500 software.

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